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CES 2009 CES - Gaming

By Terry Currier

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Boomchair Recon chair
They have many game chairs one of them is the Recon. This chair features a built-in 5.1 surround sound system. The inspiration came from gamers at E for All who described wanting a true surround sound chair. The Recon will definitely satisfy this market demand; it has 3 sets of independent speakers that blast the user from all directions, not to mention a huge subwoofer and vibration motors. This chair is packed with top of the line features like vibration, optional wireless connectivity, and ergonomic design for all day gaming.

The Creative Tournament Gaming Headset HS-1100 with proprietary noise cancellation technology is the first product to incorporate Silencer. It is a breakthrough in voice technology that allows the user’s voice to be clearly heard by other gamers they are communicating with by eliminating  ambient background noise to provide improved voice fidelity. Their HS-1100 includes 40mm neodymium plus proprietary X-Fi audio technology, for improved audio playback. X-Fi CMSS®-3D technology creates virtual surround sound in games so you hear your opponents in their precise location even when you can’t see them. See video of their CES booth. Priced at US$130, the HS-1100 also features:

Elf Island  www.elfisland.comElf Island Logo
The first tween virtual world specifically created to instill positive social and  environmental values into the world's future stewards. Elf Island turns online gaming efforts into tangible offline results through nonprofit partnerships and Mirrored Gaming. Past and present partners include Plant-It 2020, WildAid and Polar Bears International.
Through its "Mirrored Gaming," kids play an online GoodQuest™ game, and in the process learn about a related non-profit's project, which is then reflected in real world support for the nonprofit. Kids can see the effect they are making by helping others in need and understand why it is important to get involved. Habitat for Humanity International is the first nonprofit to benefit from Elf Island's Mirrored Gaming model. Other GoodQuests will include:

Shipping its first-generation Gaming Keyboard with voodooDNA this spring. The ideal companion to HP’s Gaming Mouse with voodooDNA, the new keyboard is designed for increased speed, accuracy and flexibility. The keyboard has backlit illumination with WASD cluster lighting and anti-ghosting. It has fully programmable keys with macro capability and three unique profiles. The top of the keyboard also is coated with non-slip rubber finish and media keys are touch access. The keyboard is expected to be available in February for $80.

iZ3D  www.iz3d.comiZ3d logo
They developed this unique technology to create an adjustable viewing environment that delivers 3D without the eyestrain, spatial disorientation, or headaches commonly associated with other 3D approaches. Most PC games released in the last five years, including many of the most popular multiplayer online, first person shooter, and role-playing games, have already been designed for 3D displays. iZ3D’s optimized driver unlocks the third (depth) dimension of these 3D-ready games to allow gamers to finally play them as they were written – in 3D. Featured a hands on demonstration of three of it’s upcoming product prototypes for 2009. The new prototypes include: iZ3D 3 Game Console

Their lineup offers low price points with all ’09 products priced at under $50.
TV Games Motion

TV Games Sing Scene

Jump Camp Fitness Video Game

Big Buck Hunter Pro TV Games

Other New Plug It In & Play TV Games

JumpStart  www.jumpstart.comJumpStart Logog
From a old company with roots in educating kids (Knowledge Adventure) JumpStart is  an adventure-based 3D virtual world that is super-personalized, wildly imaginative and really fun, but don't let that fool you - it also teaches math, reading, and critical thinking skills so kids get a real jump start in life. Monthly cost is $8, while full year is  $75. See video of their CES booth. Some of the things they are planning include: KidsCom.Com Logo
On the site, kids explore in the Idea Seeker Universe – where virtual worlds are  challenged by issues similar to those we face on Earth.

The G-series line of gaming peripherals from Logitech® gives gamers what they want: complete control.

Logitech G19 Keyboard for Gaming Logitech G19 Keyboard

The Logitech G35 Surround Sound Headset

The Logitech G9x LaserMouse Logitech G9x LaserMouse

The Logitech G13 advanced gameboard

Logitech Wireless Guitar, Premiere Edition

Transforming the company’s online strategy from brand Web site platform to interactive programming and content provider. The aggressive initiative is called the Mattel Digital Network. It will be user and requires an ongoing commitment to keeping both the content and each target audience - from kids to tweens and teens to adults and collectors – in mind when building their online experience (Network).

You can go to the website and it has games and other things to help keep your kids entertained. They also have another section - PBS KIDSPBS PLAY! PLAY!  It is setup to help teach essential preschool and kindergarten skills and to report to parents on each child’s progress in those skills.  The curriculum is divided into seven core areas:

  1. Creativity
  2. Healthy Development
  3. Language Development
  4. Literacy
  5. Mathematics
  6. Science
  7. Social Studies

Interactive projects encourage creative play. These projects allow children to exercise their imagination and engage in experimental use of objects. Projects in PLAY! can cover anything from art, music, and drama to engineering and physics. Kids can save their projects to a personal bulletin board and work on them over the course of many days - even weeks or months. See video of their CES booth. Logo
Go to here to play over 100 free games. Puzzle Games

Developed by HopeLab it is a game which helps kids with cancer understand what they are up against. It gives them a sense of power and control. In the game a nanobot named Roxxi travels through the bodies of fictional cancer and cancer treatments. The game is free to young people with cancer. See video of their CES booth. They say that those given Re-Mission:

Sakar International  

Toshib X20 gaming mouseWith the X20 Gaming Mouse the goal is total game domination. It has a Rapid Fire  switching button, from which gamers are able to shoot one to four bullets at a time. An Avago laser engine also delivers extreme accuracy, lightning-fast response and mirror-smooth tracking, and the advanced ergonomic design offers comfort during extreme competition. Available now $60 MSRP.
The new Gaming Backpack fits any laptop with up to an 18-inch display, including the 17-inch Toshiba Qosmio X305—as well as add-on accessories and games with plenty of room to spare. Available now for $100 MSRP.

Stated prices are rounded up to the nearest dollar.


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