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CES 2007   part 4 Companies S-Z

By Terry Currier

The 2007 International CES®, the world’s largest consumer technology tradeshow. This global event featured 2700 exhibitors, 140,000 attendees and 1.7 million net square feet of space. Exhibits at three major venues: the Las Vegas Convention Center, the Sands/Venetian and the Hilton hotel.

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Safend Personal Protector is a software solution designed specifically for consumers that secures data stored on laptops or PCs by preventing unauthorized access via all physical communications ports (USB, FireWire, PCMCIA). Data access remains convenient once your authorization is verified by password, providing unhindered use of devices and allowing users to enjoy the convenience of removable media yet remain confident that data is safe. Safend Personal Protector is available free of charge for a limited promotional period. Samsung 2457T LCD monitor

Samsung makes some of the best LCD monitors and I loved the 19 and 22 inch models at CES. The 24-inch SyncMaster 245T ($800), comes with a 3000:1 contrast ratio, 1920 x 1200 resolution, and an 80mm stand with tilt and swivel. The 19-inch SyncMaster 932B ($250) which is decked out with a glossy finish, a ball hinge for smooth tilting, a 700:1 contrast ratio, 5-millisecond response time, 1280 x 1024 resolution. This model will be available in February for $249.99.
Samsung Pocket Imager projectorVery portable the SP-P310MEMX Pocket Imager is a small, 1.5-pound DLP projector that measures only 5 x 3.7 x 2 inches. It will cost $799.
LED-backlit DLP TVs, at 50 inches, 56 inches and 61 inches will have a cost starting at $2,399. They have a 50-inch 1080p plasma for $3,800 here, Samsung is touting an anti-reflective film on the screen that they say enhances black levels and reduces glare off the shiny glass screen. Heron said that FliterBright technology "worked well" when he saw it in a demo last year. A 58-inch version will cost $4,999 when the two displays come out in September.
The CLX-3160FN is a 45-pound multifunction color laser printer that also scans and faxes. Offers high resolution 600x600 dpi printing for about $600.

SanDisk  www.sandisk.comSanDisk V-mate
Make way for the Sansa Connect™, a Wi-Fi enabled MP3 player that lets consumers enjoy and recommend music from almost anywhere. It allows users to connect to music and online photos through any open wireless “hot spot” Internet connection. Connect is  designed to keep music aficionados connected to a wide range of new music via subscription services and streaming Internet radio1 with no PC required. Designed to work with premium Internet services, the flash-based MP3 player will also contain community features for recommending music and photos with the simple click of a button and a “live” Wi-Fi connection. Comes equipped with a microSD™ card slot. The expansion slot adds additional storage capacity as well as portability of music to other devices. The 4-gigabyte (GB) has a 2.2” TFT color screen, backlit controls for fast device interface navigation, and Lithium-Ion battery.
If you’re tired of missing your favorite TV shows or never have the time to watch TV recordings or movies at home because you’re always on the go, then the SanDisk V-Mate is for you. It is a video memory card recorder that captures video content from an analog source directly onto a flash memory card. You can then playback recorded video content by simply inserting your flash memory card into a compatible mobile device.

Sanyo  http://us.sanyo.comSANYO Xacti HD
The new SANYO Xacti HD2 is the world’s smallest and lightest high-definition digital video camera. The 7.38-megapixel CCD image sensor dramatically improves low-light sensitivity. It combines the functionality of a 720p high-definition digital camcorder and 7.1-megapixel digital still camera into one ergonomic, pocket-sized device. For optimized performance, a new HDMI digital interface, built into the HD2’s multifunction docking station, provides an all-digital output to HDTVs and high-definition video recorders. Available in the U.S. in March 2007 at an MSRP of $700. Using a single 8-gigabyte SDHC card, users can shoot nearly three hours of high-definition video. It is ready to record in as little as 1.7 seconds. The HD2 features a 10x optical zoom lens. It  offers enhanced video editing functions, enabling quick A>B deletions and easy combining of video clips. Go to SANYO Easy Street NVM-4070
It’s easy to find your way every day with the advanced new SANYO “Easy Street” NVM-4070 compact portable navigation systems. It has a 4-inch LCD touch screen display for simplified, button-free navigation. Voice-guided turn-by-turn directions and detailed two and three-dimensional maps are included. It uses the latest text-to-speech technology which calls out street names as turns approach. Along with a built-in GPS antenna and 2GB of internal NAND flash memory containing map data for the U.S.. The MSRP is $600. Go to

