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The Creative Digital Darkroom
By Katrin Eismann, Sean Duggan  $44.99
This tutorial takes photographers beyond the quick tips and gimmicky effects of many digital photography books. Author Katrin Eismann -- an internationally acclaimed artist, bestselling author, and gifted educator -- offers high-profile work, including her own, as examples for teaching photographers how to use the digital medium to create, edit, and output images that reflect their true vision.
Co-authored by photographer and teacher Sean Duggan, The Creative Digital Darkroom translates skills, concepts, and nomenclature of the traditional darkroom into digital solutions for photographers who sense that, despite the newness of the technologies at hand, there remains a timeless method for learning and practicing photography the right way. This is not a Photoshop book per se, but it does focus on the photographic aspects of Photoshop, something other books claim to do but rarely have the discipline to accomplish. The Creative Digital Darkroom includes:

Clearly, The Creative Digital Darkroom is not your typical digital photography "how to" book. It's ideal for intermediate and advanced photographers, artists, and educators looking for clear, concise, insightful, and inspiring information and techniques on how to make their photographs shine. The language, and techniques will immediately appeal to serious students and professionals, and the original tutorial images and high-profile work will make the book an important visual resource for educators and art appreciators.

Facebook: The Missing Manual
By E. A. Vander Veer  $19.99
Facebook is the wildly popular, free social networking site that combines the best of blogs, online forums, photo sharing, clever applications, and interaction among friends. The one thing it doesn't have is a user's guide to help you truly take advantage of it. Until now. Facebook: The Missing Manual gives you a crystal clear and entertaining look at everything this fascinating Facebook phenomenon has to offer.
Teeming with high-quality color graphics, each page in this Missing Manual is uniquely designed to help you with specific Facebook tasks, such as signing up, networking, shopping, joining groups, finding or filling a job, and a whole lot more. You'll discover how to create your page and make connections with other members in no time -- everybody who went to your school, for example, or those who work at your company or play on your soccer team. Then, bingo! Instant access to the personal and professional details of all the folks you're connected with, the people they're connected with, and so on, and so on. With Facebook: The Missing Manual, you learn to:

Think of Facebook as a 30-million-plus-entry searchable Rolodex on steroids! With help from this guide, you'll quickly get into the Facebook experience -- without getting in over your head.

Here are some great tips from O'Reilly Press

Two Slick QuickTime Tricks
Turn your video on its ear! Our hands-on tutorial shows you how to work with vertical movies and then embed them in a web page with a friendly new kind of trigger.

Web Domination Using Photoshop
The time has come for designers to execute their plans to dominate the World Wide Web with stunning graphics! Here, Corrie provides a full arsenal of fundamental techniques, before launching you on a stellar trajectory that takes in buttons in all their forms. With her step-by-step instructions, handy hints, and secret tricks, you'll have everything you need to bring the Web to its awe!

Your New iTunes Movies to DVD (and Protect Your Other iTunes Purchases)
How much money have you spent at the iTunes store? And what do you have to show for it? An iPod full of music? TV shows? Those new games and movies? Too many people forget how much cash they've put into their digital media. And when bad things happen--house fires, computer theft, iPod loss--they're not always prepared to be able to recover those digital assets. Erica Sadun shows you archiving techniques to preserve your (hefty) iTunes investment.

Better Registry Searching
Finding what you need in the registry is harder than trying to find a needle in a haystack. Mitch Tulloch shows you how to find what you need--fast!

Windows Mobile Weekly Roundup
Here's the weekly summary of a mix of Windows Mobile and general mobile tech related items from Todd Ogasawara's blog.  

What is Java Content Repository
You might have heard of JSR-170, but what is a content repository, and what can you do with it? Well, do you want to manage documents with versioning, search, access control, and more? Content repositories offer these features, and JSR-170 codifies them into a single API. Sunil Patil shows how to use the reference implementation--Apache Jackrabbit--to create a blogging application.

Managing a Honeypot
If intruders are always scanning the Internet for potential victims--and they are--can you find the intruders and their exploits by putting up fake networks that only a deliberate scan could find? That's the theory behind honeypots. Peter Mikhalenko discusses the implementation, theory, and legality of using a honeypot to protect your network.

