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CES 2009 CES - Health

By Terry Currier

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A&D Medical  www.lifesourceonline.comA&D XL-20
XL-20 - The Wellness Connected™ Wireless Activity Monitor with user-friendly software it tracks steps, calories, activity time and distance. Easy touse, just clip on your shoe and go. The LifeSource Wellness Connected software lets you view your daily, weekly or monthly activity levels and compare it against your personal goals to keep you moving towards better health. No buttons to press, your activity data is automatically uploaded to your personal computer.
UC-324THW - The Wellness Connected Wireless™ Precision Scale helps provide you with a complete record of your weight and BMI. Featuring anA&D UA851TH easy-to-read LCD display, internal memory storage of up to 63 measurements, one-touch activation, with a two year warranty. Track your daily weight with the LifeSource Wellness Connected software right on your home computer. Free 30-day trial of ActiHealth™ featuring an expanded toolset, customizable homepage, and the ability to share your up-to-date status with anyone.
UA-851THW - The Wellness Connected™ Wireless Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor helps provide you with a complete record of your pulse rate and blood pressure. Featuring Irregular Heartbeat Detection, Timestamp Data Logging, 51 internal A&D CP1THWmemory recall and LifeSource software. Graphically view your blood pressure readings over weeks, months, or years to easily see your trends. Your blood pressure is measured, uploaded wirelessly to your computer, and automatically charted with a single press of a button. Free 30-day trial of ActiHealth™.
CP-1THW - Wireless Complete Health Monitoring System. This combo pack includes a Wireless Activity Monitor, Wireless Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor, Wireless Precision Scale, and ActiLink™ USB Transceiver. The Wellness Connected software application automatically receives your measurements and graphs it in a colorful, user-friendly interface. Take your wellness tracking to the next level by subscribing to the ActiHealth™ Online service.

Audio Bone  www.audioboneheadphones.comAaudiobone
Bone Conduction bypasses the eardrums.  In bone conduction listening, the headphones perform the role of your ear drums. Audio Bone headphones decode sound waves and convert them into vibrations that can be received directly by the Cochlea – so the ear drum is never involved.  It is a safer way to listen. Bone conduction does not use your eardrums, so there is less stress on your ears.  If you have lost some hearing, you may be able to hear clearly again with Bone Conduction. Most cases of hearing loss are due to ear drum damage. Since it does not use the eardrum, you may be able to listen to music clearly with Audio Bone – without a hearing aid. 

Pulse oximeter is a very important and common device to check patient blood-oxygen saturation  (SpO2) level and pulse rate. As a portable, compact,Choicemmed Pulse oximeter simple, reliable and durable physiological monitoring device, desktop pulse oximeter greatly enhances patient care.
 The Fingertip Pulse Oximeter MD300C1C with user-friendly design and reliable performance to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers and their patients towards clinic monitoring technology.
MD300A  Features

MD500B - The design of MD500B is combines for blood pressure meter and pulse oximeter. The main function of this product Choicemedd MD500Bis easy to operate and it can offer 90 times NIBP measurement results storage.
Handheld ECG Monitor, an Epoch-Making Product, which is designed for home  use with the purpose of health care. It has so many advantages to became people's personal heart safeguard.

Observer-Handheld ECG monitor MD100B, is designed for home use with the purpose of health care. Users can choose different measurement modes as they like, 30s for easy mode or continuous mode for a long time measurement. The USB interface can fulfill the data transmission perfectly! The stored waveforms and analysis results help users do the review freely. Features: Observer-Handheld ECG monitor MD100B

MD300W  Sleep Monitoring Device
The MD300W wrist oximeter is a small, wrist-worn device indicated for use in measuring, displaying and storing functional oxygen saturation of arterial hemoglobin (SpO2) and pulse rate. It may be caused for sport-checking, data collection and recording of adult and pediatric patients in hospitals, medical facilities, ambulatory, subacute and sleepy study environments.

Clarity  www.clarityproducts.comClarity C4230
Amplified phones for hard of hearing people.  Clarity Professional C4230 and C4230HS Combo
The C4230 uses DCP technology and 50 decibels of intelligent amplification to make conversations louder and clearer. Featuring dual speakerphones and a digital answering machine.

The C4230HS ($312) with DCP makes conversations in any room with a power outlet loud and clear. Up to three (3) handsets can be used it automatically registers with the master unit making setup easy.

Helps seniors use rigorous cognitive exercise to prevent or slow the development of dementia. Playing the stimulating and enjoyable brain games is simple, easy and intuitive for seniors on Dakim's touch screen computer, even if they've never used a computer before. There is no need for a mouse or keyboard, just plug it in, provide an Internet connection, turn it on, and you're ready to use the Dakim BrainFitness System.
Everything you see on the System has been vetted by seniors - from its easy-to-use touch screen and intuitive interface to its simple set-up and ease of maintenance - makes it ideal for use by seniors, whether at home or in professional care settings.