Seamless Internet  www.slwf.netS-XGEN
Another one of my favorite products at the show was the S-XGEN. Talk about portable its 6.5” long, 3.8” high, and 1.25” wide, and weighs only 11 ounces. It has a Intel PXA 270 Xscale Processor, 20GB Hard Drive, 256MB SDRAM - 64 MB Flash memory, and uses the Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC operating system (phone edition). The screen is a 4 inch TFT screen, 480 x 272 QQHDTV resolution. Bluetooth enabled,  10/100 Mbps Ethernet (RJ45 port), and supports WiFi 802.11 a/b/g. There is even a 1.3 Mega pixel video camera. Comes with Windows Pocket PC Outlook, Word, and Excel. The cost they said would be around $1,400.

Certainly the biggest talk was about Sharp showing the worlds largest LCD. At 108-inches, this Full HD 1080p LCD TV measures 93.9-inches (H) by 52.9- inches (W) in size and features Sharp’s Advanced Super View LCD. Sharp LCD
The new widescreen series of Full HD1080p HDTV AQUOS Liquid Crystal Televisions, available in 52-, 46- and 42-inch screen sizes, features the top-of-the-line version of Sharp’s proprietary Advanced Super View panel. This panel technology enables a 15,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio for deep blacks and crisp picture quality; Fine Motion Advanced technology for 120 Hz Frame Rate Conversion; enhanced Quick Shoot video circuitry for faster pixel response time of 4ms; and wide viewing angles of 176 degrees, so users can view the proprietary 5-wavelength backlight system that provides a wider color spectrum. Additionally, all units in this series include three HDMI™ inputs, two component terminals, and one DVI-I input, all of which are compatible with 1080p signals from Blu-ray and other new devices, as well as RS-232C for custom installations. The entire series features Full HD 1080p (1920 x 1080) resolution for an unparalleled high-definition experience. These newly redesigned models are available in a stunning piano black finish with detachable bottom speakers and include a detachable table stand.

Siber Systems  www.roboform.comSearchCard
Announced the addition of SearchCards, an automated search and information retrieval feature, to RoboForm. More than just a product enhancement, SearchCards turn multi-step requests into a one-step process, shaving time off the day for people to frequently use the Web.
The addition of SearchCards makes RoboForm the only tool that can radically simplify complex searches. To use it the user simply types in a desired search word or phrase; a dropdown menu will automatically appear, showing the user is instantly transported to the appropriate search tool and the search is automatically executed. Get it at RoboForm with SearchCards is available in both free and Pro versions.

Silex Technology  www.silexamerica.comSilex wiDock
wiDock, the world’s first iPod dock that allows wireless syncing with iTunes, is now available for purchase. With wiDock, the iPod is now an integral part of the home entertainment system, which outputs to stereo and television and also charges the battery.
wiDock is compatible with iPod nano, iPod and iPod mini. It requires a 10/100 wired network or 802.11b/g compatible wireless network and a computer with Windows 2000, XP or Macintosh OS10.x for the installation. It will retail for $149.

Skype is the world's fastest-growing Internet communication offering, allowing unlimited free voice, video and instant messaging communication between users of Skype Software. With over 136 million registered users, available in 28 languages and is used in almost every country around the world. Skype generates revenue through its premium offerings such as making and receiving calls to and from landline and mobile phones, voicemail, call forwarding and personalization including ringtones and avatars.

SmartShopper Electronics
The "SmartShopper" uses voice recognition technology to track the needs of the family on their next trip to the grocery store. It prints the grocery list, and categorizes it by section. It even keeps track of errands. Comes pre-loaded with 2500 items and you can even add your own unique brands and items.

