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From AverMedia

By Terry Currier

The AVerDVD EZMaker from AverMedia is used to capture movies directly from a video camera, or VCR through either a composite video port (RCA jack), or S-Video plug. You can get sound in from a sound card. You can also capture TV output  Perhaps I should tell you right away I donít have a DVD burner. So, why would I be interested in this? Well it works the same way on a CD-ROM burner. By the way, with video files on a CD they call it a VCD.  



They use neoDVDstandard 4.0 software from MedioStream for making the conversion. The card comes with a one year warranty. Users can capture video from any analog source and save it to a hard drive, DVD, or VCD with MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 quality and resolution up to 720x480.

EZMaker opening  

      Installing was very easy, put the card in, and it came up right away looking for the installation files.
      Hooked up a RCA jack cable to my camera and the card, and I was  ready to go. With the
      neoDVDstandard software the user can easily capture the video and do a one step process of
      burning it directly to a DVD, or VCD. You can also save it to a hard drive until youíre ready to
      burn a disk.

EZMaker Wizard startYou can create a menu with titles for different chapters. A thumbnail image is automatically created for each chapter. A chapter being each capture or MPEG you add. Choose from 15 different background images, along with 11 types of frames. Their nine step wizard walks you through the choices and gives you a preview of how it will look. You can add or delete clips onto the same DVD. It will also let you import DV, AVI, QuickTime, and MPEG files directly into it. So any of those shows youíve recorded from your AverTV card you can bring in. You can also do audio overlays onto a video clip.

Donít expect to cut or add scenes within a capture though. If you want to edit parts within a video you will need a more powerful program. It will do NTSC/PAL conversion. 

How much space will this take? Well I record/captured 8 minutes which turned out to be a MPEG file at 292Mb. When converted it takes less space. AverMedia says you can put up to one hour onto a 700Mb VCD (MPEG-1), and up to 3 hours and 20 minutes onto a DVD (MPEG-2). Just remember, if you do record first to the hard drive you will need a lot of free space.

You can also copy DVDís on to another DVD but it will not by pass the copy protection. This make itís easy covert those old video tapes you have on to a DVD, and at $50 it is a good buy. AverMedia (408) 263-3828


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