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CES 2006 was bigger than ever with events and vendors at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Alexis Park, the Las Vegas Hilton, and the Sands Expo and Convention Center. The following is information I gathered from the companies at the booths, or from the press kits.

CES 2006 Preserving Memories

By Terry Currier

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ADS Tech ADS Tech PYRO A/V Link
PYRO A/V Link™ is an external FireWire®/1394 device for capturing, editing and exporting both analog and digital video. It features Audio Lock Technology, an advanced solution for keeping video and audio in sync. Priced at less than $200, it can be used to convert video from DV to analog or analog to DV without using a computer. Adobe Premiere™ Elements 2 video editing software is included for Windows® XP users. After capturing the video and converting it to the DV format, Mac users can edit the video with their Apple® iMovie™ or Final Cut Pro™ software.
It can capture video from analog sources (RCA, S-VHS or Component) such as an 8mm camcorder, a VCR, a TV or an HDTV set-top box (480i component only); and from digital devices such as DV camcorders and DV cameras. They can also mix clips from VHS tapes with digital content to create videos that can be output to either the analog format (S-VHS tape) or the digital format (CD/DVD). Included is a 6-ft composite analog and video cable, 6 ft S-VHS cable, two 1394 cables, a power supply and has a street price of about US$157.

CEIVA Logic CEIVA Logic Digital Photo Receiver
The CEIVA 3 Digital Photo Receiver™, is a broadband ready product that allows consumers to automatically share and display an endless slideshow of all their treasured digital photos throughout the day. It can be connected through a home network or digital phone system with the option of connecting it through a traditional phone line. It delivers 30 new photos every hour with more than 700 new photos every day.
How it Works:  It receives and displays photos sent directly through its owner’s existing phone line- without any charge or interruption to the phone service. Every night the Receiver dials into a local phone number, to retrieve pictures. Now Broadband ready if you wish to connect to your home networking system. In the morning, a personal slide show is queued up and ready to display up to 30 new photos everyday.
The Logic PicturePlan™ service enables the Digital Photo Receiver to retrieve and display pictures sent from around the world and provide free and secure photo album storage, printing options, photo editing tools and service support.

Diversified Multimedia  Diversified Multimedia Video Vault
Video Vault™ Complete is for anyone who owns the Apple video iPod, the Sony PSP™, PVPs, PDAs, smartphones and media centers. It is all-in-one software that allows users to transfer and manage their home videos, DVDs and tapes without purchasing multiple programs or using multiple conversions. It solves this issue by allowing users to convert virtually any video content into a format that can then be quickly transferred to any of these devices without any further conversion or consideration. Simply connect their video iPod or Sony PSP to their PC and Video Vault will do the rest.  It even allows them to delete, move and organize movies from their devices within the Video Vault interface. It will allow the user to

Available now at a suggested retail price of $100.

Epson  Epson StoryTeller
The StoryTeller™ Photo Book Creator is a convenient, easy-to-use kit for creating and publishing personalized, hardcover photo books entirely at home that are ideal for gifts or display. It  provides photo enthusiasts everything they need to publish a book of their own photos to remember and share special events and memories easily and affordably at home. The glossy cover and professionally designed page layouts enable anyone to quickly create a book of cherished memories and stories that can be shared and passed on, whether for display on a coffee table or as a gift for friends and loved ones.
The PictureMate Family Memories Survey conducted by Harris Interactive in 2004 shows that over 50 percent of consumers polled have at least 500 photographs stored away and more than 30 percent of respondents said their family photos were disorganized.
Today’s families have shelves and walls full of framed prints, shoe boxes overflowing with photos tucked away in closets and storage containers, computer hard drives nearing capacity that are filled with images, and large cumbersome albums that are often tucked away and forgotten. Each kit includes easy-to-use software with professionally designed page layouts. Epson Premium Glossy Photo Paper for exceptional page printing, two glossy book cover sheets with machine scored front and back flaps, and a clear book cover to protect the book round out the kit.
An intuitive menu with easy-to-use features and drag-and-drop controls, enabling users to author and publish a personalized story with their images and words. Users can make basic image enhancements, such as removing red eye, enhancing contrast, adjusting brightness, sharpening detail and applying special color effects with the click of a mouse. Although the software automatically crops and sizes images to fit the layout, users can also manually adjust the cropping and zooming. Annotations in special font styles and colors can also be used to add unique details and enhance the story. It is designed to work with all ink jet printers offering support for Windows 98 SE/ME/2000/XP operating systems.

