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CES 2008 Digital Cameras and Camcorders

The CES show gets bigger each year and the 2008 International CES was no exception. At the Las Vegas Convention Center, the Sands/Venetian and the Hilton hotel.

Consumer Electronic Show 2008 - Part 1 - Computers
Consumer Electronic Show 2008 - Part 2 - Utility Software
Consumer Electronic Show 2008 - Part 3 - Accessories - Backpacks and Laptop bags     Printers     LCD Monitors     TV Cards
Consumer Electronic Show 2008 - Part 4 - Digital Cameras - Digital Cameras and Camcorders, Storage for them, and Digital Image Frames
Consumer Electronic Show 2008 - Part 5 - Projectors 
Consumer Electronic Show 2008 - Part 6 - Storage  - Solid State Drives 
Consumer Electronic Show 2008 - Part 7 - Security Products 

By Terry Currier

All VIXIA camcorders feature Canon core technologies – a Genuine Canon HD Video Lens; a Canon designed and manufactured HD CMOS Image Sensor for Full HD (1920 x 1080) image capture; the Canon-developed DIGIC DV II Image Processor for superior color and clarity; Instant AutoFocus for fast and accurate auto focusing for HD; and  SuperRange Optical Image Stabilization, which corrects a wide range of camcorder vibration for virtually shake-free images. Canon is able to use Dual Flash Memory - the ability to record to an internal Flash drive as well as a removable SDHC memory card. When the internal Flash drive becomes full, footage can be easily transferred to an SDHC memory. Since Flash Memory is a solid-state memory format and has no moving parts, the camcorder can be smaller, and lighter than ever before.
VIXIA HF10The VIXIA HF10 Dual Flash Memory offers the flexibility of recording up to 6 hours of High-Definition video to a 16GB internal Flash drive,VIXIA HF100 as well as the option of recording to an SDHC memory card. The HF100 Flash Memory camcorder features an SDHC memory card slot only. Both camcorders also offer features such as a newly designed Canon 12x HD Video Lens, a Canon 3.3 Megapixel Full HD CMOS Image Sensor, and Full HD Lens-to-Screen (1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution for capture, record and output). In addition to 24p Cinema Mode, which allows users to mimic the look of Hollywood-style movies they offer a new feature called 30p Progressive Mode. It delivers clarity for fast action events, such as sports or news, and is the perfect frame rate for clips intended to be posted on the Web. A 2.7” Widescreen Multi-Angle Vivid LCD offers a wide viewing angle, and uses an Intelligent Lithium-ion Battery, which indicate the remaining battery time down to the minute. A newly designed Mini Advanced Accessory Shoe, provide cable-free connectivity to an optional Canon microphone or video light. Available in late April, the VIXIA HF10 Dual Flash Memory and VIXIA HF100 Flash Memory camcorders will have an estimated retail price of $1,099 and $899, respectively.VIXIA HV30 HD
The VIXIA HV30 HD camcorder provides consumers with the ability to record HD quality video to MiniDV cassettes. Features a Canon 10X HD Video Lens, Canon 2.96 Megapixel Full HD CMOS Image Sensor, DIGIC DV II Image Processor, a 30p Progressive Mode (and 24p Cinema Mode), and a 2.7" Widescreen Multi-Angle Vivid LCD. Available in late February for the estimated retail price of $999.
The FS11 Dual Flash Memory camcorder offers a 16GB internal Flash drive, for up to 10 hours of video recording, plus adds the flexibility of an SDHC memory card slot. The FS10 Dual Flash Memory camcorder offers an 8GB internal Flash drive, for up to five hours of recording capacity, and also features an SDHC card slot.  The FS100 Flash Memory camcorder has an SDHC card slot only. All three camcorders share Genuine Canon 48x Advanced Zoom along with a 1.07 Megapixel CCD Image Sensor, and Canon’s DIGIC DV II Image  Processor. An Intelligent Lithium-ion Battery, and a microphone terminal provides added audio flexibility. Weighing only 9.2 ounces, these ultra-sleek camcorders are just as stunning as the images they capture. 
The Advanced Zoom enhances the zoom capability of each model to a powerful 48x, combines Genuine Canon Optics with Canon’s proprietary DIGIC DV Image Processor, while retaining optical quality throughout the entire zoom range. The FS11 Dual Flash Memory, FS10  Dual Flash Memory and FS100 Flash Memory camcorders are scheduled to be available in April, at the estimated retail prices of $599, $499 and $399, respectively.
Canon DC310The DC330, DC320 and DC310 DVD camcorders capture directly to DVD. The DC310 features Canon 41x Advanced Zoom, a 680,000 Pixel CCD Image Sensor, and a 2.7”   Widescreen LCD Screen. The DC320 has 48x Advanced Zoom, along with a 1.07  Megapixel CCD Image Sensor. The DC330 provides the added benefit of a USB 2.0 Hi-Speed Terminal, and a Multi-Angle Remote Control. All three camcorders feature an SDHC memory card slot for storing photos and an LCD Video Light to provide extra illumination in low light conditions. The Canon DC330, DC320 and DC310 DVD camcorders are scheduled to be available in March, at estimated retail prices of $379, $369 and $349, respectively.
The Canon ZR950, ZR930 and ZR900 utilize the affordable and familiar MiniDV format. The ZR900 offers a Canon 41x Advanced Zoom and 680,000 Pixel CCD Image Sensor, along with a microphone terminal. The ZR930 has 48x Advanced Zoom, 1.07 Megapixel CCD, Multi-Angle Remote Control and also features a microphone terminal. The ZR950 provides the added flexibility of an SDHC memory card slot, and a USB 2.0 terminal. The Canon ZR900, ZR930 and ZR950 are scheduled to be available in late January, at the estimated retail prices of $249, $269 and $279, respectively.

