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CES 2003 (Consumer Electronic Show)

Part 2
By Terry Currier

DVD read/writers       Keyboards       LCD Monitors       Miscellaneous products       Photo Printers

For coverage of: Digital cameras,  PDAs,  Phones,  Watches
For coverage of: Navigation aids,  Networking,  Scanners,  Speakers,  Storage,  Tablet PC,  Wireless Network

DVD read/writers

HP300 Internal DVD driveTwo models the DVD300i which is internal and writes DVD+RW. Writing speed is 4X DVD and 16X CD-ROM/RW. Read speed is 8X DVD and 40X CD-ROM, Manufacturer Suggested Retail PriceHP 300 external DVD drive (MSRP) is $300. It will write a DVD in 15 minutes. The DVD300e is an external drive with USB 2.0 or Firewire interface. It will write up to 4X DVD+R and up to 16X for CD-ROM. Rewrite speed is 2.4X DVD+RW and 10X CD-RW. Read Speed is 8X DVD and 40X for the CD-ROM. The MSRP is $400. Both come 2Mb of buffer memory, and a one-year hardware and software warranty from date of purchase. Software they include are; ArcSoft Showbiz DVD: Incorporate your video footage, photos and music into DVD titles. Veritas DLA: Drag and drop files to CD or DVD. Veritas RecordNow: Create data or music CDs. Veritas Simple Backup: Reliably back up, protect and restore files. HP Memories Disc Creator: Create a photo slideshow or album disc that can be viewed on your PC or TV. Cyberlink PowerDVD: Play DVD movies on your PC

Norcent 1600 DVD driveThe LHNT-DR1600 is a 16X DVD-ROM with speed up to 21600KB/second. For CD-ROM it is 42X and reaches 6300KB/ second. It supports the format of DVD -R/RW. Interface is E-IDE/ATAPI, data buffer size is 512KB. The CD-ROM will write up to 748MB while the DVD will do 4.7GB single layer and 8.5GB on double layer. Norcent used to do only OEM business but has decide to market their own brand. Prices I was quoted are very competitive for all their products.

Panasonic DMR-HS2The DMR-HS2 DVD/Hard Disk Recorder combines a DVD-RAM and DVD-R recorder with a 40GB hard disk drive. It features simultaneous record and play, automatic recording, on-disc editing, and PC card slot. MSRP is $1,000. It canPanasonic DVD-LV64 record a maximum of 52 hours (in the EP mode) of video on its hard disk drive, 12 hours on a 9.4GB double-sided DVD-RAM disc, and 6 hours on a DVD-R disc. The sleek DVD-LV65 PalmTheater™ portable DVD player  can play back DVD-Video discs, video and audio CDs, DVD-RAM, DVD-R, and CD-R/-RW discs. It features a bright, freestyle 5-inch, LCD screen, built-in stereo speakers and a built-in battery recharger, which provides approximately 2.5 hours of playback time. Additionally, an SD Memory Card slot lets users enjoy a wide variety of stored media wherever they go.

Pioneer DVR-A05 DVD writerThe DVR-A05 DVD/CD-R/RW computer drive is a powerful, fast DVD recording tool. Its 4X recording speeds for DVD-R will record a 4.7GB DVD-R disk in about 15 minutes. The 2X recording speeds for DVD-RW lets you burn a DVD-RW in about 30 minutes. It can also handle 16X CD-R and 8X CD-RW with fewer under-runs and over-runs, with a large buffer memory size of 2MB and a unique loss-less linking feature. Separate lasers are used for DVD and CD writing and reading, also for better accuracy.
    Pioneer has created two new DVD recorders. Due out in the summer of 2003 the DVR-002H will let you play a DVD while recording onto its 80GB drive. The hard drive lets the user copy video to it and then transfer to a DVD. A one hour video can be transferred to DVD-R in 2.5 minutes. It has a firewire connection on the front panel entry price expected to be $1,000. The DVR-001 has no hard drive but is an entry level DVD recorder with a manufacturer’s suggest retail price of $625. Both come with a 181 channel cable TV tuner for instant one-touch recording from the TV onto a DVD-R or DVD-RW disc, to make recording easy. Pioneer is working on a blue ray DVD writer/reader that will do 23GB, no word on when it will come out.
Pioneer C505 DVD/CD/Video CD changerDV-C505 is a 5-Disc DVD/CD/Video CD Changer. Its Twin-Wave Laser Pickup allows playback of DVD, DVD-R/RW (DVD Video Format), CD (including MP3s), CD-R/-RW, and Video CD. Comes with Dolby Digital and DTS surround processing and a 192kHz/24-bit D-A converter. Advanced control features include Still Play, Still/Step Play, and Slow Motion Playback (some exceptions on Video CDs). MSRP is $249.