Survey Exposes The Four Web Dev Stereotypes
Which are You? In what may be the largest survey of web developers ever, The State of Web Development 2006/2007 exposes four key web professional stereotypes. In this review, Nick explains how the stats were collated, and what they revealed about the industry and those who work in it.

O'Reilly School of Technology Courses: UG Members Receive a 30% Discount
O'Reilly School of Technology has opened its virtual doors with educational offerings and certification for IT students looking to further their careers or to launch one. As an O'Reilly User Group member, you save on all the courses in the following University of Illinois Certificate Series:

To redeem, use Promotion Code "ORALL1," good for a 30% discount, in Step #3 of the enrollment process. Each course comes with a free O'Reilly book and a 7-day money-back guarantee. Register online.  

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Beyond Digital Photography: Transforming Photos into Fine Art with Photoshop and Painter  
By Cher Threinen-Pendarvis and Donal Jolley  List Price: $44.99
Digital cameras, advances in color printing, and software tools have changed the landscape of photography forever. The challenge now is to go beyond the basic digital photograph and print, and move toward the next level of expression. For many, this means pushing the technologies available and combining the artistic tools found in both photography and painting.

Beyond Digital Photography: Transforming Photos into Fine Art with Photoshop and Painter brings these once separate disciplines together in a beautiful and instructive book that uses time-honored design principles and basic drawing and painting skills, and applies them to digital photographs. The easy-to-follow, step-by-step format allows you to practice a variety of Photoshop and Painter techniques and gives you the confidence to achieve your own expressive goals with great results. In this unique and inspiring book, you’ll discover how to transform your photos into works of art:

Sample Chapter   Painterly Techniques for Non-Painters

The Flip Mino Pocket Guide  
By Chris Breen  List Price: $14.99
The Flip Mino and MinoHD are the best-selling family of affordable and simple-to-use digital camcorders in the U.S. Since its launch in 2007, Flip Video has sold over 1.5 million camcorders. The Flip MinoHD is the world's smallest high definition camcorder at just over three oz. The MinoHD records up to 60 minutes of HD video and comes along with FlipShare software --this software allows Flip owners to plug the camcorder's signature flip-out USB arm into any computer for easy drag-and-drop video organizing, editing and sharing on YouTube, MySpace, AOL Video or via email.
Loaded with plenty of tips and techniques, the Flip mino Pocket Guide shows readers how to effectively capture video and organize and edit the footage for optimal playback. All Flip models are covered including Flip Mino, Flip MinoHD, Flip Ultra, and Flip Video.
Sample Chapter  The Flip's FlipShare editing software

From Design Into Print: Preparing Graphics and Text for Professional Printing  
By Sandee Cohen  List Price: $34.99
A designer in New York creates a beautiful design but when she prints it the colors become muddy. An art director in Seattle sends a file to the print shop, and they call him to say the job won’t print. The editor of a college paper can’t figure out why all the pictures in the paper are jagged. And a freelance designer is Chicago needs to bid on her first print job. Linescreen, DPI, CMYK, RIPs, bleeds, spots, and spreads: Why didn’t they teach this stuff in design school?
Sandee Cohen comes to the rescue, whether you’re producing your first newsletter or you’re an experienced graphic designer who needs to come up to speed on professional-level printing. She’ll tell you how to make your desktop printer behave, and will take the mystery out of dealing with print providers. You’ll learn all the necessary techniques, the terminology, and the rules of printing (and when you can break them). It’s like having your own production manager standing over your shoulder. The copious information in From Design Into Print will have your designs looking as stunning in print as they do on your monitor. This book will help you:

Within the Frame: The Journey of Photographic Vision  
By David duChemin  List Price: $39.99
Within the Frame is a book about finding and expressing your photographic vision, specifically where people, places, and cultures are concerned. A personal book full of real-world wisdom and incredible images, author David duChemin (of shows you both the how and the why of finding, chasing, and expressing your vision with a camera to your eye. Vision leads to passion, and passion is a cornerstone of great photography. With it, photographs draw the eye in and create an emotional experience. Without it, a photograph is often not worth—and can’t capture—a viewer’s attention.
Both instructional and inspirational, Within the Frame helps you on your photographic journey to make better images of the places and people you love, whether they are around the world or in your own backyard. duChemin covers how to tell stories, and the technology and tools we have at our disposal in order to tell those narratives. Most importantly, he stresses the crucial theme of vision when it comes to photographing people, places, and cultures—and he helps you cultivate and find your own vision, and then fit it within the frame.