EXILIM Pro EX-F1, incorporates a high speed CMOS sensor and a high speed LSI processor. With this it has achieved an ultra-high speed 60 frames per second (fps)EXILIM Pro EX-F1 burst rate for still images, together with 1,200 fps high speed movie recording that captures movement faster than the eye can see for ultra-slow motion replay. In burst mode, the frame rate can also be varied from between 1 and 60 frames per second while shooting. It is possible while using flash to take up to 20 continuous shots at a speed of up to 7 frames per second, so even in low light, no more missed shots. The camera features Full High-Definition movie recording capability. Users can record movies at a screen size of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The camera can be connected to an HD compatible television with a separately available HDMI cable to enjoy viewing movies. Images are stored as RAW, JPEG, DCF 1.0 standard, EXILIM Card EX-S10DPOF compliant. Movies as MOV format, H.264/AVC, IMA-ADPCM (stereo). Uses SDHC Memory Card, SD Memory Card, MultiMediaCard, MultiMediaCardplus compatible. Zoom is 12x optical, 4X digital (48X in combination with optical zoom).
EXILIM Card EX-S10 is a 10.1 megapixel compact model that is only 3.71” wide, 2.15”  high and .59” thin. The camera comes in four colors - red, blue, silver, and black. Offers a 3x optical zoom lens, 2.7-inch wide and bright LCD. Using motion blur detection technology, the camera can automatically take a photo at the instant when hand shake or subject movement ceases. The camera uses the H.264 video standard, which utilizes the AAC audio codec widely enjoyed in Apple’s iPod, etc. Uses SDHC Memory Card, SD Memory Card, MultiMediaCard, MultiMediaCardplus compatible. Zoom is 3x optical, 3X digital (12X in combination with optical zoom). Images are stored as JPEG.
EXILIM Zoom EX-Z80 is a small 8.1 megapixel digital camera, a 3x optical zoom lens,  and Auto Shutter function. The camera uses the H.264 video standard, which utilizes EXILIM Zoom EX-Z80 the  AAC audio codec widely enjoyed in Apple’s iPod, etc. If the faces of the people who users want to be in sharpest focus are prerecorded, the camera can use face detection technology to simultaneously detect up to ten faces. When it recognizes any of the prerecorded faces, it prioritizes them when determining correct focus and exposure. This can be useful when ordinary face detection technology would have trouble focusing as desired, such as when a number of people are lined up for a portrait and the picture-taker’s family members are at the rear of the group. Images are stored as JPEG, movies as MOV format, H.264/AVC, AAC EX-Z100(monaural). Uses SDHC Memory Card, SD Memory Card, MultiMediaCard, MultiMediaCardplus compatible.
EXILIM Zoom EX-Z200 and EX-Z100, are two 10.1 megapixel models featuring a wide-angle 28 mm lens with 4X optical zoom. They feature highly visible Super Clear LCDs  as well as Casio’s AUTO BEST SHOT scene recognition function that automatically  chooses an appropriate shooting mode. Images are stored as JPEG, movies as MOV format, H.264/AVC, AAC (monaural). Of course, both models incorporate Anti Shake DSP, which reduces blur by raising the camera’s sensitivity and therefore increasing shutter speeds.

Announced today the new DXG-565V 5 Megapixel combo digital camcorder/camera/MP3 player/voice recorder/webcam -- all in one, with a large 2.4” TFT LCD screenDXG-565V and 32MB of built-in storage. It comes in 5 new colors:  Metallic Pink, Ruby Red, Deep-Sea Blue, Gun Metal, and Midnight Black. In addition it records DVD-quality MPEG-4 video at 720 x 480 D1 resolution with sound and captures still images of up to 12 Megapixels. It has 4X digital zoom, and captures still images in JPEG format.
When connected to a computer via USB cable it can be used in two ways:  as a PC webcam for video chat or video conferencing, or as a DXG-566VPortable Storage Device. MP3 music and audio files can also be transferred from your computer to the DXG-565V. In addition, the camcorder can also be used as a digital voice recorder. Priced at only $99, features included: built-in flash in 3 modes, Macro Mode, White Balance, and EV Compensation features. Priced at $150, the DXG-566V HD is a 5 Megapixel digital camcorder with a 3” TFT LCD screen. With an HD video resolution of up to 1280 x 720 at 30fps and D1 resolution of 720 x 480 at 30fps, videos are crystal-clear, crisp and detailed. It features a high-resolution 5 Megapixel CMOS sensor, 2X digital zoom, with support for high-capacity SD cards for more recording time. You can view videos in 4:3 or 16:9  aspect ratios – perfect for your plasma or HDTV. It also has a USB port to allow you to download your pictures onto your computer.

Fujifilm Fujifilm Z100fd
Besides its colorful shell, the Z100fd's lens and stabilization system stand out as its most prominent features. The 36 to 180mm-equivalent 5x lens lets users get up a bit closer than typical 3x lenses, and sensor-shifting image stabilization helps reduce shake. Its has a 2.7-inch LCD screen. In-camera file management can sort photos into six different folders when shooting, and face-detecting autofocus and autoexposure finds up to 10 faces at once and adjust settings accordingly. Finally, the camera includes a dual-media memory card slot that accepts both xD and SD cards. The suggested retail price is $250. It will come in pink, satin, brown, and black versions.

