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CES 2009 CES - Storage

By Terry Currier

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Advanced Media (RITEK USA) Ridata Micro SD
Its RIDATA USB Drive with Micro SD slot is now available in 8GB capacity. The drive allows users to securely store and transfer data from a cell phone or other MicroSD or MicroSDHC enabled device.
A key concern with any flash storage device is security. For privacy and protection, the USB Drive features advanced partition and security functions that make it possible for users to create password-protected sectors for the storage of personal or highly confidential material. A power-saving mode reduces power consumption. All are EMC compliant meeting CE, FCC, VCCI, C-TICK, and BSMI regulations.
The drives are now available at many retail outlets in up to 8GB capacities. The drives are available in several fun colors, weigh less than 10 ounces and come with a two-year warranty.
Adding to their Ridata brand of Blu-ray media is a fast 6X single layer Blu-ray disc. The disc offers up to a 216 Mbps data transfer rate. All Ridata Blu-ray discs feature a hard coating that protects the discs from scratches. Multiple audio and video streams, up to 7.1 channel surround sound, and user-friendly graphical interfaces are just a few more Blu-ray technology advancements. Available in Q2 2009. Also introduced was 4X Inkjet White Printable Blu-ray Discs, available in Q1 2009. See video of CES booth.

Cirago Cirago RST1000
RST1000, External RAID Storage USB 2.0 / eSATA Series
Benefits and Features

D-Link D-Link Network Storage Enclosure (DNS-323)
The D-Link 2-Bay Network Storage Enclosure (DNS-323) when used with internal SATA drives1 enables you to share documents, music, photos and video across the network and on the Internet so family members, friends, or employees can access them. This enclosure creates a central network point for backing up valuable files and the built-in RAID 1 mirroring technology protects these files from drive failure. You can also use this device to stream photos, music, and videos to UPnP AV compatible network media players.
The included CD contains the D-Link Easy Search Utility. This utility allows access to the DNS-323 from anywhere on the network. The Memeo Autobackup™ software is also included.
The DNS-321 2-Bay enclosure is another great way is the perfect way to store, share, and safeguard your documents, music, videos, and photos. The built-in UPnP™ AV media server enables streaming of digital content to compatible network media players. The availability of four different hard drive modes (Standard, JBOD, RAID 0, and RAID 1) allows you to choose the configuration best suited for your needs.
The Web-based configuration software allows users to establish storage quotas for specific users and groups. It also features a built-in FTP server2 to access files through the Internet.

Iomega Iomega Network Drive
Starting at $160, the Home Media Network Hard Drive is available as a 500GB or a 1TB single-drive device. Consumers with multiple computers can use the Home Media Network Hard Drive to centralize their computer storage as well as access files on everything from a laptop to a big screen TV to a Microsoft Xbox 360 or a Sony PlayStation 3.
It uses EMC's LifeLine™ Home software, a custom Linux operating system and application suite that can be set up in three easy steps: simply plug the Home Network Hard Drive into a router, power on, and install the software CD. A friendly user interface screen makes it easy to access files on all networked computers, as well as control which family members have access to certain folders.
Supports iTunes™ and Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) and Digital Living Network Alliance™ (DLNA) certified devices. It has a Gigabit Ethernet connection that plugs directly into a router, and a fast processor so users can save and access large media files quickly, as well as a USB port to add a shared network printer for multiple computers, or an external USB drive for incremental storage capacity.
They include EMC Retrospect® Express backup software for data backup and protection. For added protection users also get online backup with EMC's MozyHome™ online backup service (2GB of free online storage.) The 500GB is available for $160; the 1TB is  $230.
Iomega eGo Encrypt Portable Hard DriveWith the full-disc eGo Encrypt Portable Hard Drive you can take your sensitive data anywhere thanks to the hardware-based encryption built-in. It has government-grade 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). If the USB cable is disconnected from the laptop or desktop at any time, the drive automatically “locks” and requires the owner’s password for data access. In addition to encryption, data is protected from accidental drops up to seven feet. Suggested price is $150.
The ruggedized eGo BlackBelt Portable Hard Drive has Drop Guard Xtreme feature, that protects data from accidental drops of up to seven feet. It has storage capacity of 250GB in a 2.5-inch drive that is USB-powered for simple operation (no power supply required). Available now for $120. 
Bundled with both portable drives is EMC® Retrospect® Express HD software for automatic and on-demand backups. They also have Mozy™ online backup service, providing 2GB of storage. See video of CES booth.

