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CES 2008 Storage

The CES show gets bigger each year and the 2008 International CES was no exception. At the Las Vegas Convention Center, the Sands/Venetian and the Hilton hotel.

Consumer Electronic Show 2008 - Part 1 - Computers
Consumer Electronic Show 2008 - Part 2 - Utility Software
Consumer Electronic Show 2008 - Part 3 - Accessories - Backpacks and Laptop bags     Printers     LCD Monitors     TV Cards
Consumer Electronic Show 2008 - Part 4 - Digital Cameras - Digital Cameras and Camcorders, Storage for them, and Digital Image Frames
Consumer Electronic Show 2008 - Part 5 - Projectors 
Consumer Electronic Show 2008 - Part 6 - Storage  - Solid State Drives 
Consumer Electronic Show 2008 - Part 7 - Security Products 

By Terry Currier

Buffalo Technology  www.buffalotech.comBuffalo Technology 500GB LinkStation EZ LS-500GL
Presented their newest NAS devices: the 500GB LinkStation EZ (LS-500GL, $199) and 1TB LinkStation Pro Duo (LS-W1.0TGL/R1, $449). The products will be available in additional capacities in the near future. Buffalo also announced the 320GB MiniStation TurboUSB (HD-PS320U2, $229), which is among the first of its kind on the market.
The LinkStation EZ offers a 10/100/1000Mbps auto sensing Ethernet port. The device is equipped with a 3.5 inch SATA Hard Drive. All is needed is a simple 4-Step setup and anyone can start sharing files with this network attached hard drive. The LinkStation Pro Duo prime targets are SOHO or SMB environments. It also comes equipped with a 10/100/1000Mbps auto sensing Ethernet port, allowing users to share and backup files to multiple computers from a single LAN connection. The device supports RAID 0 and RAID 1 and includes a 3.5 inch SATA Hard Drive.
Buffalo Technology 1TB LinkStation Pro DuoIt also includes Buffalo’s unique Web Access feature, which allows users to effortlessly access and share digital files such as precious photos, home videos and music at any time from anywhere in the world by just using a web browser interface. It supports Microsoft Active Directory, which allows the device to utilize domain users and groups. It also includes a Remote Power Feature, which can power up the unit remotely with the included Navigator software. A USB port lets users add an additional external hard drive and expand it’s capacity. It also supports UPS devices to gracefully shutdown the unit during a power failure.
The MiniStation TurboUSB secures and stores large amounts of data while on-the-go. Protected by Buffalo’s unique Shock Resistant technology, this floating design absorbs any bumps, drops or shocks. It has transfer rates up to 60% faster than most USB hard drives. For maximum security, the drive is also equipped with Buffalo’s SecureLockWare which prevents unauthorized access if you lose your drive.CMS ABS Secure 320GB drive

CMS Products  
Launched its ABS-Secure 320GB, a lightweight portable solution with 320 gigabytes (GB) of encrypted capacity for maximum data protection in Windows Vista, XP and 2000. This is the latest of their line of external USB 2.0 encrypted disk solutions, with capacities beginning at 80GB. The unit utilizes CMS Products' CE-Secure Full Disk Encryption software for complete management of the 256-bit encryption environment. Weighing only seven ounces, the drive is bus powered for transportability and is ultra-rugged with the inclusion of the CMS DataGuard shock absorbing wrapper.

Corsair 32GB Flash DriveBig news Corsair is coming out with a flash drive that is 32GB. The Corsair 32GB drives provide the storage capacity to hold over 16 full-length, high-definition movies or an entire season of your favorite TV series. These large density drives can also be used as portable back-up devices for critical or sensitive information. The drives are bootable, which means users can actually store full versions of operating systems and applications in order to quickly “re-create” the necessary software environments to troubleshoot system problems. Whether using the Corsair proprietary all-rubber Flash Voyager (
$240 USD MSRP) or the aluminum-encased water-proof Flash Survivor ($260 USD MSRP), the drives are backed by a 10-year Limited Warranty.

