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Cellink BTST-9000A

By Terry Currier Cellink BTST-9000a

The thought of wireless stereo headphones appealed to me. Yes, it is also a Bluetooth headset for cell phones. Have to say up front though they are not really very conformable. Cellink obviously went for the mobility factor rather than comfort. They fold up and fit into a bag for carrying around. They do not hold on well and I had to rest them on the back of my neck. Too bad it would have been much more marketable if it were better ergonomically. I found myself looking at my Altec Lansing headphones to see if I could change out the speakers (no.)

Pairing (linking) it to my cell phone was easy and the connection proved strong as my wife had to tell me to turn the volume down when using it. I could connect through the Cellink unit to my cell phone up to about 12 feet. About the same distance as my Cardo Scala 500 Bluetooth unit. The battery will last about 6 hours in use with about 4.5 days in standby mode.

One thing that was good about it was it comes with a Bluetooth adapter for the PC. With it I can connect to the Cellink unit, or for that matter any Bluetooth device. That is a $40-$50 value on its own. When the connection is activated all sounds normally going to the speakers are directed to the Cellink unit. I set it the sound quality for high and was  impressed with the quality. I have some music I recorded from vinyl records on the drive and played them. I could really hear the needle on the records, before going in and cleaning up the sound. I have a TV card in the PC and was also listening to it without disturbing anyone. There is a on/off button on the side which works for Windows Media to easily pause the playing of the music. Also when a call comes through to my cell phone I can answer it and the music is paused automatically when I answered.

I found the Cellink BTST-9000A at for $99.

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