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CES 2007   part 1 Companies A-C

By Terry Currier

The 2007 International CES®, the world’s largest consumer technology tradeshow. This global event featured 2700 exhibitors, 140,000 attendees and 1.7 million net square feet of space. Exhibits at three major venues: the Las Vegas Convention Center, the Sands/Venetian and the Hilton hotel.

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3J Communications 3J Skype Phone
3J Communications, Inc., announced the availability of the new SkyProTM Embedded Skype phone with DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications), that allows users to make regular landline PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) calls as well as Skype calls without the need to turn on their PC.
The 3J SkyProTM includes key Skype features such as Voicemail, Call Forwarding and SkypeIn/SkypeOut services. Comes with a built-in speakerphone and bright 1.5” color handset screen. System requirements are only a network cable connection for the broadband service and one RJ-11 phone jack. It will have an MSRP of $179.00.

Actiontec unveiled an expanded line of IPTV-capable consumer premises equipment for service providers of all sizes and infrastructures. The company now offers a full range of CPE products to support carriers’ triple play initiatives, becoming the first vendor to support every major WAN and LAN distribution standard including VDSL2, ADSL2+ bonded, MoCA, HomePlug AV and HPNA3. The new products are:

Active Thermal Management
Manufacturer of quiet, professional thermal protection products for home and commercial installations. Providing highly specialized products for almost every conceivable installation and application, Active Thermal Management produces cooling solutions for large and small system enclosures as well as individual components.

Advanced Wireless Solutions Backup Pal
Developed Backup-Pal™ for select Motorola, Samsung and Nokia cellular phone models. With it consumerswill no longer need to worry about losing their cellular phone contacts incases where a phone is lost, stolen or damaged. Backup-Pal™ backs-up and transfers cellular phonebook contacts between your old and new cell phone at the touch of a button. It will retail between $40-$50, depending upon the phone model.

A tech company in China it does work on computer software and hardware, alone with other products. Their video watch caught my eye.

Allegro Multimedia Piano Wizard Box
Their flagship product Piano Wizard teaches children of all ages how to play the piano and read music within minutes. Allegro is combating the perception that all videogames are harmful through its patented learning methods and by converting digital pianos into "joysticks". It eliminates many of the frustrations associated with traditional music lessons by teaching how to play, through entertaining fun and games! Alphasheild Firewall and Route

The AlphaShield® Hardware Firewall, for home, SOHO and business travelers, requires no configuration or set-up, providing instant protection right out of the box. The new line of plug-and-play routers/switches in both wired and wireless configurations provide true Gigabit throughput performance.

Just released the ArcSoft Cut-It-Out™ is a new plug-in for Adobe® Photoshop® that allows users to separate objects in digital photos from their backgrounds, creating a mask. The segmentation technology provides a fast and accurate solution for complex object extraction. Similar in functionality to Photoshop’s Extract command, Cut-It-Out offers superior speed and accuracy in selecting object details from image backgrounds. It has an easy-to-use interface that provides both quick, excellent precision and options for fine-tuning the object extraction. The plug-in works with Windows versions of Adobe Photoshop 6, 7, 8, and CS, as well as with Adobe® Photoshop® Elements. MSRP is US$100.

AutumnWave Autumn Wave HDTV Tuner
Brings to market products that include USB HDTV tuners for the personal computer, home theater products, and gaming accessories. They have introduced products ranging from mobile USB HDTV tuners for consumers to mobile Digital TV Transport Stream Analyzers for broadcasters.  Just about anyone can transform their laptop or desktop PC into a high-definition TV and digital video recorder with the OnAir GT from AutumnWave.

Brought out three new High Definition PC-TV Tuner products at the 2007 International CES. These new products will combine both Analog and High Definition TV viewing on one product with solutions for both laptop and desktop PCs. AVerMedia AVerTV Hybrid USB

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Belkin  www.belkin.comBelking UPS with flashlight
Here is a twist on UPS units. The Belkin Battery Backup with Flashlight helps protect your invaluable equipment and data, while also safeguarding your own personal security. The detachable flashlight turns on immediately when the power goes off, providing you with a convenient, portable light source. And, the Battery Backup keeps your connected equipment on, giving you ample time to shut down and prevent any data loss or hardware damage. It comes with a 550VA battery-load capacity for approximately 20 minutes of backup time, and will cost $100. Offers 4 battery-backup outlets + surge protection, and 2 surge-protected outlets.
You can make free Skype calls without being on your computer with the new Belkin Wi-Fi Phone for Skype. The Belkin Wi-Fi Phone gives you increased mobility to place free, unlimited domestic and international calls over the Internet to other Skype users, and low-cost calls to ordinary phones worldwide. It connects to many Wi-Fi hotspots around the world, allowing you to easily access your Skype account without turning on the computer. It has familiar Skype features and is ready to use with free wireless networks. To make a call, simply use the on-screen color menu to locate your contact and view your online availability. Advanced security to keep your conversations secure, with WPA and WPA2 with PSK support 802.11b/g compatibility.