Data Locker Data Locker PIN Secured Drive
How about this, an external USB hard drive with touch screen, and PIN access security. The design of the Data Locker eliminates unauthorized access and possible theft of personal, confidential and business data. The proliferation of inexpensive, high-capacity removable storage devices exposes individuals and organizations to significant financial and business risk. To eliminate this threat, the Data Locker™ external hard drive makes the data 100% protected, and yet  easy to use with the PIN access touch screen interface.
Available with an 80GB, 120GB, or 250GB storage capacity, the Data Locker™ is compatible with Windows and MAC operating systems, allowing cross-platform file sharing. With the ability to enter up to a 12-digit PIN for security, it offers an extra level of self-authentication previously not seen in external hard drives. Additional features include:

D-Link  www.dlink.comD-Link DNS-323 NAS
Currently, the latest BitTorrent SDK firmware is embedded in the D-Link DNS-323 NAS storage unit and certification has been granted for the D-Link DIR-655 draft 802.11n routers. Network Video Recorder Technology Debuts D-Link's latest NAS storage solution is designed specifically to meet the high demand for security surveillance by consumers and small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs). The new device, which acts like a digital video recorder used in closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems, provides standalone recording management for up to four IP cameras per installation. In addition to its storage capabilities, it features a recording schedule, live streaming server, remote playback server, easy configuration, a Web-based user interface, remote live viewing, remote playback, video and audio streaming and an event trigger. And, it is energy efficient.

Introducing the world's highest capacity 2.5-inch mobile hard drive, the half-terabyte (500GB) Travelstar 5K500. Moreover, the new drives are well-suited for use in "slim" desktops, where users are seeking high-capacities in a space-saving, small form factor enclosure. It is available in either a 400GB or 500GB model, as the fourth-generation Hitachi mobile drive to use perpendicular magnetic recording technology. The half-terabyte drives are available with a 3.0Gb/s Serial ATA (SATA) interface for enhanced system performance.Hitachi Travelstar 5K500
They include an array of features, such Hitachi-patented Rotational Vibration Safeguard (RVS) technology. RVS is designed for today's full-featured notebooks that commonly include premium speakers. These speakers however, can inadvertently cause vibrations within the system enclosure. To mitigate any adverse impact on system performance, the drive uses RVS as an "early warning" system for the drive, enabling it to sense a possible disturbance in advance and take the necessary steps to stabilize the drive head and avoid any disruptions. Additionally it drives features 400Gs of shock protection to further safeguard user data from falls, bumps and rough handling.
The drives also feature optional Bulk Data Encryption (BDE) for hard drive level data security. Previously, data on a hard drive could be protected either through software-based encryption or a system-level password. However, hard-drive level encryption provides improved performance and a higher level of security than any of the previously available options. BDE models ship exclusively with a 1.5Gb/s SATA interface. The drives will be available by the end of the second quarter, 2008.

Iomega® UltraMaxThe new Iomega eSATA desktop hard drives include the Iomega eSATA 3 Gbits/USB 2.0 Professional Hard Drive, available in single drive 500GB and 750GB capacities, and the new 1.5TB Iomega® UltraMax™ Pro Desktop Hard Drive that features eSATA 3GBits and USB 2.0 interfaces.
The UltraMax model complements the Mac Pro series of Apple computers and features a two-drive configuration with hot-swappable SATA II hard drives that are formatted with the FAT32 file system for use in Mac or PC environments.
The drives come with EMC® Retrospect® Express software (Windows and Mac® OS X) and Iomega® Never Down™ software (Windows only). Available now for $179.95 for the 500GB model and $299.95 for the 750GB model, the 1.5TB UltraMax™ Pro is priced at $599.95. 