Sharp recordable DV-RW2URecordable DVD (model DV-RW2U) delivers one-touch digital video recordings onto re-writeable DVDs for storage and long term archiving in a digital format. As an integrated product it offers progressive output and plays back DVDs, CDs and MP3. The  enhanced Disc Navigation System with thumbnail display provides the user with a Title Menu, allowing the user to instantly choose what he or she wants to watch from the recorded table of contents. Available in March 2003 at an MSRP of $800. The  combination DVD/CD Player (model DV-SL20U) is a progressive-scan player with a built-in CD player. It will play CD-R/RW, DVD-R/RW and even MP3 files with 3D surround sound, available in April at an MSRP of $180.


Sony DRX500ULX external DVD burnerThe DRX500ULX  for $430 is an 4X external DVD±RW drive. It does all the popular DVD formats in a single drive. It burns DVD+R, DVD+RW, and even CD-R/CD-RW discs. They include Sonic Solutions MyDVD Video/Video CD authoring software for turning your home movies into DVDs or Video CDs for easy sharing, and Veritas Simple Backup.  External USB 2.0/i.Link Interface for easy connectivity Sony DRU500AX internal DVD drive
Sony’s DRU500AX  $350 is a internal DVD±RW Drive. Like the DRX500ULX it burns DVD-R/-RW, DVD+RW/+R, and even CD-R/CD-RW discs. It is a 4X DVD+RW Drive. They include the same software.


Auravision www.eluminx.comEluminx illuminated keyboard

The EluminX Illuminated keyboad was being used in the press room at CES. It has a low profile with the the keys almost level, and they internal lighting so they are visible in the dark or low-lit work places.

Memorex www.memorex.comMemorex keyboard and mouse wireless combo

They introduced their RF7000 Wireless EZ Touch Keyboard and Optical Mouse combo. They will work up to six feet without direct line of sight with two channel radio frequency. After numerous changings of batteries on my wireless mouse I loved that the Memorex mouse recharges in its holder. The Suggested Retail Price is $80.

Zboard  Zboard keyboard

You buy the "cover" keys for the keyboard. They go for different programs such as a keyboard for Photoshop which has the short cuts printed on the keys. Helps you learn it quicker. There are others for Microsoft Office, and games.