Mastering Web Content: Structure and Presentation with XHTML and CSS, DVD  
By Stephanie Sullivan  List Price: $39.99
In this video, CSS expert Stephanie Sullivan delivers a roadmap for approaching web design projects, teaching you how to save precious development time and still create accessible, search-engine friendly content. As a popular speaker with an approachable straightforward style, Stephanie takes users over the fundamentals of creating standards-compliant Web sites, from separating content and presentation, to using progressive enhancement to make sure your sites work for all users.  She also shows how she approaches analyzing designs to save bandwidth and demonstrate some useful CSS techniques. Running Time: 2:18 hours

Adobe Illustrator CS5 Classroom in a Book
By Adobe Creative Team
List Price: $54.99

Adobe InDesign CS5 Classroom in a Book
By Adobe Creative Team
List Price: $54.99

Digital Photography

D3000: From Snapshots to Great Shots
By Jeff Revell
List Price: $24.99

The Nexus One Pocket Guide
By Jason D. O'Grady
List Price: $14.99

Web Design / Programming

Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 Classroom in a Book
By Adobe Creative Team
List Price: $54.99

Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5 Classroom in a Book
By Adobe Creative Team
List Price: $54.99

Adobe Flash Professional CS5 Classroom in a Book
By Adobe Creative Team
List Price: $54.99

InterACT with Web Standards: A Holistic Approach to Web Design
By Denise R. Jacobs
List Price: $34.99

On the heels of Adobe's Creative Suite 5 software release, we want to update you on our exciting CS5 news. We have new titles in our lineup, plus updates to our popular series. Here's what's new:

Classroom in a Book series: The companion DVD for the Photoshop, Flash, and Dreamweaver titles will now include up to two hours of premium video training from our Learn by Video series. Plus we're adding a new title to this series, on Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5!

Visual QuickStart Guides: This series now has an elegant new look with practice exercises at the end of each chapter, and example photographs available for download and practice.

Learn By Video series: In addition to Photoshop, Flash, and Dreamweaver, we're adding new titles to this series for Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere, After Effects, Flash Catalyst, and Photography Techniques.

Please check the New Releases section at right for what's releasing this month. For a full listing of all our CS5 titles, sample chapters and sample videos visit our Adobe Creative Suite CS5 Resource Center.

Friday Freebies
We're doing weekly #FridayFreebies giveaways on Twitter. To participate, just follow @Peachpit & look for the weekly #FridayFreebies blog post at We'll be giving away some great prizes—from books and videos to T-shirts and pieces of memorabilia. You can also partake in more fun over at the Peachpit Facebook fan page, at

Other Online Sample Chapters

Designing Webbed Environments: The Importance of the Define and Design Phases
By Jason Cranford Teague
A large Web site built without the benefit of a blueprint will fail as surely as a large building built without the benefit of an architectural blueprint. But even if you are building a garden shed-sized Web site, a good plan will save you time in the long run. All plans require that you follow a process that is understood by everyone concerned with the project, whether they are designers, developers, managers, or the client. The Web is about information, and before you can begin your Web design you need to define the information you are presenting and how the user will interact with that information.

Creating Web Pages for Screen, Print, and Email
By Jason Cranford Teague
Although vertical scrolling is a fact of life on the Web, most users would prefer to not spend their time running up and down the window. However, splitting your content over multiple HTML pages to shorten the height of those scrolls means that the user has to wait between page loads. Even more problematic is how to create a print-only version of an article whose text may be split between multiple files.
A better solution is to use a simple DHTML technique to split the content of a single HTML file into multiple page layers, which you can then browse or jump between. All these page layers are in the same HTML file, but only one is showing at a time. Using a single file with its content split between multiple page layers also makes the job of printing the entirety of the content a lot easier than if it were split across multiple HTML files and also allows a single URL, which can give the user a quick and easy way to send it to friends.

Edgy Edge Effects in Photoshop
By Helen Bradley
We're surrounded by images with interesting edges. Look around and you'll see photos with soft foggy edges and others that look torn or sanded. These edges provide interesting outlines for photos and digital art, and they're easy to create for your own images. Better still, when you create an interesting edge treatment, you can save it to use again on another image. Helen Bradley shows how to create a range of different edge effects and how to apply them by using masks and layers to any photo or image in your collection.