Kingston Technology  Kingston DataTraveler
The DataTraveler Style is a USB Flash drive that allows consumers to add a personal touch, is now available exclusively at It can be personalized via a special insert on the drive’s case to reflect the personality of its owner. The DT Style comes with six pre-printed labels: bamboo, lace, redhead mosaic, retro, sunflower and tangerine dream. Kingston created a special Web page where users can upload their own photo, graphic design or artwork as well as view and download more designs and insert text. Once printed, the personalized label slides easily into the clear cover. An easy-to-use "thumb-action slider" extends and retracts the USB connector. The DataTraveler Style comes with a five-year warranty and Kingston’s 24/7 technical support. Windows Vista ReadyBoost is not supported. MSRP (U.S. only) - 1GB  $ 16.00, 2GB  $ 27.00, 4GB  $ 54.00, 8GB  $ 111.00.

LaCie d2 Quadra is newly re-designed and still offers the same quadruple-interface (USB/FW400/FW800/eSATA) usability the drive became famous for. With 60 percent more surface area than a standard design, it offers more efficient heat dissipation without the need of a noisy fan. Available in capacities of 320GB to 1TB. Available today starting at $199.
LaCie Little Big Disk Quadra is an amazingly fast mobile disk designed for speed-intensive and capacity-demanding applications such as digital content creation, high-volume data exchange, and video editing – all while on the road. Designed to offer quiet operation and superior heat dissipation with an integrated fanless cooling system, thanks to its aluminum heat-sink design. Available in 400GB and 500GB versions with either 7200 or 5400 RPM drives, respectively, starting at $540.
LaCie LaCinema PremiereLaCie LaCinema Premiere is a USB 2.0, multimedia hard drive that easily creates a home entertainment center for enjoying movies, photos and music. Connect the device to a PC or Mac to transfer digital files, when done, simply plug the device directly into a television for instant playback. Available in capacities of 500GB, 750GB, and 1TB. It supports a wide range of video, audio and photo formats, while an optical output enables surround sound enjoyment.  Playback can be navigated using an on-screen menu and the included remote control. Available today starting at $2260
LaCie LaCinema PremiereLaCie Big Disk Extreme+ eSATA and USB 2.0 will be available in 1TB, 1.5TB, and 2TB capacities and comes with professional EMC® Retrospect® for advanced backup management and data restoration for Windows and Mac users. Equipped with fast eSATA 3Gbits connectivity. The metallic housing is crafted from sturdy aluminum alloy for maximum protection and heat dissipation. Available February ’08 starting at $360.

Lexar Media Lexar Media Gaming Edition memory SDcard
It’s new Gaming Edition memory cards, including Gaming Edition Memory Stick PRO Duo™ and Gaming Edition SD™ cards, will now include free downloadable Xploder® Lite software. The innovative software is specifically designed to enhance the gaming experience for users of Sony® PlayStation 3™, Xbox® 360™, and Nintendo® Wii™  Entertainment Systems. It will be included in 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, and 4GB capacity versions of Lexar Gaming Edition Memory Stick PRO Duo, and in 1GB and 2GB versions of Gaming Edition SD cards.
Xploder Lite software offers four versions of advanced cheat and media tools, specific to the gaming system preferred. Gamers can get the edge they need by taking advantage of 10 free Cheat Saves (giving users the ability to skip levels, access secret characters, stock up on ammo, and more) when used with Sony PS3 and PSP and Nintendo Wii systems. The software also gives users the power to manage and display photos, import and play music within games such as Xbox 360, and store and watch video content on many of today's most popular gaming consoles. For added convenience and utility, the Xploder Lite software may be downloaded for use in multiple gaming systems.

