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CES 2009 CES - Power

By Terry Currier

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Advanced Media
Announce the launch of its solar product line. The new solar products include: DIY Solar power system, and lightweight solar chargers for mobile electronics. LED lighting products are to be sold under the “My Eco” brand name.Advanced Media Solar Light
My Eco LED lighting from Ritek offers users a new double folding arm, desk light that provides users bright, direct light. Available in five chic colors, the light has five brightness settings and offers cool clean light that requires less energy to operate. The double folding arm allows the light to be easily positioned to the correct height and angle for maximum illumination. The system includes: power converter (charger, inverter interfaces etc.), rechargeable battery, Photovoltaic module for DC/AC (110V/220V/60Hz) or DC/DC output (12V/24V/5V).
Solar Chargers
The S1050 Solar Charger is a compact and easy-to-use charger for MP3 players, batteries and mobile phones. Solar energy is stored in the batteries, so charging a MP3 player is possible, even at night. Performance may vary between MP3 players and with sunlight intensity. It's durable and glass free so shady conditions or temperature changes will not affect charging.

eCoupled technology allows eCoupled-enabled power sources and devices to communicate and transmit power over a short range without wires. Based on the principle of resonant magnetic induction. Magnetic induction means that electricity travels via magnetic fields instead of conductive material. Wireless power has been used however inefficiently in one form or another since the days of Nicola Tesla in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.
Most electronics today use a power cord to transport power to the device’s electronic circuits. From there, a transformer uses magnetic induction to form an inductive link that transfers power between the internal circuits. eCoupled technology simply replaces the conductive power cord with another inductive link.
Just like a transformer, eCoupled technology uses coils to transmit energy. One coil in the eCoupled power supply generates a magnetic field at a frequency that will resonate with a second coil in an eCoupled-enabled device. This resonant magnetic field causes electricity to be generated in a device with the second coil. One enabled power supply can power several compatible devices.
Through its advanced identification protocol, eCoupled technology adapts its operation to match the needs of each device it powers by communicating with it in real time. It assesses and determines not only power needs but also factors in battery or device age and charging lifecycles. It provides only the necessary power needed to keep a device operating at peak efficiency.

FlatWire technology is approved for use in commercial and residential wiring projects. They are currently selling wiring and interconnect devices for low-voltage lighting, audio/loudspeakers, voice/data lines, high performance video, voice/data lines Cat 5, and other low-voltage and signal applications, with all products available online. Future products: HDMI (third quarter of 2009) and data cables, 120V AC, 15 AMP/14 AWG gauge wire, remote switching and dimming for low voltage lighting, CAT 6, second-generation pattern wire, and control wires for Smart Homes, including security and thermostat applications.
FlatWire Connectors work with existing wiring in new and older structures with any type of wiring application. Currently they are for indoor use only. They are working to develop products that can be used for outdoor applications. The products attach to the wall with FlatWire Ready Spray Adhesive, which is sprayed to the wall before the wire is attached. The adhesive is tacky enough to provide 10 to 15 minutes of readjustment time if necessary. The wires range from 4/1000 of an inch to 16/1000 of an inch, or about as thin as a business card. Once attached to the wall, the product is painted or wallpapered to become virtually invisible.

A single charger for all your portable devices. For your cell phone, for the PSP, for your MPS player, for your digital camera, for your PDA, for your blackberry… For all. The interchangeable tips provide endless possibilities.

SQUEEZE IT and the Medis Technologies fuel cell delivers instant power anytime, anywhere.  It is an energy source that generates its own reliable power without the necessity of finding a wall outlet or limitations of traditional batteries.  The formula is non toxic, safe to use in variable temperature conditions, non flammable, odorless, does not produce heat and is
All of the fuel in the Power Pack can be recycled.  Each package includes a recycle container for consumers to use.
The size of a bar of soap, can be used to power a variety of electronic devices.  Once activated, it can deliver20 hours of power which can charge a
Medis Starter Kit phone up to 6 times.
Medis 24/7 Fuel Cell Power Pack - Retail: $25
Medis Xtreme Portable Charger Fuel Cell Power Starter Kit
Designed for smart phones and with near universal compatibility, with 4 watts of power.  Simply squeeze the Pack to access 20 watt-hours of energy that can charge a smart phone up to 4 times or a standard phone up to 6 times.

Fuel Cell Power Emergency Kit
Delivers emergency lighting and power when needed most. No batteries to worry about and no wall outlet required. Activate the Power Pack to access 20 watt-hours of energy that can charge a standard phone up to 6 times or the included 14-LED flashlight for up to 90 hours.

3 IN 1 Power Adapter Wall
Ohmetric Power charges three devices at the same time. It offers complete cable management and separates to store flat when traveling. LED lights indicate which devices are charging

Capable of delivering real time, wireless charging for portable electronicdevices including iPods, iPhones, Blackberry and mobile phones, GPS,
Powermat with PC charging handheldgames and even laptop computers, the new product line will be available for purchase in retail stores in 2009.
It is based on principles of magnetic induction with fast and energy efficient power delivery. Consumers simply plug in their Powermat and place up to (depending on model) six different Powermat-enabled devices on the mat to charge. They will charge at the same rate as if each device were charging with its own charger.
Powermat’s inductive technology pairs an thin mat with a variety of receivers, which connect to your favorite electronic devices. Future applications can be embedded directly into walls, ceilings, tabletops or other surfaces, enhancing virtually any surface to become an invisible connectivity point for wire-free energy.

Scratch Input
An acoustic-based input technique that relies on the unique sound produced when a fingernail is dragged over the surface of a textured material, such as wood, fabric, or wall paint. They employ a simple sensor that can be easily coupled with existing surfaces, such as walls and tables, turning them into large, unpowered and ad hoc finger input surfaces. The sensor is sufficiently small that it could be incorporated into a mobile device, allowing any suitable surface on which it rests to be appropriated as a gestural input surface. A study showed users can perform six Scratch Input gestures at about 90% accuracy with less than five minutes of training and on wide variety of surfaces.
This Scratch Input technique operates by listening to the sound of “scratching” (e.g., with a fingernail) that is transmitted through the surface material. This signal can be used to recognize a vocabulary of gestures carried out by the user. The sensor is simple and inexpensive, and can be easily incorporated into mobile devices, enabling them to appropriate whatever solid surface they happen to be resting on.

The WildCharger™ Pad and its companions – WildCharge™ Skins – form a perfect wire-free power solution. Easy to install, carry and enable, theyWildCharge Mat allow you to go “wire-free” out of the box. Once you equip your mobile device with a WildCharge Skin, you will be able to charge it by placing it on any WildCharger Pad that is connected to a power source. The pad can simultaneously charge multiple devices, such as cell phones, MP3 music players or other mobile devices - as long as they are WildCharge-enabled.

They are talking to several notebook and cell phone manufacturers for the purpose of incorporating the WildCharge Technology onto their units. I loved the idea of not having to bend down to plug or unplug the cord to my notebook. Not to mention not tripping over the cord. See video of CES booth.

They do sell adapter units on their website. For example a charge pad and skin for a BlackBerry Pearl will cost $80.


Stated prices are rounded up to the nearest dollar.


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