Hitachi Hitachi DZ-BD70A
The new DZ-BD70A is a single drive camcorder which can record approximately one hour of FullHD 1920x1080 high definition video on a 8cm single-sided Blu-ray disc  (BD-R and BD-RE). It has Hitachi’s 5.3 mega pixel CMOS image sensor and HD quality 12-element lens system. Not only can it record high definition video to Blu-ray discs, it also comes with an SD™ card slot for storing digital still photos at 4.32 megapixel max resolution. Still images are captured at 2400 x 1800 pixels (2.07 Megapixel, JPEG). Video recording format BD1: MPEG-4 AVC/H.264. With the  camcorder in standby mode it can be up in less than one second and recording. An instructional utility program built into the camcorder guides users through setup and input/output connections with peripherals. Widescreen 2.7” LCD view finder.

The Everio G Series offers a triple advantage of easy shooting, easy editing and easy archiving. One touch of the camcorder’s Direct DVD button transfers footage from theGZ-MG330 camcorder to a optional SHARE STATION DVD burner or PC to automatically burn a DVD. The Direct Back-up button backs-up recordings to a PC through USB 2.0. A DV (IEEE 1394: i.LINK, firewire) output is on the Everio dock to allow easy dubbing to  DVD or hard drive recorders, and enables footage to be imported using many third-party NLE (non-linear editing) applications. But, some basic editing can be done without a PC. Scene playback order can be rearranged within the camera, and 20 preset title screens can be inserted into the footage while viewing it or burning it to a DVD.
Picture quality is maximized by the use of an F1.8 KONICA MINOLTA LENS on most 2008 G Series camcorders. Also adding to the picture quality is JVC’s proprietary  Gigabrid Engine that integrates various noise reduction technologies. All models also feature PictBridge compatibility for direct printing, microSD card slot and USB mass storage compatibility, and come with a convenient remote control. Quick Restart starts recording just about one second after the LCD is re-opened.
GZ-MG730 The 30GB GZ-MG330 offers a 35x optical zoom. The GZ-MG335 offers the same functions as the MG330 and comes with an Everio Dock for easy connection and charging. The GZ-MG360 doubles storage capacity with its 60GB internal hard disk drive. The GZ-MG365 offers the same functions as the MG360 and comes with the Everio Dock. The 30GB models and the 60GB model each weigh just 0.8 lbs. (360g), including the battery.
The 30GB GZ-MG730 features a higher-performance camera section with a 1/2.5-inch 7.38 Megapixel CCD with Primary Color Filter. It can shoot digital stills up to 3072 x 1728 (16:9 mode), or 3072 x 2304 (4:3 mode) in size. Shooting features, including Auto Flash, Program AE dial with Shutter Priority and Aperture Priority, Auto Exposure Bracketing, Backlight and Spotlight compensation, Natural and Vivid color settings, and Histogram Display.

The KODAK EASYSHARE V1253 Zoom Digital Camera ($279.95 US MSRP) allows consumers to capture HD still images (16:9 aspect ratio) and video (720p at 30fps)KODAK EASYSHARE V1273.  Equipped with 12MP resolution, a 3X SCHNEIDER-KREUZNACH optical zoom lens and KODAK PERFECT TOUCH Technology. It boasts Face Detection Technology, which automatically adjusts the camera’s settings for outstanding portrait shots, and Digital Image Stabilization to reduce blur caused by camera shake or subject movement. Images can be instantly viewed in 16:9 aspect ratio on the large 3.1-inch LCD screen. The 7-megapixel KODAK EASYSHARE ZD710 Zoom Digital Camera ($199.95 US MSRP) is a fully-automatic camera with 10x optical zoom and high ISO. It is equipped with features, like Digital Image Stabilization and KODAK PERFECT TOUCH Technology.
KODAK EASYSHARE Z1085 ISThe new KODAK EASYSHARE V1273 Digital Camera offers new Touch Screen  Technology, simplifying picture taking, reviewing and editing. This 12-megapixel, 3X optical zoom camera features a large 3-inch LCD touch screen for easy camera setup and control. HD-enabled still pictures and videos can be viewed on HDTVs with the KODAK HDTV Dock.
The new KODAK EASYSHARE M1033 Digital Camera is a 10-megapixel camera, equipped with a 3X optical zoom lens and 3-inch wide-angle viewing LCD screen.  Additionally it captures HD pictures and videos.
The new KODAK EASYSHARE Z1085 IS Zoom Digital Camera is a 10-megapixel, 5X optical zoom camera with optical image stabilization. Consumers can get more creative with their photography by taking advantage of the camera’s manual features or easily capture pictures and videos with automatic controls. It also captures HD still pictures and videos.

Liquid Image
Liquid Image Digital Underwater Camera Mask The Liquid Image Digital Underwater Camera Mask allows swimmers to record underwater photos and video hands free.  Whether it is backyard pool fun or fish and coral from a special vacation, users will enjoy the combination of a camera  and mask in one while swimming. The benefits include a hands free experience for easier and saferswimming. 
The camera comes with 16 MB SD RAM internal memory. A Micro SD Card slot allows the memory to be upgraded to hold more images and video. The camera and mask combination is available in both a 3.1 and a 5.0 MP version.