Ongoing health reminders: You will receive round-the-clock medical instructions and alerts to take medications and perform your healthcare-related activities based on your prescribed medical regimen.
Personal health history: You can view information sent wirelessly to your online Personal Health Record. Results from your home monitoring devices and the additional information you provide will be captured and stored in order to create an ongoing view of your health. Your authorized healthcare professionals and caregivers will have accurate and up-to-date information about your health.
Nursing support: Our 24-hour nursing and customer care center is available to answer your questions. They also will alert you if your records indicate there are problems based on test results sent to your Personal Health Record, or help you in an emergency.

Halo Monitoring
Introduced wireless healthcare technology helps give independence to seniors and their caregivers. It wirelessly transmits secure vital signs, activities of daily living, and critical event information. The system immediately detects when the user falls and automatically transmits that information in real time without prompting by the senior. The Halo device is worn invisibly under clothing, to preserve privacy, and flexible messaging content provides a variety of formats for informing caregivers and family members, including email and immediate text message alerts. Secure information can be viewed by assigned caregivers and authorized family members through a standard Web browser on any personal computer.
The first application of this technology is for the independent senior; however, it is also expected that there will be facility-level applications in the assisted living and rehabilitation communities, as well as in the acute care hospital environment.

A recent national survey concluded that one-third of Americans are under extreme stress.  HeartMath stress experts say people often try to ignoreemwave stress because they feel that they can’t afford the time to relax, slow down, and still survive in our current social climate. Yet experts agree that stress is one of the most dangerous maladies of our times and should not be ignored. More than 17 years of research on the relationship between stress and emotions has led to the emWave Personal Stress Reliever® (
The device is mobile and small enough to fit in your purse or pocket. Weighing only a few ounces and sized a little smaller than an iPod, emWave PSR reads your heart rhythms through its built-in finger sensor and gives immediate feedback, reflecting your emotional state through changing colored lights and sound so you can more effectively manage stress and reset your inner balance. It also includes a hands-free option, a practice plan, and an instructional CD called the “Coherence Coach,” which is designed to prevent, manage, and reverse the negative effects of stress.

iHearSafe  www.ihearsafe.comiHearSafe
iHearSafe Earbuds and Headphones help prevent noise-induced hearing loss with their patent pending Safe Volume technology. They can be used withany audio device and no matter how high the device volume is turned up, the volume level will always remain below 85 decibels. Experts agree that listening above the 85dB threshold is when hearing damage can begin.
Safe Volume™ Headphones ($25) keeps the volume at a safe level at all times without any software to download or parental controls to install. Just plug and play.
Classic Safe Volume™ Earbuds – White ($20) features more a more comfortable design and deliver extremely rich sound quality while offering parents the added peace of mind that comes with Safe Volume™ technology.

The Intel® Health Guide PHS6000 is a comprehensive personal health system  combining an in-home patient device with an online interface, allowing clinicians to monitor patients and remotely manage care. It enables patients to:

Each patient can participate in a health session personalized for his or her specific situation. These sessions are designed and scheduled by the patient’s healthcare professional. During each session, the patient may measure their vital signs, respond to health assessment questions, receive educational information and motivational messages and complete surveys. Once the session is completed, the results are made available to authorized healthcare professionals who can use the latest recorded information to assess each patient’s health status and to modify the patient’s care plan accordingly.
The PHS6000 provides a variety of multimedia content, including text, audio, and video. Healthcare professionals can include content as part of a patient’s scheduled health session, and arrange for educational content to be played for a patient when a threshold is met or exceeded to take advantage of a “teachable moment.” Patients can also access the content at anytime that is convenient for them, and organizations can add additional educational content to the patients’ libraries.
There is an integrated video camera, allowing healthcare professionals to arrange and conduct two-way video calls with their patients. This helps them strengthen their interaction with their patients by observing them performing specific tasks, or providing advice and encouragement.
It may be connected to a variety of both wired and wireless vital sign monitoring devices to capture key health measurements. From blood pressure monitors and glucose meters to pulse oximeters, peak flow meters and weight scales, measurements can be obtained as part of a regular session scheduled by the clinician or on an ad-hoc basis.

Lean and Zoom
Lean and Zoom demoLean and Zoom: Proximity-Aware User Interface and Content Magnification
The size and resolution of computer displays has increased dramatically, allowing more information than ever to be rendered on-screen. However, items can now be so small or screens so cluttered that users need to lean forward to properly examine them. This behavior may be detrimental to a user’s posture and eyesight. People naturally lean towards items in order to better inspect them. The magnification provided by being physically closer can expose otherwise unseen details.
The Lean and Zoom system detects a user’s lean position and proportionally magnifies on-screen content. Results from a study indicate that users believe this interaction technique is intuitive, increases comfort, and improves performance. Future work includes investigating other proximity sensing technologies, examining the technique’s potential for people with limited mobility, and exploring the broader implications of proximity-aware user interfaces.