LCD Monitors and Plasma models


Norcent LCD 200New LCD monitors and a LCD television were introduced at 2003 CES. The 14, 15, 17, and 20-inch monitors feature a TFT Active matrix display screen, while the 15-inch (diagonal) TV has a high resolution panel that offers over two times more pixels than standard LCD Televisions. The units feature XGA resolution (1024 x 768), a high contrast ratio of 350:1, and no electromagnetic wave emission, assuring that no signal distortion and no harmful radiation is released. Each comes with built-in stereo speakers and OSD digital control for all functions. Optional features include composite video and S-video inputs, a USB connection, and a TV tuner. Choice of colors: Pearl gray, beige, or black/ Silver. A flat stand with flip-down capabilities is included. All have two 2 watt speakers attached.
    The 20" LCD TFT monitor display size is 17” with a resolution of 1280 X 1024 pixels. It accepts input from VGA, NTSC /PAL/SECAM system (3 in 1), RCA jack & S-video mini-din jack. Contrast Ratio is 400;1, Brightness: 250 nits, Refresh rate: H/30 80KHz,V/56-76Hz.
Four new plasma models were introduced at this year's show. The units are equipped with a built-in digital visual interface (DVI) allowing direct digital-to-digital video connectivity with PCs equipped with a DVI video display adapter. The selection includes a 32-inch XGA, 42-inch WVGA, and two 46-inch models, one WVGA, the other XGA. Each space-saving unit is less than 4 inches in depth. The 46-inch plasma monitors also feature SRS® Labs WOW™ technology. This sound enhancement combines three advanced sound technologies into one. The resulting technology significantly improves the width, height, and depth of any stereo image, producing an enriched audio experience. Other features found in selected Norcent plasma monitors include high contrast ratios of from 850:1 in WVGA models to 1800:1 in XGA units, picture-in-picture, a greater than 160-degree viewing angle, and special color rendering technology available in both NTSC and PAL systems.

wall of Pioneer plasma screensTheir PureVision plasm screens include a pure color filter to decrease external light reflectivity. Advanced Continuous Emission Display Technology eliminates the false contours that can appear in close up of faces. All of their plasma modesl are able to be viewed up to an angle of 160 degrees. PRO-1000HD is a 50-inch plasma able to display 1280x768, and weighs 102 pounds. PRO-800HD is 43-inch able to display 1080x768 and weighs 84 pounds. Front two selectable screen modes are wide, full, and zoom. PDP-5030HD is 50-inch can put up 1280x768 pixels. PDP-4330HD is a 43-inch display and can do 1080x768. The last two selectable screen modes are cinema, full, and zoom.


Sampo LME-17S3 LCD MonitorThe LME-17S3 is a 17" Ultra Thin LCD HDTV Display that works in Dual-Modes (TV & PC). With RGB inputs and outputs, it's simple to connect your PC and turn the LCD-TV into a computer monitor. Compatible with your cable television or any other-the-air antenna, this LCD_TV can receive up to 181 channels. Maximum resolution is 1280x1024 pixels, with an extended 160 Degree viewing angle. The monitor can receive and display both 720p and 1080i HDTV signals. Weight is 16 lbs, and Contrast Ratio   450:1.
     PME-50X6 is a 50" High Resolution Plasma display with built-in 3D digital comb filter which converts analog NTSCSampo PME-50X6 signals into a digital signal for more accurate processing, eliminating cross-color interference for superior NTSC video performance. You can watch two programs simultaneously by splitting the screen in half. Two high-definition component video inputs with auto-detection capabilities will automatically synchronize the display to match the incoming signal source without manual intervention. Comes with a internal 7-watt (3.5 watts x 2) audio amplifier and built-in speakers sufficient for multimedia applications. Built-in SRS® sound processor simulates surround effects with only two speakers. An optional television tuner module turns this display into a standard TV receiver. The onboard digital scaling engine can accept various PC and HDTV signals and digitally map the signals to fit within 1024x1024 pixels.  Compatible signals include PC resolutions up to 1280x1024 and HDTV signals including 720P and 1080i. Output Color 256 RGB Levels, 16.7 million colors, and a viewing angle up to 160 degrees. Warranty 1-Year parts and labor.


