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BlueAnt BlueTooth Q1 Wireless

By Terry Currier
February 2010

Everyone knows ( or suppose to know) it is against the law to drive while talking on a cell phone. Yet everyday we see people doing it. For many people it is a comfort problem, they just don’t like having that in the ear. The other problem is having it recognize your commands. I was having that problem with my Cardo Bluetooth unit and a car visor device. I really thought it was my cell phone.

They gave me a Q1 unit at ShowStoppers during CES. I charged it up, paired it and started using it. Right away I started getting mad at it. It would not let me tell it to call people. What use is that? So I broke down and read the instructions. Turns out voice commands to the Q1 are to the Q1 which then interacts with the phone. Press the button and it will ask you to say a command. You have to at least love that something is waiting for your commands. Here are a list of commands you can do with the Q1:Q1 side view

Features include:

The Q1 supports A2DP audio streaming. If your phone supports and you have music on it you can also listen to it through the Q1. Its not stereo, but the quality is still good.

I have not used it in a windy environment (yet), but in nosy conditions it has worked fine for me. There is a little lip on the ear bud which allows it to hold in the ear a little better. Now after using it for three weeks, while not extremely comfortable I’ve gotten use to it easily. I really think this one of the best Bluetooth device out there (certainly better than my two previous devices.) With it being the law why not have one that will really works.

Go to for more information. You can get it for $58.95 at


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