MedSignalsMedication mismanagement results in an increased use of health services, with more severe and frequent episodes. What does effective medication management mean to patients, caregivers and society? These findings from the “Asheville Project” :

With MedSignals® monitoring, you enjoy several benefits:

MedSignals® quietly uploads pill-taking history, using the patient’s own home phone with no interruptions. MedSignals can be carried in purse or pocket if the patient is ambulatory. Overnight it rests in a cradle, connected to the phone line and electrical power. Once daily, it auto-dials to upload usage history to patient’s file.

Microsoft HealthVault  www.healthvault.comMS HealthVault website
HealthVault offers you a way to store health information from many sources in one location, so that it’s always organized and available to you online. It work with doctors, hospitals, employers, pharmacies, insurance providers and manufacturers of health devices – blood pressure monitors, heart rate monitors and more – to make it easy for you to add information electronically to your record.
With a more complete picture of your family’s health, you can work with your healthcare professionals, and with all the Web sites that connect with HealthVault, to make more informed decisions. A growing number of health and fitness devices—heart rate monitors, glucometers, blood pressure monitors and more connect with HealthVault using HealthVault Connection Center. Research and some handy applications and devices will help you achieve your most common goals:

With HealthVault people can:

Nonin Nonin onyx9500
Onyx 9500 -  All-in-One Digital Fingertip Pulse Oximeter™
Pulse Oximetry at Your Fingertips, Anywhere, Anytime. Product highlights include:

Avant® 4000  Wireless Wearable Oximetry
Nonin LifeSenseWith Bluetooth® Wireless Technology it provides freedom from wired connections while ensuring reliable and secure transfer of patient data all in a small package. The lightweight wrist-worn patient module wirelessly sends data to a small tabletop display, improving patient mobility and reducing bedside clutter. Effortless connections and encrypted data transmission.
LifeSense® - multi-parameter monitor
Ideal for continuous monitoring in critical care environments. Equipped with NONIN PureSAT® SpO2 and MedAir™ EtCO2 technologies, LifeSense is a proven performer for ET-tube placement verifications, waveform trend monitoring, detecting breathing irregularities, gauging the efficacy of CPR and procedural sedation monitoring. Its sidestream design allows use with intubated and non-intubated patients. PharmaSURVEYOR website

A drug interaction website. When you enter your drugs it creates a personalized risk assessment for you which shows not only drug-drug interactions but the much more common and often dangerous adverse drug side effects. Presented in a table that is easy to view, search, and sort, your Regimen Survey shows you the big picture including the additive toxicity and combined risks of all your drugs, not only those involved in interactions. It will help show you which of your medications might be causing the adverse effects you are most concerned about and help you find and evaluate replacements for them.

For cycling and multisport training the S725X ($370) is a heart rate based training tool.

The CS300 ($220) is for cyclists who like to get their cardio fitness from sports other than just cycling. You can either wear the wrist unit during indoor fitness training or mount it onto your bike when cycling. It measures your current, average and maximum speed Shows you how many calories and the percentage of fat you’ve burned Get guidance for optimal training intensity based on your body’s daily condition Use as your training log to analyze your long term progression and improvement
For disappearing calories For you who want to get a fitter body by knowing how many calories you have burned. The small and simple F4 ($100) gives you accurate information and motivates you to reach your targets. See how many calories you have burned Get interference-free data with coded heart rate transmission Helps you keep the intensity you want.
The daily movements you make can have beneficial effects on your health. With the  easy-to-use Polar FA20 ($120), you can see proof that your physical activity is having an impact on your overall fitness. Its simplicity will help guide you towards a more fit and active lifestyle. 24/7 Activity Measurement registers all effective active motion and shows it graphically. Ideal for walking, jogging or running, training recording helps you see whether you are improving your health or fitness. It also shows you calories burned, distance covered, active steps and duration of activity during and after a training session

Tunstall's range of non-intrusive telecare sensors, work with Lifeline home units to offer a comprehensive way of managing the risks to a person's health and home environment, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Lifeline Connect+ - Designed specifically to meet the needs of clients with complex and evolving health and social care monitoring requirements. Delivering tailored care for patients with long term conditions in their own homes, which helps improve quality of life and helps prevent avoidable hospital admissions.Tunstall  RTX3370

The combination of the Tunstall RTX3370 and RTX3371 telehealth monitors and CSO/Telehealth software provides an extremely well designed and flexible solution to meet the requirements of remote health monitoring as patients' needs change and as monitoring services are expanded both locally and nationally.

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