Black Diamond Advanced Technology
Unveiled the world's first Rugged UMPC (Ultra Mobile PC) called The SwitchBack PC (TM). It offers the same flexibility and connectivity of today's UMPCs, but adds an advanced feature set that meets demands of users working in harsh environments, a detachable/attachable BackPack module on the back which can be used to add on additional devices or connector interfaces.

BlueAnt Wireless
Product portfolio includes Bluetooth hands-free, stereo audio streaming and wireless communication products offering cutting edge technology, design and features. All products are covered by a 2-year full replacement warranty and customer service remains paramount.

Buffalo Technology TeraStation Pro II
Need a NAS backup unit? The TeraStation Pro II is available in capacities of 1TB (TS-H1.0TGL/R5) and 2TB (TS-H2.0TGL/R5). Delivering a high-speed processor for ultra-fast data transfer rates of up to 35 MB/s which is comparable to a USB 2.0 hard drive. It also now includes UPS to allow the product to power-down safely and prevent power failure. For added value, its Disk Quota Management feature allows administrators to designate the amount of disk space each user can utilize on the device.
Users can now instantly store, access, backup and share multimedia and other files from any computer on their home or office network. The TeraStation Pro features a 10/100/1000 Base-T Gigabit Ethernet port and Gigabit Jumbo Frame capability for higher transfer speeds than standard Gigabit networks. Other features include SATA (Serial ATA) hard disk drives for enhanced data transfer speeds and Active Directory Support, which allows the device to utilize domain users and groups. In addition, two USB 2.0 ports on the TeraStation Pro can accommodate additional external USB hard drives for expanded networked storage or as backup targets. Windows and Macintosh compatible, it also includes four hard drives and five operational modes: RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 10, RAID 5, and JBOD (Spanning).

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To help anyone become an instant expert, Canon has introduced three new models in its entry-level ZR series camcorders: the ZR850, ZR830, and ZR800 Mini-DV Camcorders. All will feature 35x optical zoom (1000x digital zoom) – Canon’s longest zoom ever. The Easy Mode automatically optimizes most of the camcorder’s settings, while the preset scene modes make it easy to shoot common scenes, including sunsets, fireworks, or a day at the beach. A 2.7 inch widescreen LCD (112,000 pixels) allows users to easily compose shots that can be shown on a widescreen TV. The DIGIC DV technology processes video information separately from photo information in order to always reproduce accurate, clear colors for both mediums. The Smooth Zoom feature actually reduces the erratic, jerky zoom techniques that plague some users of long zooms, smoothing out the process by selecting from one of three pre-set zoom speeds. For even smoother video, Canon Image Stabilization helps provide a shake free image for the entire focal length.
The Canon ZR800 Mini-DV Camcorder also offers a microphone terminal, allowing users the added flexibility of plugging in an external microphone. The ZR850 and ZR830 Mini-DV Camcorders are High Capacity “HC” compatible, which allows them to use the newest high capacity cards that can store more than two gigabytes of data.  They also feature wireless remote and a USB port.
The new DC50 DVD Camcorder starts with the convenience that direct-to-DVD recording. It incorporates a 5.39 Megapixel CCD Image Sensor with an RGB Primary Color Filter that provides vibrantly colored video and brilliant five megapixel photos. Comes with a 10x optical / 200x digital zoom lens, the Super Range Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) helps correct camera shake almost instantly even when the camera is hand-held and in motion, or the zoom is held at a long focal length. The DIGIC DV II image processor gives video with improved color reproduction and dramatically reduces noise in low-light situations. PictBridge compatibility and a Print & Share button for quick and easy one-touch printing or downloading of images. Canon has incorporated a level marker and a new grid marker to the feature mix. When engaged, the markers appear – in either white or gray – superimposed over the image on the camcorder’s 16:9 color LCD display. The level marker easily lets the user know if the camera is being kept level while the grid marker makes it easier for the user to compose a more appealing and effective shot. Arrives in stores in late February and carries an estimated selling price of $799.

Cardo scala-700™ for Skype Bluetooth® Headset
The scala-700™ for Skype™ Bluetooth® Headset offers wireless convenience for your desktop, laptop or mobile phone. With its SWAP technology you can easily switch the headset's connection between cellphone and Skype™.

Adding FM Radio and cellphone communication to your motorcycle helmet. The new scala-rider™ FM Bluetooth Headset is a great solution to a real need: Now riding your bike is no longer an isolated experience. To make it the perfect ride, you can choose to listen to FM radio stations, or chat over your mobile phone by voice command. It has automatic volume adjustment, fully weather protected, and fits virtually any motorcycle helmet.

