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Cardo scala 500

By Terry Currier

We’ve all seen them. Those weird people walking along talking to themselves. At least that‘s we think until we see they are talking into the Bluetooth devices. Cardo Scala 500 Kit

The scala-500™ Bluetooth headset is equipped with WindGuard™ technology to effectively block wind impact, even under windy outdoor conditions. Featuring a small and lightweight design (16g / .56 oz.). It provides up to 9 hours talk-time (1 week standby), call reject, voice activation, mute, redial, conference call and more.

Setting it up was no problem with the directions included. The volume in the ear is quite good, which I expected as much. What I was wondering was how good the microphone on the side works. Well, when I first called my wife she had to tell me to turn down the volume (controls both microphone and ear), because she could hear the background noise.

To use it I tap the control on the side. The voice activation says “please give a command” I say “call” it ask who, and I give the name of someone I entered into the contacts list. It will then ask going down the list of which phone to call “mobile, home, work, or second mobile.” If a call comes in while I have it on I just tap the control and it receives the call. After using the unit for a few weeks I noticed some static coming through. I erased the unit from the phone and reinstalled it, andCardo Scala 500 up close after that no problems. Bluetooth is suppose to be good up to 30 feet. I love the fact that not only did I not have to hold the phone up to my ear all the time, I could also leave the phone in one room and walk around still connected. In testing the unit I started to get a static connection after about 14 feet away (and one wall.)

The only problems I have is finding the right volume. My daughter hates me talking to her with it. When I turn the volume down low she says it is much better. I really did not think she was listening to me at all anyway. I was talking to a friend on the phone and I notice a latency in her responses. I found out she had a Plantronic’s Bluetooth unit which was a couple of years old. We both agreed Bluetooth is the better way to use the phone while driving. It is much safer to use the voice command then to try and look down at the keypad numbers. Steve Dela told me their company requires them to use such a device when driving, or to pull over.

If you don’t have Bluetooth capability on your cell phone all is not lost. They have an adapter for non-Bluetooth phones. With the BT II Adapter ($49.95), your standard mobile becomes a Bluetooth™ capable handset, allowing hands free and wireless operation with the scala 500™ or the allways™ headset.

 If you ride a motorcycle check out the scala-rider™ Bluetooth™ headset ($149.95). It allows you to do everything the scala 500 does and fits open-faced and full helmets. Special clamp allows attachment and release of the headset within seconds.

scala-500 is $79.95 at their website - or 1-888-CARDO10. has if for $44.99

From our February 2006 newsletter

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