Sony SDMX52 15" LCD monitorDeluxePro™ 15” Flat Panel LCD SDM-X52 is a Flat Panel-Active Matrix TFT with a native resolution of 1024 x 768 combined with anti-glare coating for high contrast images. Digital & Analog Input Digital connection maximizes video performance. Pixel pitch: 0.297mm,  Colors: 16.19 million, Contrast Ratio: 400:1 (max.), Response Time: Rise 10ms, fall 20ms. Normal power operation is 28 watts (max.).
Sony DMX72WL 17" LCD monitorDeluxePro™ Series 17” SDM-X72 has a native resolution up 1280 x 1024 are combined with anti-glare coating for high contrast images. Digital & Analog Input - Digital connection maximizes video performance, dual inputs provide multiple computer support. Stereo speakers with headphone jack. Pixel pitch: 0.264mm, Colors: 16.2 million, Contrast Ratio: 400:1 (max.),  Response Time: Rise 30ms,  Fall Time: 30ms. Normal power use is 40 watts (max.).
Sony SDMP82BL 18" LCD monitor The PREMIERPRO™ 18” SDM-P82/B has a native resolution of 1280 x 1024 combined with anti-glare coating.  Digital & Analog Input, and automatic image adjustment. Pixel pitch:0.280mm, Colors:16.77 million, Contrast Ratio:400:1 (max.), Response Time (Rise/Fall):50ms. Power normal use is 58 watts (max.).


Viewsonic VX2000 LCDThe VX2000 is a 20" HDTV-ready LCD with a metallic-on-black design. With a 20.1" screen it features SuperClearMVA™ technology and full multimedia capability for the ultimate in full-motion video. Fast video response time, wide viewing angles (I could see it very well at about 160 degrees), ultra-high 600:1 contrast ratio and 250-nit brightness create exceptional screen realism. In addition, OptiSync™ technology (multimode input technology supports both digital (DVI) and analog (VGA) signals) provides dual analog and digital inputs for system flexibility. Optimum resolution is 1600x1200 scalable resolution from VGA up to 1600x1200. Displays HDTV 1280x720p format with advanced scaling options. Bezel-integrated speakers and built-in microphone.
    The stylish 17" VX700 is loaded with high-tech features. Comes with SuperClearMVA™ technology, an ultra-high 500:1Viewsonic VX700 contrast ratio and XtremeView 170° viewing angles for deep, true-to-life colors. Once in motion, ultra-fast video response time keeps images vibrant. Bezel-integrated 3-watt speakers give you a full multimedia experience without detracting from the sleek design. Full 17" viewable screen with OptiSync™ technology, 1280x1024 optimum resolution, and 250 nits of high brightness.
    For a 15" LCD look for the ViewSonic VX500+. With a sleek metallic-on black design and UltraBrite™ technology, your Viewsoic VX500plusvideo, DVD, graphics and gaming applications burst off the screen with vibrant, bright colors. Videoconferencing is easy with the bezel-integrated microphone and speakers. With OptiSync™ technology you have digital (DVI) and analog (VGA) input configuration options. 
Full 15" viewable screen, 1024x768 optimum resolution, 300 nits of ultra-high brightness, and 500:1 high contrast ratio. Sleek metallic soft-touch buttons utilize capacitive sensors to respond to the slightest touch for easy adjustments. AutoTune™ Function automatically monitors video input and optimizes display settings without requiring user adjustments. All of them come with a three-year limited warranty, 24/7 free technical and customer support.



CorAcess panelWith their new Mobile Companion it will let you monitor local expressway traffic, display digital photos, and keep an eye on your home security cameras. You can do all this and more from a single, full-color, wireless control center stationed anywhere in the house. You can also check your online stock portfolio, grab a dinner recipe, and control your thermostat, lighting and home alarm system from the same screen. This 8.5” high-tech home appliance sits upright, easel-style, requires no wires, consolidates all home media and premise management as well as Internet surfing on one easy-to-use touchscreen. AutoMate gives you a simple graphical interface that can be controlled by touch to arm or disarm your security system, dim your lights, and much more. The system retails for under $2,000.

