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From AVerMedia

By Terry Currier

AverVision300 Document CameraAverVision300 is called a document camera because it's basic design is a camera that points down and takes pictures (displays) what is in front of the lens. Which of course makes it easy to put documents down and show them on a screen for everyone to read. You can do that without having to scan them in or make transparencies first. Really ideal for schools and law offices, but it really is more than just that. The camera can pick up more than just text on a document. It will see and show whatever is put in front of the lens. There are  two VGA ports on it one for output. This can be hooked up to a monitor, or for presentations a video projector. The camera has a 850K-pixel CCD sensor and will display up to 1024x768 XVGA/DVI resolution. It has the ability to zoom in up to 8x so it will even let you read that fine print on the used car contract. The input can be hooked up to a computer, microscope or anything with a VGA output. This then is transmitted to the output projection. The output can be at 1024x768, 800x600, or 640x48 resolution.

It is small in size. Folded flat it is about 14 long, with the arm up it is 9Lx6Wx17H and weighs only 3 pounds. The arm can move up down or extended outward. The arm extends out up to 22 inches from the base unit. The camera can be turned 180 degrees. This allows you to not only show what is directly below it, but just like a camera up can point it at any object you want to project. They provide four laser points on each corner to help correctly position what you want to show. This can really be helpful with displaying small objects. With the panel on the unit or remote control you can pan the camera up, down, left, or right. So if the image is not quite center you can line it right up.

There are no software drivers to install, its plug and show. It comes with Microscope adapter included. You can purchase a optional light box for viewing 35mm slides or negative film as positive images. Other features include:

AverVision300 is sold directly from AVerMedia (408) 263-3828 the cost is $999. They have other units with less zoom (4x) and effect down to $499. It comes with a three year parts and labor warranty. It is the type thing if you need it when you will see this youll want it right away. By the way I checked some other document cameras and they were more than double the cost.

From our April 2003 newsletter

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