Sony Blu-ray
For those looking for Blu-ray Disc™ technology Sony introduced a high-definition living room PC. With the Digital Living System™ you can watch movies in HD clarity, as well as record, store and playback personal content on high-capacity BD media. A built-in NTSC and an ATSC television tuner, in addition to a unidirectional digital CableCARD™, allows the VAIO® XL3 Digital Living System to replace an HD digital video recorder so you can watch and record TV without the need for a separate set-top box. About the size of a traditional stereo receiver, the unit connects to a television via an HDMI ™ cable to output high-definition video and multi-channel digital audio in a single connection. It has a Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processor, NVIDIA® GeForce® 7600 GTL graphics, 2GB of RAM memory, and a 500GB hard drive. The unit uses liquid cooling technology to maintain high CPU performance while remaining quiet enough for the living room. Available in March in crimson black for about $3,300.Sony TP1
The TP1 comes with an Intel Core 2 Intel Duo T5600 (1.83GHz) processor, a 300GB hard drive, and a dual-format dual-layer DVD burner. It also has slots for MemoryStick and CompactFlash media in the front of the unit. The system will ship with Vista Premium OS, has an HDMI port, as well as built-in 802.11b/g WLAN. The console also comes equipped with a remote control and a matching, wireless keyboard ergonomically designed to fit on your lap. Sony UX5 camcorder
There were four additions to Sony Electronics’ consumer lineup of high-definition Handycam® camcorders debuted. The new HDR-UX7 and HDR-UX5 AVCHD™ DVD models and HDR-HC7 and HDR-HC5 HDV tape camcorders feature Sony’s ClearVid™ CMOS sensor technology. Developed for the processing needs of data-rich, high-definition video, this technology, along with Sony’s Enhanced Imaging Processor® circuitry, bring the advantages of high resolution, high sensitivity with low noise, and virtually smear-free pictures.
The top-of-the-line HDR-UX7 ($1,300) and HDR-HC7 ($1,400) models feature Sony’s three-megapixel ClearVid CMOS sensor, which produces 1080i HD video quality, as well as six-megapixel digital still photos.

The total solution for Internet users’ media storing, sharing, and access needs. Streamload is focused on providing freedom for today’s digital lifestyle by allowing users to get to their own full-quality content when and where they need it and easily and securely share it without technological limitations.
powered by Streamload, is the world’s largest online media center. It helps consumers conveniently manage their entire media collection in one central location. Consumers easily store, organize, access, and share their entire collection of media files – without any file size limitations.

Sunbelt  www.sunbelt-software.comCounterSpy box
Showing the updated CounterSpy: Version 2.0. CounterSpy defends your PC against spyware, adware and other potentially unwanted programs in three ways: Scans: it offers faster and more thorough spyware scanning. It scours your system for malware deep to the core of Windows where the most dangerous software hides, while the new revolutionary VIPRE™ technology offers proactive protection against rapidly transforming malware threats.

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Accessed directly from wireless phones and personal digital assistants (PDAs), TeleNav GPS Navigator provides voice and onscreen turn-by-turn directions as you drive – just like in-car navigation systems and personal navigation devices (PNDs) – but for as little as $10 per month. Users can also preview their routes before they begin driving and specify preferences including highways and streets. Other features:

The TLP-X3000U LCD projector with 3,000 ANSI lumens is designed for mobile professionals, educators, corporate trainers, and small-to-medium sized businesses who would like a lightweight, high-performance projector. The product has an estimated single unit price of $1,7391. Weighing 6.2 pounds, the projector features XGA 1024 x 768 resolution and 400:1 contrast. It also incorporates a unique security feature. A removable palm-sized control panel on the projector is specially designed with a self-Toshiba FF1assigned password for theft prevention. When the control panel is removed, the projector is no longer operable unless the password is entered on the remote control.
It has “Blackboard” function that allows wall color adjustment when projecting on a non-screen surface for more attractive and clear presentations. Instant power shut down capability enables the projector to power off instantly once disconnected from the power outlet with no cool-down time required. It also includes automatic vertical keystonecorrection (plus or minus 30 degrees) that instantly projects a square image even when the projector is set up at a steep offset angle to the screen. Whisper-quiet operation of only 33 decibels (dB) (in low mode) – quieter than a soft conversation.
The one-pound TDP-FF1AU DLP® (digital light processing) palm-sized multimedia projector. About the size of a paperback book, it is Toshiba’s first battery powered portable projection solution with an estimated single unit price of $6991. It can project an 11- to 68-inch diagonal image and comes with a foldable 23-inch diagonal display screen, rechargeable battery, battery charger and carrying case. Delivers 400 Lux of brightness with a native SVGA 800 x 600 resolution and contrast ratio of 1500:1.  Built with an energy-efficient LED (light emitting diode) light source that can last for up to 10,000 hours of use. A fan isn’t required either, enabling quiet operation.