LG Electronics
The 2008 digital audio-video line highlights enhanced sound quality, sleek designs and new features, such as HD radio LG Super Blu™ Player (model BH200)compatibility and user-friendly touch sensing controls. The LG Super Blu™ Player (model BH200) is LG’s second generation high-def player to offer full Blu-ray disc and HD DVD playback in one device. The LG Super Blu’s advanced BD-Java and HD DVD interactivity enables consumers to use the industry’s widest variety of high-definition content, regardless of disc format. The player also up-scales standard-def DVDs and supports audio CDs. 
The GGW-H20LI features both Blu-ray disc read and write capabilities, and HD DVD playback compatibility. The unit has a 6x recording speed of Blu-ray Discs, it takes only about 16 minutes to burn a full single layer BD-R disc (25GB), compared with 23-24 minutes for 4x recording and 46-47 minutes for 2x recording. The unit records up to 50GB of data, equivalent to approximately 4-1/2 hours of high-definition video or 22 hours of standard definition video (on a dual layer 50GB BD-R/BD-RE recordable media).  This unit is currently available for $299.
Also shown there was its new GSA-E50L, a slim portable external drive that integrates USB BUS Power, enabling it to burn DVDs and CDs without needing an AC power adapter. The unit has up to 8x DVD+R and DVD-R write speeds, and 24x CD-R and CD-RW write speeds in addition to 8.5GB double layer recording. The unit will be available in Q1 2008.

Netgear ReadyNAS Duo The ReadyNAS Duo, two-drive Network Attached Storage (NAS) device, was designed to centralize, backup and share digital media across your home network. Today’s home includes more than one computer and a home network allows them to communicate with one another, allowing them to share aninternet connection, printers, scanners and other peripherals, and data files.
A network-enabled storage device, like ReadyNAS Duo, has its own Operating System, therefore, it operates independently of the other machines on the network and allows for simultaneous access to data. You don’t need to connect the device directly to your computer, nor do you need to take turns in doing so.
The graphical web browser interface walks you through the set up in minutes. It is also capacity expandable, allowing you to start with one disk and add a second later, or you can start with lower capacity drives and increase the size of those drives once you have more data to store. ReadyNAS also seamlessly supports both Macintosh and Windows computers, encouraging file sharing in diverse operating system households. It includes the ability to set automatic power up and shutdown and has the built-in intelligence needed to monitor its health and the health of the drives. If any type of problem should arise, it will send you a warning message indicating the problem and requesting follow-up actions.

Pioneer Electronics
Four new internal writers and one external writer from Pioneer allow users to maintain complete control of their digital media, along with the ability to easily organize and archive a sizeable amount of personal media.Pioneer DVR-X152

When purchased from an authorized retailer, consumers receive a limited warranty for one year with Pioneer products and two years with Pioneer Elite products.

The new RIDATA 16X dual-layer disc offers excellent compatibility with popular DVD-based video players, game consoles, as well as DVD+R DL drives. Making use of the various focuses of a laser beam, the RIDATA 16X DVD+R DL makes double layers on the same side of the disc. The writeRIDATA 16X DVD+R DL power on the two layers is the same as is the reflectivity rate. When data is duplicated, it is continuously recorded from the first to the second layer without interruption. When read, the data flow is constant through the second layer.
The faster 16X speed greatly shortens the recording time of virtually any audio, video, or data file. A convenient double-layer configuration allows users to read, write, or view nearly twice the amount of data than with single-layer 4.7GB DVD discs without having to flip sides or change discs. The disc stores up to four hours of DVD-quality video, 16 hours of VHS-quality video, or over 120 hours of MP3 audio.
RIDATA Yego DriveNot new but one of my favorites from last year, the RIDATA Yego Drive is now available in 8GB capacity. A key concern with any flash storage device is security. For privacy and protection the drive features advanced partition and security functions that make it possible for users to create password-protected sectors for the storage of personal or highly confidential material. A tie-style LED indicator shows usage status, assuring there is never any doubt as to which port is currently in use. With plug-and-play convenience, it is a true flash drive, and becomes a USB two-port hub.

Samsung Samsung's Spinpoint A1 hard disk
Presented it’s Compact Flash card-sized hard disk drives (HDD) for use in mobile  consumer devices. Initially available in 30GB and 40GB models, Samsung's Spinpoint A1 hard disks offer significantly higher storage capacity than conventional memory cards, high shock resistance, and low power consumption. It delivers more than 3 times the capacity of 1-inch HDDs currently on the market while adding only 23 percent more volume. The proprietary free-fall sensor instantly detects that a fall is taking place and parks the head in a protective ramp before the impact in order to protect itself. The drive also employs Samsung's rotational vibration sensor to protect the data from heavy vibrations in noisy environments. Currently shipping with an MSRP of $199.

