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CES 2005 (Consumer Electronic Show)

This page covers GPS units

By Terry Currier

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Their EZPlayer can play DVD, MP3, audio CDs, do wireless Internet, and give  navigation with turn by turn voice guidance. It has a 7”-8” touch screen for display.Castle Tek screen

Castle Tek
More than just a GPS navigation unit it has a 80GB hard drive with 512MB of RAM. You can play MP3’s, DVD movies, wireless Internet, XM radio, web camera, and yes serve as a GPS. Installed by their own networking engineers it can provide HVAC control for lighting, camera monitoring, or any device you wish to control. Security tie-ins, remote monitoring, and automated backup systems. Controlled using a wireless touchpad, a wall mounted touch screen, or through the computer.

Cobra Cobra 500
GPS 500 comes programmed with continental U.S. state boundaries, Canadian political boundaries and European country boundaries. With optional computer software and interface cable, the user can exchange data with computer mapping programs. Also optional is POI (points of interest) to use in navigation, or as map references. The user can choose from 18 position formats to display the location coordinates. Choice of display fields  position or navigation include: Accuracy, Average Speed, Bearing, Date, Destination, Elevation, ETA, Location, Maximum Speed, Odometer, Power, Speed, Time, Trip Odometer, and Trip Time. Store up to 500 waypoints with names and symbols. Create up to 20 routes with up to 50 points (waypoints and/or POI). It can automatically track your travel with up to 2,000 log points.

Dual Electronics
Dual XNAV 3500Just released is the first two editions of its NavAtlas™ vehicle navigation lineup. The  XNAV9525 mobile navigation system (SRP: $1,199) features a 20GB hard-drive preloaded with Tele Atlas™ digital maps for the entire continental U.S. as well as Canada, including approximately two million points of interest. It runs on the Windows® CE.Net™ operating system, using a 32-Bit processor to run the 12-channel receiver. The hard drive offers easy access to information, at faster rates than with conventional disc-based software. As revised maps and software are introduced, users can update it via a USB or LAN connection. There are turn-by-turn instructions with natural voice guidance, distance information, high speed auto re-routing, and even a driving simulation analysis. All key functions are accessible via a remote control (included.)
In addition to saving the mapping software, the hard drive is partitioned so that 10GB may be used to store and access MP3 audio files through the vehicle’s audio system. End-users can enjoy up to approximately 5,000 songs that can be stored.
In the Q2 of 2005, the NAV3500P (SRP: $999) will be a portable system that can be used as either a handheld, or in-car unit. Similarly it will feature pre-loaded mapping software.  However, in lieu of an internal hard disk drive it will store all information on a 1GB Compact Flash storage card that will be upgraded as new software is introduced. (The system will play MP3 and AVI files stored on Compact Flash cards as well.) A backup DVD with all mapping software will be included at no extra charge.

Garmin  www.garmin.comGarmin iQue M5 & StreetPilot c330
It comes pre-loaded with highly detailed MapSource City Select street data. The StreetPilot c330 database features five million-plus points of interest—including hotels, restaurants, gas stations, ATMs, and attractions throughout the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico. It features a simple touch screen interface, with automatic route calculation to any destination and turn-by-turn voice-prompted directions along the way. Selecting a destination requires only a limited amount of input from the user. Plus it allows you to choose between a three-dimensional navigation view or the more traditional “bird’s eye” overhead view. There are dual integrated speakers for high-quality voice prompts, and an internal lithium-ion battery for out-of-car route use. A detour function enables routing around traffic problems or road construction; custom road preference allows user to prioritize choice of back roads or major highways; automatic off route recalc shows how to get back on track if you miss a turn or exit. The SRP is $964.
The iQue M5 uses a Pocket PC supporting portrait/landscape screen orientation for easy viewing of documents, videos, and web content. The embedded Bluetooth® transceiver allows the user to establish a personal-area network with computer systems and Bluetooth-enabled devices such as mobile phones, other PDAs, and printers. It features built-in basemap of North and South America and Puerto Rico showing major highways, thoroughfares, railways, lakes, rivers, and borders. MapSource City Select CD-ROM is a standard accessory, so users can download detailed street-level map data. It has the same POI, routing, and detour functions as the c330. The user can attach a “location stamp” to a profile in the user’s contact database or appointment calendar and navigate directly to these addresses. The SRP is $750.