To take a photo or a video, the user lines up the crosshair marks on the mask with the object, and then presses the capture button. LED lights inside the viewing area indicate the mode the camera is in when activated.  Users can download the digital images and video they’ve connected to a computer through a USB cable. Software is included to edit photos and videos.

Norcent Norcent DCS-1050
The new 10-megapixel Norcent DCS-1050 compact camera camera, includes face- detection and anti-shake capabilities as well as a large, scratch-resistant 3" color TFT  LCD display. It can take still pictures up to 3648 x 2736 (JPEG compression), and captures MPEG-4 video clips with resolutions of 640 x 480, 320 x 240, or 160 x 120. Playback is in either NTSC or PAL formats with up to 30 seconds of WAV audio. Its built-in flash includes auto, red-eye reduction, always-on, slow-sync, forced-on, and forced-off modes. Users can select from 22 scene modes, including movie, voice REC (WAV format), portrait, landscape, text, back light, food, and soft skin. Zoom capabilities are 3X optical zoom, and 4X digital zoom. White balance settings of manual, daylight, cloudy, tungsten, fluorescent, and custom. Comes with 16MB of internal memory and is compatible with external SD/MMC flash storage media. Estimated street price is $180.
Xias (pronounced: kí-as) is a brand Norcent announced at CES.
Xias DCS-1260The Xias DCS-1260 is a 12-Megapixel camera capturing high-resolution images of up to  4000x3000, with Face-Tracking capability to identify faces within the frame and automatically adjusts for the ideal focus and exposure. Its Anti-Shake feature compensates for camera movement. It has a 3”, scratch-resistant LTPS TFT LCD color display. The unit has both 3X optical and 4X digital zoom capabilities for exciting close-up possibilities. Movie mode captures AVI or MPEG-4 video clips with up to 30-seconds of audio. Playback is in either NTSC or PAL formats. Comes with 21 picture-taking modes, and built-in flash functions: auto, red-eye reduction, always-on, slow-sync, forced-on, and forced-off modes. Offers six-mode white balance settings, and comes with 32MB internal memory as well as an external Secure Digital flash slot. Estimated street price is $250 andXias DCS-860 will be available for shipping in Q2 2008.
Like the DCS-1260, the DCS-860 is packed with performance enhancing features. These include Face Tracking capability and Anti-Shake technology; ability to capture, high-resolution images of up to 3264x2448 pixels; 13 picture-taking modes; built-in flash; and a 2.5”, scratch-resistant, LTPS TFT color LCD display. It also has both a 3X optical and 4X digital zoom; a variety of white balance settings; the capability to take MPEG-4 video clips with audio; and 16MB internal memory and external SD/MMC flash storage compatibility. The estimated street price is $180 and the metallic graphite model is currently available with the other colors coming later in 2008.

Panasonic Panasonic SDR-SW20
The new SDR-SW20 combines a rugged, compact body with waterproofing that allows use in water, including seawater, to a depth of five feet, shock-proofing that protects  against drops from up to 4 feet, and a dust-proofing design that shuts out airborne dust particles that can lead toSDR-S7 malfunction. The SDR-S7 is a ultra-compact, lightweight design making it ideal for users constantly on the go. Both new models have a 10x optical zoom, 2.7-inch LCD screens and feature new designs for easy and comfortable shooting. In addition, they both feature a Sub Rec button on the front of the camera, making it possible to shoot with a pistol-grip style. Both record to SD or SDHC Memory Cards. A 16-GB SDHC Memory Card allows up to approximately 13 hours 20 minutes of recording. Both start recording in just 0.6 second from the time the LCD is opened. The Panasonic SDR-SW20 will be available in February 2008 with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of $399.95 and the  SDR-S7 will be available in May 2008 with a MSRP of $299.95.
The Panasonic HDC-SD9 and HDC-HS9 offer full-High Definition 1920 x 1080 progressive recording (24 frames per second) and use the AVCHD video format. In addition, the new models feature Panasonic's original 3CCD system, Advanced MEGA O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabilizer), and a Leica Dicomar lens three components that also contribute to the high-quality video output.  Advanced MEGA O.I.S. checks and compensates for hand-shake around 4,000 times per second. In a 3CCD camera system, the light received through the lens is split into its three primary color components – red, green and blue and a signal from each is processed by one of the three CCDs to provide rich and detailed video images.Panasonic HDC-SD9
These are the world's first camcorders to feature Face Detection for use in recording moving images. It automatically locates any faces in the picture and adjusts the exposure, contrast and skin tone to achieve optimal results. Thus, even when the faces are backlit or the lighting is low, faces are clear and not lost in the shadows.
Intelligent Shooting Guide can detect errors in the following common shooting situations and give suggestions on how to make better recordings: when the camcorder is panning too quickly or tilted; when the user's hand is swinging; when the subject is backlit; or the lighting is too low. 
The HS9 is a hybrid model and can record full High Definition images onto either an SD (or SDHC) Memory Card or to its built-in 60-GB hard disk. A 16-GB SDHC Memory Card can hold approximately six hours of video, and the 60-GB hard disk can hold around 23 hours (both in HE mode). Other new features on both the HDC-SD9 and HDC-HS9 include:

Both models will be available in March 2008 with manufacturer suggested retail prices of $799.95 for the HDC-SD9 and $1099.95 for the HDC-SH9.