Casio  Casio projector
Besides being know for having pretty women riding a mechanical bull at their booth, their EXILIM CARD EX-S770 Digital Camera did get a Honoree award. It is an ultra-slim 7.2 megapixel digital camera with bright 2.8” wide-screen LCD, wide-aspect movie recording, data storage function, Anti-Shake DSP and eBay Best Shot Mode.
Compact size (3.9lbs and 1.26” at the thinnest point), the XJ-S35 projector has a wide-angle 2X zoom lens (2000ANSI lumens), and can be projected from as close as 2.7’. Images stored on commercially available USB memory, such as Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, can be projected without using a PC (after conversion using the bundled software).  In addition, an optionally available USB wireless adapter frees users to deliver presentations without having to stay near the projector (MSRP $1900).CMS Copy2go

CMS Products
Provides the "ABSplus" line of easy-to-use data backup and disaster recovery solutions, "BounceBack Professional" data recovery software and encryption solutions for notebook and desktop computers. Other products include "copy2go" media management software, data transfer kits, notebook hard drive upgrades and high capacity hard drives. Portable computer solutions range from 40 to 160 gigabytes of capacity, while desktop systems range from 80 to 1.5 terabytes.

Concord Camera  www.onguardkids.comOnGuard Watch
Introduced the OnGuard™ Kids wrist watch designed to empower and educate kids about staying safe. It combines an attractive digital watch with a 110 decibel emergency alarm and SOS signal that can be activated by children in the event of an emergency or an uncomfortable situation. Packaged with the watch is an educational DVD hosted by family safety expert, Bob Stuber who offers specific advice and actions kids can take when in unsafe situations. The watch also features parental programming functions, which enables parents to set emergency alarm deactivation codes and reminder alerts, and comes with three interchangeable decorative faceplates, as well as a small clip-on flashlight so kids can personalize the watch and make it more fun to wear. SMRP: $40

CoolIT Systems
Delivers next generation cooling products that provide a comprehensive solution while exceeding high OEM standards for reliability and maintenance-free operation.

With its newly acquired subsidiary Ulead, they where demonstrating its next-generation HD DVD Authoring. A complete solution for creating and validating HD DVD titles, the Suite includes Ulead® DVD MovieFactory® Studio Pro Edition, which supports burning to HD DVD-R; InterVideo® WinDVD® HD, for playback of both Standard and Advanced Content (HDi) HD DVD titles; and a professional Mixer for creating HD DVD-compatible titles.

Crimestopper Security Products
Recently they expanded its line of products to Safety and Convenience products. For convenience, the Cool Start and EZ-Start remote engine starters are customer favorites. In addition, the TrakNet GPS Tracking and surveillance system and the NavPro GPS navigation system continue to grow. In the safety category, the company has introduced the SecurView Line of reverse cameras.

CyberDefender earlyDETECTION Center™ 2.0 has launched its advertisement-free Internet and computer security suite that provides rapid detection and protection against the latest fast-moving online security threats. It identifies infections other security software misses, catching spyware, viruses, phishing attempts and other malicious attacks much earlier in the cycle, while providing security updates faster than other solutions. Available by subscription only, with a yearly single subscription price is $11.99 and $39.95 for five licenses.
It also scours the black market for the use, trade or sale of identity-related information, alerting customers instantly of any suspected fraud. In addition, Intelius IDWatch includes a zero-deductible, $25,000 insurance policy covering recovery-related expenses, in the event the unthinkable happens.

PowerDVD 7.0CyberLink
Enhancing its exceptional video playback quality, PowerDVD 7 provides greater control over the user experience, a freestyle interface offers five modes for disc controls, while adjustable CLEV-2 technology enhances images with more realistic auto-brightness and color correction. Features include:

CyberLink MagicSports introduces an unprecedented way of watching recorded TV sports programs on the PC. It identifies key moments within games and creates aCyberLink MagicSports thumbnail summary of the most exciting “highlights”. These highlights include events such as soccer goals or near goals, and baseball pitches. With simple clicks on a mouse or remote control, users can quickly catch up on the games they’ve recorded but missed. MagicSports also offers the option to output a video file containing game highlights which can then be watched later or easily shared with others.
The algorithm processes video and audio signals to identify and separate highlights from unexciting game moments. It identifies the highlights of recorded sports programs with an accuracy of 95-98%. Analysis typically takes 15-20% of the video’s duration to complete for football games, and 8-10% for baseball games. Thus a 2-hour soccer game can be analyzed within 20 minutes, a baseball game in around 10 minutes. Meanwhile, background analysis processes video files automatically, enabling users to access highlights even more quickly.

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