New articles:

  • News Flash: How to Log and Capture Footage from Videotape, by Joe Torelli
  • Voices That Matter Interview with Bulletproof Author Jeremy Keith
  • Step-by-Step QuickPro Guide to Using Palettes in Photoshop CS3, by Peter Lourekas and Elaine Weinmann

    Peachpit Commons Blog:
    Check our our Five Tips in Five Days blog series from Peachpit authors Robin Williams, Kris Hadlock, Robert Hoekman, and Matt Kloskowski! What's new on Peachpit TV:
    Aperture 2: Quick Tip: Richard Harrington covers all of Aperture 2's new features.

  • Creative Printing with Your Inkjet Printer

    Whether you are an artist, hobbyist or just want to have some fun with your inkjet printer- these videos by inventor and innovator, Bonny Pierce Lhotka, show you how to make decals, print on metal, do transfers and more!

    Lhotka is a co-founder of the digital artist collaborative, Digital Atelier, whose members research and develop techniques to leverage digital imaging in fine art application.

    Special Offer
    Enter coupon code CREATIVEINK during checkout to save 35% on the list price of these videos.

    Inkjet Substrates and Decals Online Video Inkjet Transfer Techniques Online Video Printing on Metal Inkjet Transfers Online Video
    Inkjet Substrates and Decals Online Video Inkjet Transfer Techniques Online Video Printing on Metal Inkjet Transfers Online Video


  • Que and Sams

    Sams is in the process of launching a new Reference Library on their website where you can read and search classic books in their entirety. The first four books are now live, so take a moment to explore Sams Teach Yourself SQL in 10 24 Hours, Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft Visual Studio .Net 2003, Sams Teach Yourself Windows XP in 24 Hours, and Sams Teach Yourself Windows 2000 in 10 Minutes. New titles will be added on a regular basis, so come back often. Future topics include Mac OS X, Visual C++ Java, JavaScript, Red Hat Linux, XML, and more.

    dotCrime Manifesto, The: How to Stop Internet Crime  
    By Phillip Hallam-Baker   $29.99
    Internet crime keeps getting worse...but it doesn’t have to be that way. In this book, Internet security pioneer Phillip Hallam-Baker shows how we can make the Internet far friendlier for honest people–and far less friendly to criminals.  
    The dotCrime Manifesto begins with a revealing new look at the challenge of Internet crime–and a surprising look at today’s Internet criminals. You’ll discover why the Internet’s lack of accountability makes it so vulnerable, and how this can be fixed –technically, politically, and culturally. 
    Hallam-Baker introduces tactical, short-term measures for countering phishing, botnets, spam, and other forms of Internet crime. Even more important, he presents a comprehensive plan for implementing accountability-driven security infrastructure: a plan that draws on tools that are already available, and rapidly emerging standards and products. The result: a safer Internet that doesn’t sacrifice what people value most: power, ubiquity, simplicity, flexibility, or privacy.
    Tactics and strategy: protecting Internet infrastructure from top to bottom - Building more secure transport, messaging, identities, networks, platforms, and more.
    Gaining safety without sacrificing the Internet’s unique power and value - Making the Internet safer for honest people without sacrificing ubiquity, simplicity, or privacy.
    Spam: draining the swamp, once and for all - Why spam contributes to virtually every form of Internet crime–and what we can do about it.
    Design for deployment: how to really make it happen - Defining security objectives, architecture, strategy, and design–and evangelizing them

    How to Build a Safer, Better Internet. You’ll find yourself deeply concerned, then fascinated, then hopeful as you read about

    The Internet is today’s Wild West: too much lawlessness, too little accountability. Now, one of the Internet’s leading pioneers shows how we can build a more trustworthy Internet: one that resists crime without frustrating honest people or compromising privacy and civil liberties. Drawing on years at the cutting edge of Internet and security research, Phillip Hallam-Baker offers a complete plan for reinventing the Internet: a plan that addresses everything from technology to politics and culture. Whether you’re a technology professional, policymaker, or citizen, this book will show you how we can make the Internet better, smarter, and above all, safer.