Honest Technology Honest Technology VHS Convert
Demonstrated their VHS to DVD 2.0 Deluxe at  the Consumer Electronic Show’s official press event, ShowStoppers. Complete with a USB TV capture box, the software program gives consumers the power to easily create and archive their own DVD/CD movies from a camcorder, VCR, TV, DVD player and more. With it users can easily edit and protect priceless home videos forever in DVD/CD quality. Using the one-touch easy wizard mode, novices can transfer video tapes to DVD in a few clicks, with step-by-step pictorial instructions guiding the user through the process. Advanced scene editing tools allow users to record movies, trim out commercials or unwanted scenes and easily add special effects, titles and chapter points.
The 2.0 version supports CD-RW, DVD-RW and DVD+RW and includes a burning after recording feature that is useful when converting a video that is longer than 30 minutes. Recording time is also adjustable so that only the section of a movie desired is made into a clip. Movie clips are then managed in a file pool for ease of viewing, editing and deleting.
The Deluxe package includes the plug-and-play USB TV capture box allows users to capture both audio and video through USB. It supports real-time TV, S-Video, composite video input, and stereo audio jacks. It also includes My IC-TV Media Center Personal Edition software which enables you to convert your PC into a all-in-one entertainment center. Pricing is $100 for Deluxe, $50 for standard.

They demonstrated NewSoft’s Presto! Digital Converter which transfers audio and/or video from any playback device with AV-out or S-Video-out, to beNewsoft included cable kit simultaneously recorded to standard DVD without going through the computer’s hard drive.
After establishing the connection between the video source such as a VCR or camcorder using the “S-Video input” or “Composite video input” end of the included cable, users simply connect the cable’s USB 2.0 connector into any standard DVD burner-enabled notebook or computer. The included software offers users simple one button recording with the option to choose either the Convert Mode, which converts the entire contents of the videotape to DVD, or the Record Mode, which enables users to record multiple video segments from videotape to DVD. To find the desired clips, users can scan for the desired recorded moment using the software’s preview window.
Supports most all popular videotape formats including: VHS, VHS-C, Hi8, Betamax and more. When burning to standard DVD+RW discs, users can continue to add clips from various sources to create extended video compilations until the desired content reaches the capacity limit of the disc. Cost will be $60.

Pictureal will convert any pictures or movies to DVDIf you have old VHS tapes with footage of your kids growing up, or any memories you want to keep be warned they could disappear. I’m reading from more than one source, VHS do not last forever. The typical life of them is 20 years if kept under good conditions. Also each time you watch it the tape looses some of its integrity. Not to mention VCR players that eat the tapes.
Pictureal is a company that takes those tapes and converts them to DVDs with longer life. You can sign up at their website to send your raw footage to them via a prepaid FedEX kit. You can sign up for a free trial of 14 days, they said they have a very, very low rate of cancellation. Reel-to-reel orders are not included in the free trial. Pricing is (includes editing):Pictureal customer DVD

Extra hours of video sent, beyond hours included in your package: $29 per hour.
Shorts, including music videos, photo montages and greetings: FREE for a limited time.
Send photos with your video, for high resolution scanning: $0.20 per photo

They accept video by upload or in any format including VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C, MiniDV, Hi8, Digital8, MicroMV, DVCAM, Beta and DVD. For reel-to-reel, there is a 30 minute minimum, and the number of 30 minute segments will be rounded up to the nearest 30 minutes. Five hours of raw video usually results in an edited movie 60 minutes or less in length. The base price is for movies 75 minutes or less in length, and delivered on one DVD, including titles and credits. Movies longer that 75 minutes will be delivered on multiple DVDs, and are an additional $5 per 75 minute disc.
After you send your raw footage in, within 10-12 business days, your memories will be available to watch, search and share online. A professionally edited version will be posted online along with the unedited footage. Your original tapes will be returned within 5 to 7 business days. The footage is viewed by both computer and human to pick out the important parts. They create a scene index so you can find the certain scene you need quickly. You can add text to describe the scenes, change sequence, add music or titles. It can be setup for access by video iPod, PSP, or mobile phones. After 14 days, payment is required to keep your edited movies and raw footage online. Or you may choose to pay nothing and your video will no longer be available to you.

Telling Stories  
Telling Stories PackageSee your own life story evolve before your eyes. Their personal storytelling software creates personal histories of family members, rich withTelling Stories Timeline scanned pictures, sounds, home movies, recorded interviews and videos. Play back on DVD, the Web, or even a video-capable mobile phone. It works alone or easily integrates with’s Family Tree Maker®, the popular genealogy software. Great for weddings, reunions, anniversaries, baby’s first year and other milestones or for creating oral and visual histories with elders.
When you first start the program you will see the Timeline. On the Timeline are Events such as "Marie is Born." Events are special moments in your story such as birthdays, weddings, vacations or anything else that you define. A few Events have automatically been placed on the Timeline for you. You can edit Events by double clicking on them or add new Events.Telling Stories Presentation
Adding or editing an Event will open the Event Composer. This is where you add all photos, stories, music, videos, etc. that relate to the Event. You can scan images, add songs from your CDs, search the internet, answer interview questions, write stories or simply add files from your hard drive.
It takes all of the media you entered in the Events and automatically creates slides. You can adjust the timing, order and set transitions for your slides. Record a voice over narration to accompany photos or tell stories in your own voice. You can also select a new background from those provided or add your own. When you are finished you can preview your presentation and then share it with family and friends on CD, DVD by email or present it on your computer.

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