Gizmondo  Gizmondo
This is a multi-use unit, mainly as a gaming console. It has 64MB of RAM with a SD card slot for primary storage. Out of the box the GPS will create a basic map of the terrain and display where you are. You can purchase detailed street maps loading in the SD slot. There is a panic button which when pressed it will signal to numbers (people) you have stored where you are.

FINDER Map&Music and iWAY 500cIntroduced was the iFINDER Map&Music and iFINDER PhD. Both have a 3” screen with 16-level gray scale definition, and background map which details metro areas, major roadways, and a exit services database. There are SD slots for those that may want to purchase extra maps such as Fishing Hot Spots, or NauticPath. With the SD slot they offer MP3 support and include headphones for listening. With the Plus units MapCreate is also included to create elevation contour lines, and marine detail of coastal waters. On the MapCreate CD is a database of 2 million POI. The PhD unit features an electronic compass, and a barometric altimeter with weather predictions. Prices start at $259 for the Map&Music model.
The iWAY™ 500c has a 5” 256 color TFT display with adjustable backlighting. It shows the way and provides voice turn-by-turn directions. If a turn is missed it automatically replots the route to get the motorist back on course. It has a 20GB hard drive with 10GB pre-loaded with detailed mapping. The mapping has the U.S. and Canada, and includes information such as one-way streets, POI, and more.  The other 10GB is for digital music storage. It connects to any PC via the USB for downloading songs to it. In the music mode the touch screen control everything. While driving to a location it will interrupt the music momentarily to give audible directional commands.

Magellan Magellan eXplorist 500 & RoadMate 700
The Magellan eXplorist 500 has a 16-color display with a USB data port and data storage via secure digital (SD) card. You can add detailed street maps, topo or lake maps from optional Magellan MapSend software. There is 8MB of built-in maps allowing the user to save 5 track log files, 20 routes and 500 points of interest. The user can store as many as they want on optional SD cards. The Li-Ion rechargeable battery pack can keep it continuously powered-up for up to 14 hours.
RoadMate 700 is built on the same technologies as the Hertz NeverLost® system. It comes with a built-in map database of the entire U.S. and Canada. Turn-by-turn guidance with TrueView™ 3D navigation and voice prompting indicates when to make your next turn. Accurately is within 3 meters. Lightweight and portable, the it can be easily transferred from car to car. There are over 2 million points of interest in over 40 categories built-in. Search by name or category for gas stations, restaurants, hotels, ATMs, sights, amusements and more. You can select your route by the: Shortest Time,  Shortest Distance, Least or Most Use of Freeways. Store up to 100 personal or business destinations per user for a total of 300 addresses. Each user can even personally select their top three destinations to keep them handy. Screen views include:

Mobile Crossing
Their new WayPoint navigation systems feature driver-centric capabilities such as one-touch feature access, traffic and weather while doubling as a Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 Pocket PC. It features built-in Navteq maps, navigation software based around a customized version of the Mapopolis routing engine. With it is: spoken directions, full color moving maps, touch screen, personal landmarks, toll road avoider and built-in POI. Available in two versions the entry-level WayPoint 100 and the Bluetooth-enabled WayPoint 200. The 200 is capable of connecting to the internet on the road via available Bluetooth cellular phones. Once connected, the device displays real-time weather and traffic. It uses a 400Mhz Intel Xscale CPU, and has 224Mb total memory, with CompactFlash and Secure Digital / MMC slots. The weather is provided by Weather Underground, Inc. by referencing live radar and satellite imagery superimposed on GPS centered maps. Users receive weather data that moves as they do and keeps them aware of the very latest in local storm and weather conditions. 

Mio Mio 168RS
With the Mio 168RS you’re getting a Pocket PC with a Intel® Xscale 300 MHz. The GPS will give you voice and visual turn by turn guidance to your destination. You can plan trips with multiple stopping feature. There are millions of POI including lodging, restaurants, and gas stations. You can make an address and/or telephone number as a POI. The user can program them in for a trip, make favorites, or create a history. It will suggest an alternate route if you take a wrong turn. There are detailed street maps of U.S. and Canada. It is a full featured PocketPC-- Pocket Outlook, Word, Excel, Media Player and Internet Explorer is included. All software, maps and accessories are included in the package. Mio168RS can hold all of your contacts, appointments and important files. It's portable and can be used in any car, or walking through cities.