    Crimeware: Understanding New Attacks and Defenses  
    By Markus Jakobsson, Zulfikar Ramzan   $49.49
    There’s a new breed of online predators—serious criminals intent on stealing big bucks and top-secret information—and their weapons of choice are a dangerous array of tools called “crimeware.” With an ever-growing number of companies, organizations, and individuals turning to the Internet to get things done, there’s an urgent need to understand and prevent these online threats.
    Crimeware: Understanding New Attacks and Defenses will help security professionals, technical managers, students, and researchers understand and prevent specific crimeware threats. This book guides you through the essential security principles, techniques, and countermeasures to keep you one step ahead of the criminals, regardless of evolving technology and tactics. Security experts Markus Jakobsson and Zulfikar Ramzan have brought together chapter contributors who are among the best and the brightest in the security industry. Together, they will help you understand how crimeware works, how to identify it, and how to prevent future attacks before your company’s valuable information falls into the wrong hands. In self-contained chapters that go into varying degrees of depth, the book provides a thorough overview of crimeware, including not only concepts prevalent in the wild, but also ideas that so far have only been seen inside the laboratory. With this book, you will

    With contributions by Gary McGraw, Andrew Tannenbaum, Dave Cole, Oliver Friedrichs, Peter Ferrie, and others.

    New School of Information Security, The  
    By Adam Shostack, Andrew Stewart   $29.99
    Why is information security so dysfunctional? Are you wasting the money you spend on security? This book shows how to spend it more effectively. How can you make more effective security decisions? This book explains why professionals have taken to studying economics, not cryptography--and why you should, too. And why security breach notices are the best thing to ever happen to information security. It’s about time someone asked the biggest, toughest questions about information security. Security experts Adam Shostack and Andrew Stewart don’t just answer those questions--they offer honest, deeply troubling answers. They explain why these critical problems exist and how to solve them. Drawing on powerful lessons from economics and other disciplines, Shostack and Stewart offer a new way forward. In clear and engaging prose, they shed new light on the critical challenges that are faced by the security field. Whether you’re a CIO, IT manager, or security specialist, this book will open your eyes to new ways of thinking about--and overcoming--your most pressing security challenges. The New School enables you to take control, while others struggle with non-stop crises.

    Upgrading and Repairing Microsoft Windows
    By Brian Knittel, Scott Mueller $44.99
    Fans of Upgrading and Repairing PCs, your call has been answered. Scott Mueller, author of the best-selling Upgrading and Repairing PCs, is now bringing you an equally in-depth guide to Windows troubleshooting. Upgrading and Repairing Microsoft Windows explains how Windows works and how to fix it when things go wrong. Scott also includes references to helpful tools and scripting commands for maximum system controls. A DVD is included that provides you with additional resources and unique how-to video that brings Scott right to you. Find out how to make Windows work with you and not against you with Upgrading and Repairing Microsoft Windows.This comprehensive resource includes information on:

    Online Sample Chapter: Upgrading Windows XP: Tips To Save Your Sanity

    Manage Your Money and Investments with Microsoft Excel
    By Peter G. Aitken  $22.49
    Saving money is sometimes easier said than done. Did you know that there is a program probably already installed on your computer that can help you manage your money better? It's Microsoft Excel, part of the Microsoft Office suite. Manage Your Money and Investments with Excel can help you take control of your finances with Excel. The CD-ROM includes free template spreadsheets for Excel. These easy-to-use, professionally designed spreadsheets will help you perform all these tasks and more. The formulas and charts are already included in each spreadsheet. All that you have to do is plug in your information. Learn how to:

    Discover new ways to make money-saving decisions and manage your finances.  Online Sample Chapters:
    Managing Your Money in Microsoft Excel: Basic Financial Calculations
    Exploring Excel's Functions Part 2: ADDRESS() and INDIRECT()
    Exploring Excel's Functions Part 3: CELL() Shocked

    More Online Sample Chapters

    Home Network Router Security Secrets
    By Andy Walker
    Covered are: Turn off UPnP, Change your admin password, Deactivate SSID broadcast, Turn on the DMZ, Filter MAC addresses, Customize the SSID, Update your firmware, Reset the factory default, Engage WEP, Activate WPA, Conclusion: Most people who install a home network never delve inside the netherworld of security settings on their router. Who can blame them—it’s about as frightening as putting your hand in a shoebox full of rabid gerbils. Nevertheless, it’s worth the effort if you know what you’re doing. That said, here are 10 router settings you can use to make your network more secure. For the purposes of this article, I used a popular router, the DLink DI-524, to show you how to engage the features, because this router doesn’t bite—usually.