Distinctive Technologies -

PC Pinpoint Family of Products and Services, announced a partnership with The TAG Group, Inc., which stands for “Techs and Geeks” (TAG), that combines state-of-the-art automated remote tech support with onsite service, anywhere in North America. This partnership provides “cradle-to-grave” service for hardware, software and consumer electronics devices.
     First, Web and server-based PC Pinpoint tests PC components and automatically identifies and fixes the most common hardware, software and consumer electronics problems. Second, Self-Help tutorials provide users with simple instructions that educate and empower them to personally repair problems that are not solved automatically. Third, when problems are not fixed by the first and second steps, customers can at any time contact 24/7 live technical support via telephone, Web chat, or e-mail to work with technical support specialists until problems are completely resolved. Fourth, when hardware, software and consumer electronics products require onsite support, users can contact PC Pinpoint and TAG will send an onsite tech to resolve problems.
    If onsite repair or replacement is required, TAG relies on tested and qualified independent support professionals capable of handling all problems for nearly every hardware, software, networks and consumer electronics device on the market. These technicians have all the diagnostic data and machine history they need to focus on immediate problem resolution.


The first product available in the Beyond™ Connected Home Initiative is the Westinghouse™ branded iCEBOX™, aiCEBOX web-enabled kitchen entertainment center that provides busy families with quick and easy access to information, communication and entertainment (I.C.E.). The new iCEBOX™ CounterTop will be available at retail stores in the second quarter of 2003. Beyond™ will also showcase several new items in the product line, including a web-enabled clock radio known as "HomeHub", and a microwave, bread maker and coffee maker which can be managed or automatically updated by the HomeHub. 


WinDVD Recorder is a software product that lets the consumer play DVDs and record virtually any kind of video – from  camcorders, DV cameras or TV – straight to DVD or CD. By providing both recording and playback functionality, WinDVD Recorder is a software replacement for a VCR. WinDVD Creator is for recording DVD in a simple step-by-step process. From the camera to the DVD it is simple drag and drop editing. WinDVD Platinum plays DVDs on your computer like it’s a theater. It can give the user 5.1 surround sound with only two speakers. Download and play DivX movies from the Internet.


PC photoshow lets you create musical slideshows you can share with everyone, with up to 20 photo transition effects. Open PC Photo Show and explore your digital photo collection in a familiar Windows style. Simply drag your photos to the slide sorter window and put them in the order you'd like them to be shown. You can adjust this order later using the drag-and-drop or simple Up and Down arrows. Add captions, and music (choose from WAV, MP3 and MIDI files.) You then can create files (.EXE) which are a simple way to share your slide shows with friends and family. You can also create a screen saver of your slide show complete with music.

Zap Car www.zapworld.comZap electric car

Yes it is not very big, but I did see someone 6 foot 4 inch get out of it and said he had enough room. There was a lot of interest in this car as the gas prices started climbing. You can go over 200 miles per charge, and it takes only one hour to recharge it. This company mainly develops batteries for use in devices. They have a Electronic Motorbike with the top speed of 30 MPH, and a range of 25 miles.

Photo Printers


HP 230 Photo printerThe Photosmart 230 color inkjet printer lets you preview your photos before you print using the color LCD display. Just select color, size and format and print borderless 4x6-inch photos in brilliant color - up to 4800 x 1200-optimized dpi color printing on premium photo papers. Print directly from your digital camera memory card - no PC required. Direct photo printing supports CompactFlash SmartMedia, Memory Stick, Secure Digital, and MultiMedia memory cards. USB connection to compatible PCs and Macintosh computers


Sony Photo PrinterSonys new DPP-EX5 photo printer makes printing digital photos a no hassle, fun and rewarding experience. Using Sonys established dye-sublimation technology the DPP-EX5 creates smooth, continuous tone photographs with color richness that rivals any printing technology. By fusing layers of color dye into high quality photo media and coating with Super Coat 2, a unique Sony laminate, your finished glossy or matte photos are fade resistant, water resistant and even fingerprint resistant. Easy to use pushbutton controls produces durable, fade and water resistant print in 90 seconds. Prints high quality 4x6" or 3.5x5" borderless color, monochrome, sepia or paint photos on demand . With a built-in photo editor allows color adjustments, cropping and creation of custom prints, personalized messages, calendars and more. Print direct from Memory Stick or via USB interface from PC or Mac.

For coverage of: Digital cameras,  PDAs,  Phones,  Watches
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