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CES 2008 Security Products

The CES show gets bigger each year and the 2008 International CES was no exception. At the Las Vegas Convention Center, the Sands/Venetian and the Hilton hotel.

Consumer Electronic Show 2008 - Part 1 - Computers
Consumer Electronic Show 2008 - Part 2 - Utility Software
Consumer Electronic Show 2008 - Part 3 - Accessories - Backpacks and Laptop bags     Printers     LCD Monitors     TV Cards
Consumer Electronic Show 2008 - Part 4 - Digital Cameras - Digital Cameras and Camcorders, Storage for them, and Digital Image Frames
Consumer Electronic Show 2008 - Part 5 - Projectors 
Consumer Electronic Show 2008
- Part 6 - Storage  - Solid State Drives 
Consumer Electronic Show 2008 - Part 7 - Security Products 

By Terry Currier

RADAR™ - Your Kids' Mobile Watchdog™ - is a child safety service for cell phones that uses patent-pending technology allowing parents to monitor and protect their children from harm when using a cell phone.
Parental control products are currently available for the PC, TV and in a limited fashion using call blocking or location based services for the cell phone. With the convergence of eAgency'r RADAR screen showing who called and how long they talkeddata and cellular networks, all of the existing threats on the internet are now available on a child’s cell phone. RADAR monitors voice logs, email, text messages, and pictures (EMS/MMS communications) to and from a mobile device and immediately sends a copy of the text message or picture (parental alert) to the parents’ phone or email address whenever an unauthorized contact occurs.
eAgency provides monitoring and child security not parental controls. Location based services can be easily circumvented using everyday household items such as aluminum foil. Call blocking is inherently dangerous to the child as it prevents them from being contacted in the event of an emergency.

Cell Phone Safety Risks Are Real

Youth Internet Safety Survey, National Center for Missing and Exploited Children 2005

2004 i-SAFE survey of 1,500 students grade 4-8BOB - power cord lock

Hopscotch Technology
They created BOB, for limiting access to video games, and computers. Because, too much of a good thing is simply too much! The average American child sits in front of a TV or computer screen 3-5 hours a day, every day. Bring that time down to 2 hours per day, and you've just given your son/daughter up to 1000 extra hours of childhood each year. How BOB Works?

LaserShield starter kitAnnounced today that it will introduce Sparrow, the first "Plug & Go" wireless instant home security system for the Internet. Sparrow is a high speed Internet adapter that works with the LaserShield instant home security system and digital phones to protect homes 24/7. It transmits security breach and home break-in information to the professional 24/7 monitoring service. The monitoring service sends a signal continuously at regular intervals throughout the day to the unit to make sure it's always operational. If it does not respond back due to loss of power or Internet connection, the monitoring service immediately notifies the owner. With traditional home security systems, if a consumer's phone lines were cut by a burglar or went down, the user would never know.
Sparrow also works with digital phones (including VoIP and cable phone systems). The LaserShield master alarm unit is up and running in seconds after plugging it into the  telephone jack on the device and standard wall outlet. It is then plugged into your router via the included Ethernet cable. Motion detectors are placed in areas that an intruder would need to pass in order to enter the property. Each wireless motion detector protects a room up to 35 x 35 feet (1,200 sq. feet) via invisible infrared technology. When a security breach is detected, it signals the monitoring service, which notifies friends, family and, if warranted, the authorities. They also include a panic button, allowing a consumer to send a distress alert when needed. In cases of power outage, the master alarm unit features 24 hours of backup battery power.
Available immediately for $130, customers also need to purchase the LaserShield Instant Security System for $199.95 for a complete home security system. A master alarm unit, wireless motion detector and two keychain remotes are included. Customers can activate the 24/7 Rapid Response Monitoring Service on the day of purchase for $29.95/month after a one-time $25 activation charge. Payments are month-to-month with no contracts or long-term commitments.

Great news, while shocking a mugger you can look fashionable. TASER International, unveiled the new leopard print TASER® C2 personal protection device. In addition the new TASER MPH (Music Player Holster) which is a combination MP3 player and TASER C2 holster. The 1GB TASER MPH allows for both personal protection and personal music for people on the go.

Gatekeeper Pico™ security mini-computer is the 'next generation of Internet Security': a powerful USB key-size Linux-based 520 MHz computer with 12 built-in security applications. Designed to off-load installed security software from your PC, the plug-in Gatekeeper Pico replaces all of your security software, adds additional security features and speeds your PC’s performance as resources are no longer dedicated to security tasks. Benefits:Yoggie

Gatekeeper Pico™ now available with a full three year free subscription included. For purchases until March 31st 2008.


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