Bring automatic online backup to USB Flash Drives with new the Cruzer Titanium Plus. With a capacity of four gigabytes (GB), it is the first flash memory product from SanDisk to offer online backup. Users get the best of both worlds, with access online and offline: Data is always available when CruzerSandisk Cruzer Titanium Titanium Plus is plugged into any computer. Users also get quick access to their backed-up files through any computer connected to the Internet, should they forget to bring the drive with them, or if the drive is lost or stolen.
The drive comes with six months of free online backup service. After opening a personal password-protected online account, any files copied to the drive - are automatically backed up online. If the computer isn't online when files are copied to the drive, the backup will take place automatically the next time there is an Internet connection. Optional security is available by turning on password protection - with AES hardware data encryption - for all files stored on the drive, preventing other people from accessing user data if the drive is lost or stolen. It also comes with a BoomerangIt sticker to put on the drive; if the drive is recovered, the owner typically pays shipping costs and provides a small reward. Expected to be available in the United States in March, with a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $60. The online backup service requires Windows 2000 (SP4), Windows XP or Windows Vista.
For fast flash, look at the SanDisk Extreme® Ducati Edition USB Flash Drive. A tribute to Ducati’s Italian design and engineering, the new drive has theSanDisk Extreme Ducati Edition USB Flash Drive same glossy red chassis and black trim as the Ducati Corse team motorcycles. They even include the Ducati Corse logo on top of the drive and the red tail light that illuminates whenever the drive is inserted into the USB port of a computer . The drive comes in 4 and 8 gigabytes (GB) with read and write speeds of 20 megabytes per second -- the fastest of the SanDisk portfolio of consumer USB drives. The 4GB drive has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $125 in the United States ( There are also Ducati CompactFlash  and SD cards.
The SanDisk® Vaulter™ Disk is a flash-based PCI Express (PCIe) module tucked away inside a consumer laptop, represents a new system approach to high performance and high capacity data storage. Enabled by predefined SanDisk software scripts it controls the distribution of storage data between itself and a high-capacity hard disk drive (HDD). All personal data and program files are stored on the HDD, while in parallel the Windows operating system (OS) is stored on Vaulter Disk. flash-based PCI Express module, both laptop and desktop computer manufacturers are able to harness the speed of embedded flash memory for frequently accessed files while continuing to use a spinning hard drive for bulk storage of less frequently accessed data. The Vaulter Disk requires only enough memory to host the computer’s operating system and selected optional user data that is benefited by the faster access time using flash memory. The hard drive stores files, user-generated content and applications that do not require or benefit from faster seek times. The two drives operate in parallel, thereby increasing the overall speed and performance of the PC. It will be offered to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) early next year in capacities of from 8 gigabytes (GB) to 16GB.

The Seagate® Momentus® 5400 PSD Hybrid Drive combines a hard drive and flash memory into a single device. Duplicating the most commonly used hard drive data onto the non-volatile cache for instant access provides faster boot-up and performance. Hybrid drives offer many of the benefits of solid-state drives at a fraction of the cost. It extends battery life, increase the longevity of your storage and improve productivity with almost instant boot up and data access. Best fitted for laptops. Key Advantages: Seagate Momentus 5400 PSD Hybrid Drive

Key Attributes:

