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Altec Lansing 221 speaker

By Terry Currier

Altec Lansing has long been known for making great speakers. I always liked the way they looked and sound, and want to buy a set. Well at the last computer swapmeet while going around I brought a set of – Microlab quad speakers and subwoofer. Yes I did want the Altec Lansing but they were more money and these sounded good, there. Bringing it home and setting up here was another matter. It wasn’t hard it’s just that I did not really get great sound from it. Just enough to not take back for my money.

Altec Lansing 221 speakers Altec Lansing is now getting down in prices, but not quality. One minute after I trying the set of Altec Lansing 221 speakers with my notebook computer I took the Microlab set down from my desktop and replace it with the 221 set. The only thing missing on it would be a bass control, but there is plenty of bass coming from it. It sounds great, and is great looking too. It is a three piece system consisting of a subwoofer and two 3” speakers. Music and gaming sounds both come through loud and clear. I know because my wife came in and asked me to turn them down so she could sleep (soil sport.) 

MSEP is $49.95
Comes with a one year warranty 7 day a week support.

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