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The 50 Biggest Computer Mistakes
(and how YOU can avoid them!)

By Kim Komando

Reviewed by Terry Currier

Kim Komando is the host of The Kim Komando Show, a top-10-rated radio talk show with 7.8 million listeners every week. She is also a syndicated columnist, appearing in over 100 newspapers, including USA Today. She also writes a technology column for small business on Microsoft's bCentral Web site. In addition, she publishes a weekly e-mail newsletter that has more than 400,000 subscribers, and she is frequently asked to appear on network television, including CNN.

Opening interface of the program "The 50 Biggest Mistakes Computer Users Make"Getting the nit picking out of the way. Upon installing it puts an icon on the desktop without asking (hate programs which do that), and not on the start menu. While it is suppose to be a CD-ROM talking about computer mistakes, make no mistake this is setup to be a advertisement for her show and website. You can see it in the fact that her web sites links, picture, and information about her are very prominent. The box about the computer mistakes takes up less than a quarter of the window. Also she includes 14 pictures of herself in different poses which you can choose to use as wallpaper for the computer.  She is a good looking woman, but what is the purpose of the pictures other than to remind you of the radio show. The title she has taken for herself by the way is “the digital goddess”, hey I told you she was good looking.

Kim writes of the most common mistakes computer users make. The mistakes covered are done by  advanced and beginners. However the book/ CD-ROM is more for the beginner, as the advanced knows most of the items (and yet still will make mistakes.) It being on CD-ROM makes it handy in for going back to reference anything. I’ll list ten of the tips (can’t let you know everything.) All of them are good sound advice which computer users should do.

The information is given to you in a displayed format – Adobe Acrobat. If you don’t have it on your computer already they include it on the CD. You can also have it read to you if you wish. Kim will read the tip through your speakers. If you do that still do look at the tips, because there are often bonus tips on the bottom. There is a search capability so you can look for certain information but not spot it in the titles. Take a look at the different links presented. She list some very good shareware programs. You can also consider signing up for the tips sent to you. I did and some really useful information is passed on. If you want to listen to her radio show go to her website for information about what stations carry her in your area..

Other books by Kim Komando

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Is it worth it? Well you have to judge it on your own, based on how well you know computers. For a beginner it can really make sense. It can be a good gift to someone who is always bugging you for computer information.

Author: Kim Komando
Publisher: WestStar Merchandising, Inc.
Copyright: 2003
Cost: US$19.95

From our July 2003 newsletter

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