Seagate Momentus 5400 FDE.2 drives are hardware-based, full disk encryption products that keep personal and company data protected from unauthorized access. Full disk encryption (FDE) moves the task of data encryption directly to the hard drive. With no noticeable performance impacts, FDE encrypts data as it is being written and decrypts data as it is being read. Inside the drive is a complete computing system, including a CPU used for data encryption and decryption. FDE is transparent to the user and independent of the operating system; users don’t need to turn the encryption feature on and cannot turn it off.  Seagate FreeAgent Desktop Drive
FreeAgent™ Desktop Drive comes with up to 500 glorious gigabytes. Simply plug in the power and the USB 2.0 cable and you’re ready to go. Includes a five-year limited  warranty. FreeAgent Model # Price    

Maxtor (owned by Seagate) OneTouch 4 Mini is a portable hard drive weight less than 6 ounces, with a simple user interface that makes automated backup scheduling, file restoration, and security easy. You can also automatically sync data on multiple Maxtor Shared Storagecomputers so you always have your latest files handy. They include Maxtor SafteyDrill™ for complete recovery of your hard drive contents in case of a system crash or virus/spyware attack. It also comes with two levels of security – both data encryption and Maxtor DrivePass. Available in 80GB, 120, GB, and 160GB.
Maxtor Shared Storage II 1TB is for easy network sharing of files and backups. Provides at a glance views of back up and storage status of all users. You can do drag and drop to organize your files. You can also set privacy levels on shared folders from limited access to full public access.

Leveraging the resources gained with the purchase of SmartDisk® Corporation’s external hard drive (HD) assets, Verbatim launched a whole newVerbatim SmartDisk line of 2.5” Portable Hard Drives (HDs). The palm-sized external drives will be available for both Windows and Mac users later this month with retail prices starting at US $99.00. IDC predicts more than 6 million external hard drives will be shipped in 2008, up 58 percent.
They now offer a choice of a USB interface or a Combo USB/FireWire interface. With the Combo USB/FireWire interface, the device also becomes interoperable and files can be transferred between a Mac and a PC. The USB powered, 5400 RPM drives deliver transfer speeds of up to 480MB per second (MB/sec.) when connected with USB 2.0 and up to 400MB/sec. for FireWire connections without requiring an AC power adapter.
Verbatim 2.5” SmartDisk Portable HDs support the “Time Machine” backup feature in Mac OS X Leopard. Included in the USB-only models is the CMS BounceBack Express backup software, an easy-to-use backup utility that incorporates scheduling, backup sets, automatic launch options and a quick restore feature.
Verbatim also announced it has extended its support for Blu-ray Disc (BD) technology and will feature its expanded line of Blu-ray media. TheyVerbatim Blu-Ray disc showed six new BD products scheduled to begin shipping in the first half of 2008. The new products include 4x BD-R discs, Single-sided Double-layer (DL) 2x BD-R and BD-RE discs, Mini BD-R and BD-RE discs and 1-2x BD-R LTH TYPE discs. With the 4x BD-R media, users can record an entire disc (25GB) in approximately 23 min.
To meet the capacity requirements of true, high-definition video recording, Verbatim will launch its 2x BD-R DL media in Q2 2008. The 4x BD-R DL media will be launched later in 2008. With it users can enjoy recording up to 50GB without having to flip or change the disc.
The new three inches (8cm) in diameter, 7.5GB Mini BD-R/RW discs combined with a BD-compatible camcorder to provide approximately one hour of continuous video capture time on a single side when high-definition (1920x1080i) is used. The Mini BD-R/RW discs will be available in Q1 2008. To provide added protection from scratches, fingerprints and dust particles which can cause recording and playback errors, all Verbatim BD media will feature a proprietary, super-hardcoat finish.

XIAS  www.xiasonline.comXIAS pen  drives
XIAS (pronounced: kí-as) announces a new series of USB Pen Drives. The XIAS™  drives come in 2GB to 8GB capacity, feature a two-year warranty and will be offered in multiple color options. By this Spring the drives will be available in pearl white, indigo blue, petal pink, and metallic graphite. A power-saving mode reduces power consumption. The XIAS™PDX/2GB/4GB/8GB Pen Drives will be available for shipping in Q1 2008.
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Solid State Drives  (SSD)    

A data storage device that uses solid-state memory to store persistent data. An SSD emulates a conventional hard disk drive, thus easily replacing it in any application. Incorporating NAND flash technology, SSDs provide enhanced storage drive performance levels including faster boot and application start-up times, easily surpassing rotating hard disk drives. Free from moving parts, SSDs are noiseless, produce minimum heat and are less susceptible to shock and vibrations that can be challenging to traditional drives. SSDs also improve battery life up to 20 percent in notebook PCs.

