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Axiom Audiobyte Speakers

By Terry Currier Axiom Speakers
July 2008 issue

The Axiom Audiobyte Speakers are described as the world’s first luxury Hi-Fi computer speaker system, and I’d have to agree. My Altec Lansing speaker with subwoofer produce a good solid sound from my computer. The Axiom speakers have a deeper bass sound (which I like), but more than that is the power behind it. They are comprised of two high end compact speakers plus a dedicated stereo amplifier and optional subwoofer. The amp delivers 55 watts per speaker (110 watts total) — an output ten to twenty times the strength of typical PC speaker alternatives. I’m quite sure I could use this in a large hall for a dance and everyone would hear it. I could never get the volume all the way up without the wife  (spoil sport) asking me to turn it down.

The speakers are 6.5” (165mm) H x 5.5” (140mm) W x 4”(101mm) D each enclosure contains a 1” titanium dome tweeter and 3” aluminum cone woofer that together provide 100-20,000 Hz frequency response and 8 Ohm impedance. In-room SPL (Sound Pressure Level) is 87 dB. The dimensions for the amplifier are 5” H x 5” W x 12-3/8” D. The optional Audiobyte subwoofer, houses an isobarically-oaded6.5” driver and measures 12.4” (315mm) H x 7.87” (200mm) W x 14.17” (360mm) D. To match any decorating scheme, the two ultra-compact units can be ordered in any of seven finishes: silver, charcoal, black or white matte-finish synthetic; high-gloss synthetic Cherry or BurledWalnut; or hand finished, real-wood Burled Walnut,l encased in 12 coats of lacquer.

The Audiobyte amplifier has a USB plug so iPod owners can both play music and charge their iPod over the Audiobyte system. It also worked fine for my SanDisk Sansa MP3 player.

Pricing, Availability

Axiom Audio’s Audiobyte system is priced at $349 for two bookshelf speakers in standard synthetic finish; $399 in high-gloss synthetic; and $559 for the lacquered, real-wood Burled Walnut version. (All prices include dedicated amplifier in matte-black finish.) The optional subwoofer is priced at $179.

Testing was done on a system with the sound setup on the motherboard (which is what most people have.) To get the best quality you want a better quality sound card such as from Creative Labs. Most just use Windows Media Player to play the music and do not realize they can customize the setup. Right click the tool bar and choose Tools - Options – Devices – Audio – Speakers – Advanced. You’ll come to Sounds and Audio Devices. Volume is the first tab, there is another Advanced button for you to click on. You will then see the speaker setup with a drop down menu. Click on it and choose the setup which suits you best. You can also enhance it further by bringing up the Graphic Equalizer. Get to it by choosing View – Enhancements - Graphic Equalizer. I used Windows Media Player 11.




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