Brings an intuitive, game-changing media navigation experience to your TV, Set-top-box, Media PC and IPTV. It does so via its magic-wand-like WavIt™ navigation device and interface. Its core innovation is an optical direct pointing technology, which enables pointing in 3D space, with multiple DOF tracking and sensing capabilities and much more - including Virtual-Dial and Easy-Zoom capabilities that take advantage of simple intuitive wrist motions (twist and thrust). Multi-user capability is standard.

Thompson  www.thomson.netRCA Small Wonder EZ201
The RCA Small Wonder EZ201 is a new, affordable digital camcorder that will feature an expandable SD memory slot and a convenient rotating display that lets the videographer be part of the fun. It is perfect for spontaneously recording every day experiences and can easily hold hours of recordings by utilizing both the on-board memory and additional SD removable memory.  The unit runs on two standard “AA” batteries that last up to two hours of continuous use. 
This simple MPEG-4 digital camcorder is always ready to capture a spontaneous moment – it’s as easy as turning on the power button and pressing the red “record” button.  Consumers can play, pause, delete, rewind, and fast forward clips on the vibrant 1.5-inch LCD panel, which will flip out 180 degrees allowing everyone to be a part of the shot. It has a suggested retail price of $129.

Manufactures CyberLock® electronic lock cylinders that install in existing mechanical locks, converting them into full-functioning access control systems. They cannot be compromised by bumping, or picking to gain entry. They cannot be duplicated. A record of activity is stored in both the lock and key, providing an audit trail of events. Keys can be programmed to access certain locks on selected days, and only during specific times on those days.

Showcased the 2.9-pound PJ258D ViewDock projector ($1,099), lets users project video directly from their video iPods with 2,000 lumens. XGA (1,024×768) native resolution and a 2000:1 contrast ratio.
ViewSonic is adding two large-size LCD monitors. The 24-inch VX2435wm and the 28-inch VX2835wm have an HDMI with HDCP input to provide assorted digital entertainment including IPTV, movies and digital photos. These widescreen screens are able to view two 8.5 by 11-inch documents side-by-side.
The PJ358 LCD projector, a portable projector gives 2,000 lumens and a resolution of 1,024×768 XGA. Weighing less than four pounds and has a USB port that allows users to present images including JPG and M-JPG directly from a USB flash drive. It can project a 60-inch image from less than five feet away.

Yamaha  www.yamaha.comYamaha DPX-1300 projector
Showcased its YSP-1100 Digital Sound Projector – which provides true multi-channel surround sound from a single component. The model’s 40 built-in beam drivers and 2 built-in woofers, with 42 corresponding digital amplifiers, plus its streamlined design, offer consumers great flexibility in creating their home entertainment spaces. It precisely controls the orientation of  sound by focusing it into beams. The center channel sound is heard directly, while the sounds from other channels are heard after reflecting off the walls surrounding the listener.  SRS’s TruBass technology uses harmonics to provide deep and rich bass response. The result is an excellent solution for video enthusiasts who wish to build their home theater systems around larger flat screen TVs and desire a neat, uncluttered, unobtrusive system to match the interior of their room.
Yamaha’s CINEMA DSP technology, which offers seven audio programs compatible with the Dolby Digital, DTS, Dolby Pro Logic II, and DTS Neo:6 sound formats, creates realistic soundscapes in any room. For late night movie and music enjoyment, the YSP-1100 features a Night Listening Enhancer mode that allows dialog and quiet passages to be heard clearly, even at low volumes. The TV Equal Volume mode prevents sudden bursts of sound from TV programs and commercials (SRP $1700). Their DPX-1300 projector has a 5,000:1 Contrast Ratio and 800 ANSI Lumen Brightness. High-level de-interlacing at HD resolution (1080i to 1080p). Horizontal and vertical keystone correction with minimal distortion in all directions

ZyXEL Communications
Products include

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