    Ten Things I Hate About Apple Apps
    By Owen Linzmayer
    The applications that Apple generously bundles with Mac OS X are widely regarded as some of the best in the industry, often comparing very favorably to competing commercial products. Nonetheless, at the risk of being accused of looking a gift horse in the mouth, in this article I spell out 10 things I can’t stand about some of Apple’s applications. Many readers will no doubt rush to Apple’s defense, belittling my quibbles as minor irritants, which is exactly my point. The reason these things annoy me so much is because they would be so easy for Apple to address. For the most part, I’m not asking for incredibly complex new features; instead I point out rather small improvements to streamline otherwise universally acclaimed programs. 

    Listening to Internet Radio with Your Treo Smartphone
    By Kulvir Singh Bhogal.
    I’ve been quite impressed with the functionality of my Treo 600 smartphone. In addition to such basic tasks as making and receiving phone calls, the Treo handles more esoteric functions, including allowing me to send email messages using its full QWERTY keyboard. Like many Treo users, I subscribed to an unlimited data plan with my service carrier. This gives me the liberty to connect to the Internet via my Treo for as long as I want, without having to worry about paying for per-byte/per-minute data plan usage. For my cell phone carrier, the cost is about ten bucks a month. In this article, I’ll show you how to use the power of your Treo smartphone as well as your unlimited data plan to listen to Internet radio, making your Treo a pretty powerful portable audio device.

    The Technical Foundations of Hacking
    This chapter helps you prepare for the EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Exam by covering the following EC Council objectives.

    Save 40% on Unleashed Titles
    Visit your local Barnes & Noble retailer or visit to save 40% on select Unleashed titles.


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    Beginning CSS Web Development: From Novice to Professional
    By Simon Collison  | ISBN: 1-59059-689-7 | 448 pages | $34.99  

    Pro Oracle Database 10g RAC on Linux: Installation, Administration, and Performance
    By Julian Dyke and Steve Shaw  | ISBN: 1-59059-524-6 | 824 pages | $59.99  

    The Definitive Guide to GCC, Second Edition
    By William von Hagen  | ISBN: 1-59059-585-8 | 584 pages | $49.99  

    The award-winning guide to the .NET 4 universe

    Pro C# 2010 and the .NET 4 Platform, Fifth Edition
    by Andrew Troelsen    eBook Now Available  
    The award-winning book that began when the .NET platform was still a beta product, Andrew Troelsen’s Pro C# 2010 and the .NET 4 Platform, Fifth Edition offers a rock-solid foundation in the C# language and core .NET concepts—preparing you to explore the .NET universe on your own terms. Fully revised, this best-selling guide brings you up to speed with the C# 4 language specifications in .NET 4 and will continue to serve as a complete reference throughout your coding career.
    New Apress betaBooks are piping hot: they give you access to the newest programming topics straight from the author, by way of weekly PDF chapters and updates, all before the final printed versions roll off the press. An advantageous 8 weeks before the book's final publication-and largely before competing books on the topic are released-the first several chapters of an Apress betaBook become available. After that, available updates or new chapters are delivered weekly to your inbox. Apress plans to publish betaBook versions of select titles across multiple technologies to suit every programming professional.  

    Beginning iPhone Games Development
    by Peter Bakhirev, PJ Cabrera, Ian Marsh, Ben Smith, Eric Wing
    eBook Now Available

    Learn BlackBerry Games Development
    by Andrew Davison, Carol Hamer
    eBook Now Available

    You may purchase betaBooks where you purchase other eBooks, in the Apress eBookshop at These betaBooks are a bargain since the price includes a copy of the entire finished eBook. And of course, the regular printed version of the book will be for sale at your favorite online or brick-and-mortar bookstore. At this time, betaBooks aren't intended to solicit reader feedback or shape a final book. Instead, the main function of a betaBook is to honor the adage, "Timing is everything," and give you two-month leverage on technology that may prove crucial to your career success. betaBooks are important because


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