NavmanThey have three models to choose from. All of them will draw power from car battery or AC in the home. All will give turn by turn instructions. With both the iCN 510 and iCN 635 you buy plug-in maps which you put into the SD/MMC slot. The iCN 650 has a 2.0GB hard drive with all the street level maps of the U.S. and Canada installed. Guidance for Back-on-Track™ is included if you have to go off the planned route. Points of interest and multiple stop route planning is included. You can create your own POI with their SmartST™ Desktop Editor on your computer. All have TFT color screens with the 510 having a 3.5” while the 635 and 650 have 3.8”. The Maps are in 3D, and the user has a choice of night or day screen for traveling conditions. You can enter your favorites such as home, office, restaurant, or put in an area to avoid.

Pioneer Electronics AVIC-N2 Traffic Screen
Their new AVIC-N2 and AVIC-D1 can receive XM NavTraffic service to provide drivers with detailed traffic information, and provide alternative routes. With the subscription service, the systems graphically communicate traffic incidents and road flow conditions using traffic icons overlaid on the map to quickly identify road events relative to the vehicle’s location. It is a subscription service of XM NavTraffic and XM Satellite Radio. The service provides in-depth traffic data for 20 major metropolitan cities across the nation, covering cumulatively 50 percent of the population in the U.S. The subscription pricing will be $14 a month for a bundled offering of XM NavTraffic and XM Radio. The maps and traffic information is displayed on a 6.5-inch touch screen monitor. The traffic list describes the exact location of incidents, provides descriptions of each occurrence and shows the distance of the events from the vehicle’s current location.
The AVIC-N2 is a multi-tasking information and entertainment system that combines a detailed traffic tuner with turn-by turn route guidance navigation system, DVD/CD/MP3 player and vehicle dynamics monitor. Powered by TeleAtlas mapping, the system uses a massive database with nearly 11-million points of interest in more than 248 different categories so consumers can search for the nearest gas station, ATM or restaurant. Users also can store a frequently used path within a “home area,” in which the system can display traffic information and points of interests without inserting the map disc. A separate CD drive in the unit provides playback of most compact discs, .mp3 and WMA CDs. The audio system is compatible with Pioneer's iPod® adapter. Sanyo NV-E7500 navigation screen

Expected available in the second quarter of 2005 the NV-E7500 is an update for their EV7000. For $1,500 you’ll get a DVD-based GPS-navigation and multimedia-entertainment system. A 7-inch widescreen TFT monitor with touch screen ability is the focal point of this sophisticated portable navigation system that can double as a DVD movie and CD/CD-R/CR-RW music player. It can easily be moved between vehicles or used virtually anywhere, indoors or out. Comes with a built-in speaker, wireless remote control, two sets of wireless headphones, and vehicle mounting bracket. Its DVD entertainment mode is Dolby Digital and DTS ready.
On the GPS side, Sanyo includes a DVD loaded with maps of North America and voice-guided directions. The system comes with a DVD map disc covering the entire Continental U.S. and Canada. Voice Guidance and built-in stereo speakers provide hands-free safety along the selected route. Search  by phone, address, or points of interest. Tom Tom Go unit

Complete car navigation solution in one box including car mount. The TomTom GO gives you easy door-to-door navigation. A SD memory card is pre-loaded with detailed maps, and a CD-ROM with TomTom GO software and maps is  included. The maps include millions points of interest. Voice guided route instructions are given to the driver. The display (3.5") is viewable even in direct sun.
If you already have a GPS receiver, but want navigation software that works on a Palm and Pocket PC device. Try the Navigator 2004 and turn your PDA into an in-car navigation system. It also offers voice directions, 1000s of points of interests, route recalculation around road work or traffic.

Transplant GPS Transplan EMTAC Bluetooth & Primum CF
The EMTAC Bluetooth GPS III allows you to receive GPS data wirelessly and continuously for twenty (20) hours on only four (4) AAA Alkaline Batteries. It does require a Bluetooth enabled PDA or Laptop (built-in or add-on.) The Transplant CF Primum GPS receiver is a Global Positioning Receiver with a type II CompactFlash interface. Compatible devices include all Pocket PCs with a CompactFlash slot, Win CE devices, and Laptop computers (using a PC Card Adapter).

Wherify GPSWherify
Whether at work, home or traveling simply use the Internet or any phone to quickly identify the location of the device within feet, in about a minute. The Wherify Wherifone G550® Locator Phone also contains a two-way speakerphone as an added feature to stay in touch. In addition to the ability to locate or make incoming and outgoing calls, the GPS Locator Phone gives a child or adult carrying it a new level of security knowing they can also request a 911 emergency response at the touch of a button. It has five programmable buttons for one-touch dialing.




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