Samsung  Samsung SC-HMX20C
Unveiled the SC-HMX20C Progressive HD Flash-based Camcorder. Featuring Full HD and a1080p mode with 30 frames-per-second recording capability, the flash-based design makes this camcorder compact and easy-to-use. With an included docking station, users will find it simple to not only charge the camera, but utilize the HDMI input and  component connectivity to easily view home movies directly on an HDTV. Users are able to connect to their laptop or PC via a USB connection. It can also take up to 8 megapixels size stills.  
Features a 6.4-megapixel CMOS with electronic image stabilization and an HDMI-CEC (Anynet+) high-quality connection to HDTVs and other devices. It can actually record fast motion at 300 frames per second for up to 10 seconds and then drastically slow down the playback of the recording. Perfect for anyone interested in getting the detail of fast-flying events that otherwise would be undetectable to the human eye.
Comes with 8GB of built-in flash memory, and users also have the option of recording onto high-capacity SDHC/MMC+ cards via the additional card slot. A few unique features traditionally found on digital still cameras such as a pop-up strobe flash, automatic built-in lens cap and advanced face detection to automatically bring facial features into crisp focus, delivering high-quality images. Weighs only 10.9 ounces, and has a 2.7-inch wide-aspect touchscreen LCD makes editing on the fly easy. Additionally, the iCheck function lets the user know how much memory and battery life remains to ensure not a second is lost. Available in May 2008.
The i8 is an eight mega-pixel, digital camera supporting Samsung’s PMP multimedia technology. PMP gives users the ability to enjoy movies, videos and their favorite music while on-the-go. It has a glossy and reflective finish, and measures in at 3.5" x 2.3" x 0.8". Also features a non-protruding, 3x optical zoom, and 2.7" LCD screen which will automatically brighten or dim depending on the current lighting situation. For reviewing images the i8 also includes an intuitive Multi-Slide Show. With it users can playback their images using five different slide transitions and can also have their images set to scroll to the camera’s preloaded music or their own favorite MP3 files.
Users can record SVGA (800x592) MPEG-4 video and have advanced editing controls. By using the camera’s Successive Recording mode, users can pause, and then resume filming of video clips without having to save the clips as individual files. Additionally, users can operate the camera’s optical zoom while filming and can engage a movie stabilizer to compensate for unwanted camera movement and subject blur.
Face Detection function automatically detects up to nine faces and adjusts focus and exposure to ensure better composition and image quality – all the user needs to do is point and shoot. Shooters can remove red-eye during image payback. The Function Description automatically provides a brief and easy to understand description of each setting when scrolling through the cameras’ menus, helping the end-user determine which setting is appropriate for their current shooting scenario. $299 MSRP – Available February 2008
Samsung L210The new 10.1 mega-pixel L210 and 8.1 mega-pixel L110 and L100 feature 3x optical zoom, Samsung NV lens, and a 2.5" LCD screen which will automatically brighten or dim depending on the current lighting situation. Comes with Multi-Slide Show capability, and Dual Image Stabilization, which combines Samsung’s Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) with Digital Image Stabilization (DIS).
The cameras also feature Face Detection, Self Portrait and Auto Red Eye Fix modes. Self Portrait mode is a unique functionality that takes the guessing out of taking a self portrait. Function Description is included. Photo Help Guide offers the end-user a guided tour of how to take better images as well as easy-to-follow tips instructing them how to obtain excellent results. They are also equipped with Samsung’s advanced i-movie mode, which offers users SVGA resolution (800x592), MPEG-4 video and advanced editing controls

They also introduced the NV24 HD – a 10 mega-pixel point-and-shoot digital camera capable of shoot high-definition video. Users can record video in 720p high-definition at a maximum frame rate of 30fps. Shooters can also take advantage of a movie stabilizer and optical zoom while recording video and with Samsung’s Successive RecordingSamsung NV24 HD mode, can pause, and then resume filming without having to save the clips as individual files. Additionally, the NV24 HD utilizes H.264 compression. To watch it on an HDTV television, consumers simply dock the camera into a proprietary Samsung HDMI CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) cradle (sold separately).
With an ultra-wide angle, 24mm Schneider lens and 3.6x optical zoom, combined with the camera’s new DRIM Engine, the NV-Series’ new image processor yields outstanding image quality and blazing speed. Features also include Dual Image Stabilization, and a new, secondary Photo Style Selector (PSS) dial. It allows users to set the camera to a designated shooting mode.
Smart Touch enables easy navigation of the camera’s comprehensive feature set by simply sliding a finger across the control buttons. More features include Multi-Slide Show, Face Detection and Self Portrait mode, and the Function Description feature.  NV24 HD: $349 MSRP – Available March 2008
Two new additions to its NV-Series – the 8.1 mega-pixel NV30 and 10 mega-pixel NV40. In addition to featuring elite NV-Series technology, such as the revolutionary Smart Touch user interface, the NV30 and NV40 also incorporate a new DRIM Engine image processor, for enhanced image quality and speed.
Combined with the cameras’ 3x optical zoom Schneider lenses, the new DRIM Engine yields outstanding image quality. They also boasts a drastically improved shutter lag, shot-to-shot time and processing speed.
Features include Dual Image Stabilization, the new secondary Photo Style Selector (PSS) dial, Mutli-Slide Show,  Face Detection and Self Portrait mode, and Samsung’s Smart Touch user interface. End-users can playback their images using five different slide transitions and can also have their images set to scroll to the cameras’ preloaded music or their own favorite MP3 files. Additionally the ability to shoot at ISO 3200 and 14 scene modes to choose from. These new cameras also have the ability to record at VGA resolution (640x480) at a maximum frame rate of 30fps.