Expected to begin shipping in volume by Q3 2008 in capacities ranging from 32GB to 832GB. BiTMICRO Networks announced its plan to launch an 832GB version of the E-Disk® Altima™ SATA flash SSD in 2.5-inch form factor. The E-Disk® Altima E2A3GM flash SSD will utilize the multi-level cell (MLC) type of NAND flash, which doubles the number of bits stored per memory cell compared to the single-level cell (SLC) NAND, effectively increasing data density at low price points. The drive offers SATA 3.0 GBps support and "hot pluggable" capabilities to personal computing and enterprise applications requiring high capacity and high performance yet affordable solid state storage.Crucial SSD

Crucial  (Lexar Media)
Available the 1Q of 2008 in capacities of 32GB and 64GB feature an industry standard 2.5-inch drive enclosure with a native SATA 3.0GB/s interface.

Available now the Ridata 2.5” SATA SSD drives are based on NAND flash technology. NAND technology also provides the drive’s fast data transfer rates of up to 170MB per second for maximum sequential read. Its reliability is proven by more than 4,000,000 hours Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF). With SMART features and write endurance  cycle (P/E) of more than 2,000,000 times. It is among the lightest-weight storage drives available. It is excellent for performance-driven and rugged environments, such as laptops, gaming, industrial, professional, and military applications.
The drive requires only a five-volt power supply. Because of its low-power consumption, user time on a laptop or other mobile computing application is dramatically extended. The use of NAND flash enables consistent performance throughout the life of the product, can handle operating temperature up to 158°F, and have extremely low power consumption in comparison to a traditional hard drive. Available now in 16, 32, and 64 capacities the 128 GB SSD’s will be available end of Q1 2008.

Samsung Samsung 128 Gigabyte
They will produce a multi-level cell (MLC) flash-based 128 Gigabyte (GB) solid state drive (SSD) in 1.8-inch and 2.5-inch versions for notebook and desktop PCs, as well as other mobile applications. The new drive offers a data writing speed of 70 megabytes per  second (MB/s). It reads data at 100MB/s. 
Featuring a 3.0 gigabit-per-second SATA II interface, the new 128GB SSD uses native command queuing and spread-spectrum clocking to add to its higher performance levels. It also features device/host-initiated power management for an exceptionally low power consumption level of 0.5W in active mode. The rate the mean time between failures (MTBF) of one million hours. They have a 32GB PATA SSD and 64GB available now. The 128GB SSD is expected in the first half of 2008.

SanDisk SanDisk solid-state drives
Joining SanDisk’s growing portfolio of solid-state drives (SSDs) for portable computers is a slimmed-down 1.8-inch Serial ATA (SATA II) model that is aimed at a new generation of ultralight notebooks. Designed to be a drop-in replacement for hard disk drives, the new SATA drive is just 5mm thick and weighs 40 grams – about 30 percent less than a same-size hard disk drive. It uses a SATA II interface and an industry standard micro SATA connector, and consumes only .85 watts in read/write mode and .2W when idle. Availability is planned for the second quarter of 2008 in capacities of up to 72 gigabytes (GB). PC manufacturers are expected to launch the new thin and light laptops for the corporate market later this year.

Toshiba’s first solid state drive delivers 128GB density in a 1.8-inch form factor, using multilevel-cell (MLC) NAND flash memories. By integrating an original MLC controller, the new line-up of SSD achieve performance levels comparable to those of single-level NAND flash SSD; for instance, maximum read and write speeds of 100MB a second and 40MB a second, respectively.


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