Debuted the Xacti HD700, a pocket-sized, 720p high-definition digital camcorder. It can also take 7.1-megapixel photos onto an SD or SDHC memory card. Available now in  Silver, Red and Brown, with an MSRP of $600. Features a 5x all-glass optical zoom with a bright maximum aperture of f/3.5. Combined with the 12x digital zoom, it provides up to 60x zooming capability.
Video is recorded in MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 format encoding technology, and each still as a JPEG. It provides excellent low-light performance all the way to the ISO 3200 level of sensitivity. They include the new “Face Chaser” function that automatically detects and isolates faces to assist the camera’s exposure and auto-focus. Capable of detecting up to 12 independent faces at a time.
Features include a 2.7 inch widescreen Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) that flips out from the camera and rotates up to 285 degrees on an axis. It records directly to a standard SD or SDHC Memory Card. It can record up to 2 hour and 46 minutes of 720p high-definition video on a single 8GB card. Additional features:Xacti HD700

The Xacti HD1000, records video in Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) and also takes 4-megapixel digital still images. It utilizes the advanced MPEG-4 AVC/H.246 video format and features a 10x optical HD lens and a large 2.7-inch widescreen display. Combined with the 10x digital zoom, it provides up to 100x total zooming capability.
It weighs only 9.5 ounces and can record approximately 85 minutes of Full HD onto an 8GB SDHC Memory Card. Incorporating the latest high-definition CMOSsensor, it
captures full 1080i high-definition video at 60 frames-per-second. Includesa new “Face Chaser” function.  
It’s easy to view and share high-definition video on your HD television using the HDMI  terminal built into the basestation. It comes with asophisticated image stabilizer for both stills andvideo. Also, SANYO newly developed its proprietary “Superposition function” for higher still image quality. This function allows for clear pictures of the subject even when moving or rotation occurs. Available now and has an MSRP of $800.
Additional features:

DSLR-A200 features:Sony DSLR-A200

DCR-DVD810 features:

DCR-HC62 features: Sony DCR-HC62

DCR-SR220 features: DCR-SR220

DCR-SR85 features:

VienuNow here was something different, a video camera made to be worn. There are tie clips to clip it onto clothing. Originally designed for Police Officers to record all activity, for increased conviction rates and protect against liability lawsuits. Then more users wanted it as a video diary.
It weighs about 5 ounces, measures 3”x2”x.75”, and rubberized for durability and protection in case of rain. The video is in color 640x480 VGA. It has a 71 degree field of view, and can record up to four hours. It clips on easily, and the on/off switch provides lens protection. Downloads to the PC via USB cable. Compatible with Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and Mac OSX.
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Picture Frames

CEIVA Pro 190 – Designed with the diehard digital photo enthusiast in mind, the new gallery inspired, wall mountable unit features a 19-inch high-res 1280x1024 display. It has built-in wireless connectivity allowing one-to-one direct communication between home media servers and the frame for effortless photo transfer, filter and tagging of pictures. It also has a built-in card reader for super fast photo viewing.
CEIVA Pro 80 – Like its big brother above, it has a high-res 800x600 display and wireless home media server connectivity all in an 8” model. There is a built in memory card reader and broadband capabilities, including the ability to receive photos from camera phones. MSRP $230
CEIVA Life – Hosting multiple connectivity options including traditional phone line or optional broadband and EZ wireless. Has a high-res 8” display, built in memory card reader, intuitive on-screen menus and interchangeable faceplates to fit any décor. MSRP $180
CEIVA Share – A hi-res 8” display, a traditional phone line connection, even the most technically challenged person can receive photos with automatic nightly picture updates and convenient two button menu navigation. MSRP $150 and includes one year of PicturePlan® service.
All new connected Digital Photo Frame models work with CEIVA’s optional PicturePlan® service allowing members to automatically receive new photos every night through a traditional phone line, broadband or wireless home network depending on frame model. Additionally members can share, send and store an unlimited amount of photos via

cenOmax cenOmax F7024B 7-inch
LiteOn IT, introduced its first digital photo frame under its new consumer brand name cenOmax. The cenOmax F7024B 7-inch digital photo frame includes four  interchangeable frame inserts to match the style and décor of any room. It incorporates the Auto Rotate feature which automatically rotates images for proper viewing, whether the frame is positioned vertically or horizontally. It has a built-in alarm clock and calendar option. It can play back photos, video and audio in several formats including SD/MMC/MS/xD/CF for photos, through its built-in speakers, and allows users to add music to their slideshows. The 7-inch digital photo frame is currently available at a suggested retail price of $90.

Digital Foci
Pocket Album OLEDAnnounced the Pocket Album OLED Series of two new photo viewers. The Pocket Album OLED Series includes a 2.8-inch screen with wrist strap, holding more than 3,000 photos and the 1.5-inch screen holding 120 photos. Photos can be viewed by scrolling manually or randomly through an automatic photo slideshow with adjustable intervals and multiple transition effects. There is user-friendly Photo Viewer software that makes it easy to convert images of various formats from your computer to the viewers. You can  crop and rotate any photos you wish to transfer and then automatically resize the photos for optimal storage and display on the viewers. They run on Lithium-Polymer batteries that are easily recharged with the included AC adapter or with the USB cable by connecting it to your computer.   
You can browse your photos in Photo Thumbnail view and choose between displaying your photos full screen or 2 x 2.  With its folder structure for photo management, you can even organize your photos into 5 different folders and select specific folders to playback.  The Pocket Album Deluxe OLED 2.8 also works as an alarm clock and calendar. The 1.5” (PAO-150) is priced at $49.95 and 2.8” (PAD-280) is priced at $99.95.  Digital Foci frames
They also introduce 3 new digital frames:

These new digital frames feature 200MB of internal memory and built-in memory card slots to let you display and share photos on their digital LCD screens. All feature a “Photo Slideshow Mode,” which automatically displays your photos with options for random photo play, transition effects, and slideshow intervals. You can create unique slideshows by selecting specific photos from multiple memory card sources to view.
They let you search your memory card contents easily in the “Folder View Mode” and browse through photos in “Photo Thumbnail View.” Play videos or photo slideshows with music from a variety of music file formats to personalize your experience. File management features are also available, including copy, rename, delete files, sort files by name or date, and create new folders. You can also create, edit, and sequence multiple playlists on Image Moments and select a specific playlist to playback.
Now equipped with 200MB of internal memory, so it can store as many as 1,500 photos.  Photos can be copied directly into the internal memory from any memory card you place in the device’s memory card slot, completely eliminating the need for a computer. For additional memory, photos can be viewed from all popular memory cards, directly without the need of an adapter. Available starting March 2008.  

Digital Spectrum Solutions  www.DSIcentral.comNuTouch 700 digital picture frame
Introduced its NuTouch 700 digital picture frame. It has a high-resolution, seven-inch TFT screen, equipped with 128 MB of internal memory, it can store nearly 800 images internally. Photos can be downloaded directly from a camera or a PC, or from a memory card inserted into the frame’s built-in memory-card slot. In addition, slideshows can be played directly from a memory card. This allows users to play an unlimited number of shows by simply changing cards. The 700 also has a built-in speaker and audio player, which allows  music or audio to be played in the background while a slideshow is playing.
It offers many premium features, including a T-Lite touch-sensor array that illuminates while in use, then disappears while a slide show is playing. With eight function keys, the array provides easy screen control and navigation, and allows users to quickly create and customize slideshows. Light, and portable it includes an internal rechargeable battery for times when an external energy source is not available. Available now with an MSRP of $179.   

D-Link  D- Link Internet Photo Frame
Unveiled a digital photo frame that enables users to quickly and easily manage content displayed using a convenient website, or with a drag and drop desktop widget. The D- Link® Internet Photo Frame (DSM-210) is easily managed, as well as having remotely stream content such as weather, news, trivia and more using popular Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds.
The computer widget allows a user to remotely manage a photo frame over the Internet using drag and drop method, easy even for a novice computer user. It uses a high- resolution 10" LCD display connected over a wired or wireless home network. It contains slots for USB and common memory cards, and comes with a rechargeable battery. Expected to be available in Q1, 2008 for the manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) of $250.Digital Photo Frame, LG’s DP889

Portable DVD Player / Digital Photo Frame, LG’s DP889 features a 8-inch LCD screen to provide high quality portable standard DVD playback while on the go. At home, it doubles as a Digital Photo Frame with enough internal memory for up to a 250 photo slideshow along with a 3-in-1 memory card slot and USB port for easy connectivity and memory expansion. With up to 3.5 hours of battery life and a supplied automotive and home power adapter, movies and photo slideshows can go anywhere.
Digital Photo Frame (PF880), features a large, 8-inch LCD screen, but it also delivers clock, calendar and alarm functionality. The digital photo frame includes, a 3-in-1 memory card slot, and USB port. It can hold up to 250 photos.

Parrot Parrot DF7220
New is the DF7220 a 7-inch digital photo viewer that holds up to 300 images and accepts photo transfers via wireless Bluetooth, SD memory card, or USB cable. It accepts images in JPEG or GIF format, and comes with a simple three-button interface. The new frame allows for brightness adjustment, and its built-in sensors keep the image upright at all times, whether the frame is positioned vertically or horizontally. You can also set the time it switches on and off, or it will shut down automatically when it gets dark. Available with an MSRP of $170 in the first quarter of 2008
The DF3120 is a 3.5" wireless digital TFT screen photo frame with 320 x 240 pixels. Specifications:

Smartparts Smartparts SP8PRT
Marked the debut of the world’s first and only digital picture frame with a built-in photo printer. The Smartparts SP8PRT takes versatility to a whole new level as it gives consumers the ability to print any digital picture stored on the frame with the touch of a button.
The printer is concealed behind the eight inch LCD screen, making the dimensions of the product similar to that of a traditional picture frame. For printing photos right out of the box it comes supplied with one dye-sublimation (dye-sub) color cartridge loaded with ink and paper. With one dye-sub cartridge, consumers can produce 36 4x6-inch glossy prints.
With a resolution of 800x600, the frame can also playback video with sound, including WMA and AVI, and accepts most popular memory cards, including Secure Digital (SD), Memory Stick (MS), and xD Picture Card. With the OptiPix Pro software, consumers can optimize and resize their images to fit the resolution of the frame. Expected to retail for $279.

Westinghouse Westinghouse DPF-0803
DPF-0803 – 8" Digital Photo Frame will be available April 2008 for an estimated retail price of $159. Features:


Wi-Fi capable Model 1003Announced an expanded offering of its popular 8-inch digital photo frames and introduced dynamic 10-inch digital photo frames. The Wi-Fi capable Model 1003 has a touch screen display so they can easily select their ideal combination of photo slideshow, MP3 audio or video playback options. The Model 1000 is the best 10” value and is designed exclusively for photo viewing. Both offer remote controlled ability, TFT Active Matrix LCD with on-screen display in a 16:9 aspect ratio with a screen resolution of 1024 X 600. Each unit can display up to 12 photos at a time and has two memory card slots. Playback modes include: full screen or thumbnail browse, slideshow and zoom in and out.
Model 803 is Wi-Fi capable and features a bright, user-friendly, touch screen display. Users can choose from MP3 audio, photo or video playback options. Model 801 offers users a selection of audio MP3, photo or video playback. The Model 800 features a variety of photo playback modes. All 800 Series products offer a remote controlled, eight-inch digital TFT Active Matrix LCD in a 4:3 aspect ratio with a screen resolution of 800 X 600. Each unit can display up to 12 photos at a time and has two memory card slots. Playback modes include: full screen or thumbnail browse, slideshow and zoom in and out.
The 10-inch Photo Frames will be available by May 2008. The 1003 models will have a estimated street price of $250, the 1000 series at $200. The 800, 801 and 803 series models will be available between March and May 2008, and will be offered at $130, $160 and $200 estimated street prices respectively. The 801 is currently available.
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Storage for Digital Cameras

Dell Dell Eye-Fi Card
Demoed the Eye-Fi Card, a wireless SD memory card for digital cameras. Using a home Wi-Fi network the card automatically uploads photos from digital cameras directly to home computers, or to one of 17 online photo sharing, printing, blogging and social networking sites, like Flickr. The Eye-Fi card includes 2GB of memory ($100) and free and unlimited uploads to several favorite online sharing sites.

Lexar Media
Expanding its lineup of Kodak-branded flash memory they announced the upcoming products. New 8GB versions of both the KODAK Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) Memory Card and the KODAK SDHC High Performance Memory Card available now. You can see more at They also showed the Wire-Free 2GB SD Card for digital cameras. It allows you to automatically upload photos wirelessly directly to you favorite photo site, or computer, or both. Panasonic 32GB SD card

Along with the ordinary 1GB, 2GB,4GB,16GB SD Cards they introduce a new 32GB card. With high capacity memory Class 6 (up to 20MB) speed specification. Stores over five hours of 1920x1080i.

Has just launched CompactFlash Cards at 16GB/24GB/48GB sizes.
The storage for 48GB is almost as 12 DVD, or 69 compactdiscs. You can save around 40,000Pretec CompactFlash Cards photos in regular size. The Pretec CF 333X is capable of running at up to 40MB/50MB per second of access speed in read. It uses metal housing and ruggedized construction to provide extensive ruggedness. In addition they also provide varieties of customization including the “Secured CF card.”  Large variety of capacity choices:

Fast variety of speed choices:

Ritek Ritek Lightning SD cardRitek Supreme SD card
Advanced Media, is a manufacturer and marketer of the RIDATA brand of electronic storage products, and digital media accessories. The company introduced the first Smart Compact™ Flash Cards. The card is capable of providing notification to users in real  time to protect vital information and data. The new memory cards are available in two series of Supreme 150X (up to 8GB capacity-SLC format) and Lightning (up to 16GB MLC format). It features innovative functionalities such as Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology.
The new Smart Card offers long-term reliability and endurance with a Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) of 5,000,000 powered-on hours. It  also offers maximum endurance of 100,000 times of program/erase cycles.
Availability now is its ultra fast, new 266X Series of 2-16 GB capacity Compact Flash memory cards. Depending on the device used, the card virtually eliminates data lag ltime. The non-volatile memory card features dual channels of data throughput to achieve the high-speed read of 266X (approximately 40MB/per sec). The card also offersow power consumption with automatic power management. Apart from faster speeds, Ridata Supreme cards are very durable and can withstand operating in humid or extreme temperatures ranging from below freezing to high heat.
Ritek CF cards are designed to be reliable, featuring a Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) of five million powered on hours. They are compatible with most portable devices with a CF slot, such as digital cameras, video cameras, pocket PCs, notebook PCs, industrial controllers, embedded systems, PMP and other multimedia devices. Another feature is its low power consumption. In standby mode with an automatic power management function, users acquire longer battery life from a digital camera or other device. Regarding the 4GB, 8GB and 16GB CF cards, users should use the cards on devices that support a FAT32 file system. Some older devices only support FAT16 file system and these systems have a maximum capacity of a 2GB CF card. SanDisk Video HD cards

Launched a High-Definition Video Flash card line for digital camcorders. SanDisk Video HD™ cards will be available in SDHC™ (high-capacity) and Memory Stick PRO Duo™  formats, and will be identified by minutes of recording time as well as by capacity. They feature a fast read speed, making for efficient transfer speeds to a personal computer and giving them a “best in class” performance for video cards. The SanDisk Video HD cards are expected to be available starting in March for North America and shortly afterwards for Europe.

Sony Memory Stick - 16GB
Available in March for about $300 at, the 16GB Memory Stick PRO Duo media card. It is ideal for capturing video on all 2008 Handycam models which rely on AVCHD™ compression technology. It can capture up to five hours of high definition reporting at 768 Kb/s MPEG-4. It comes with an adapter to use in the computer.  


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