LaCie LaCinema Classic
High capacity storage system for users who want advanced RAID features with consumer-level ease of use and style LaCie announced its Hard Disk MAX. It delivers 2 TB (terabytes) of storage capacity in a package that will satisfy high-performance requirements for the discriminating user.
It includes two large-capacity disk drives that can be set in either a RAID 0 or RAID 1 configuration with the simple flick of a switch on the back panel. Included is the LaCie Setup Assistant for quick, easy and customizable formatting of the disk drives. The system also ships with Genie Backup Assistant for PC and Intego Backup Assistant for Mac. The multi-purposed blue LED stripe provides ambient light and changes to red to warn of potential problems. The suggested retail price starting at $270 USD.
Suited for all fans of digital movies, music, and photography LaCie announced the LaCinema Classic Hard Disk. It has up to 1 TB (terabyte) of capacity, yet weighs a mere 33 ounces. Customers simply load content from their PC or Mac on it and connect it to their TV for instant playback. No configuration required. Users will also enjoy HDMI 1080p upscaling of movies and photos. An SPDIF coaxial cable is included to maximize the audio experience.
DivX-certified so customers can watch DivX transcoded videos with high quality and resolution. It comes in 500 GB (gigabyte) and 1 TB models, offering the Hi-Speed USB 2.0 interface for PC or Mac. Available now and retails for $170. LG Network Drive

Their N4B1 Network Attached Storage (NAS), is the world’s first NAS device with a  built in Blu-ray drive and burner. It offers advanced data management with data archiving and automatic disc back up features. This unique drive has up to 4 TB of storage through four-bay configurations, allowing a multitude of business data to be stored in the system without having to delete files to make room. The built-in Blu-ray rewriter serves as a secondary storage medium with each disc holding between 25 and 50 GB for home and small business users who manage large amounts of data. 
They also had some interesting flash drives. The M5 has built-in anti-virus, the H1 can also be used as a mobile phone charger. They also had a security drive with built-in biometric fingerprint reader.

nDigitus iM-Boot DuonDigitus
Fitting into any 5.25” drive bay the iM-Boot Duo offers users security for trying two different operating systems. You can also setup your computer as two different systems. While other products address multiple operating systems with a software only solution, the iM-Boot Duo is all hardware; easy to install and easy to use. It sits between the motherboard and two SATA drives. The front switch controls which drive the computer boots from.
Check at the website to see when it will be available. They are also working on a M-Boot Quad will support selecting between up to four different hard drives on the same computer. Also a iM-Boot Dual RAID will support RAID levels such as RAID-0, RAID-1, and 3 Disk RAID-5 sets while still allowing the computer to boot two different operating systems.

SanDisk SanDisk UltraBackup USB drive
Never back up because it’s too hard? SanDisk just made it easier for you with the world’s first backup USB flash drive. No cables are required and the SanDisk Ultra Backup flash drive does not come with any complicated software to install. The backup application is onboard the drive. It’s activated by pressing a button, so it doesn’t need to be installed on a PC. The flash drive has capacities up to 64 gigabytes (GB). No software installation is needed. The drive protects onboard digital content with a dual layer of security, including password-protected access control and ultra-secure AES hardware-based encryption. When plugged in to a host device, a glowing, amber-colored LED light alerts users that the drives are ready for reading or writing data. This LED light rapidly pulses when data is being transferred, and slows down when the drives are idle, providing users with a clear indication of device activity. The new SanDisk USB product family includes three different product lines:

  1. Cruzer® USB flash drive plus access to a variety of U3™ applications.
  2. Ultra Backup USB flash drive offers added protection. SanDisk UltraBackup screen
  3. Extreme® Contour™ provides increased security protection and higher performance levels.

The SanDisk Cruzer has been redesigned with up to 32GB of storage. The design include a bright red USB connector and a simple cap-less design, which exposes the USB connector. They will continue to have U3™ Smart technology. Transfer speeds at 25MB/second read and 18MB/second write. It also includes superior security with 256-bit AES USB hardware encryption and password-protected access control. Available in April 2009 The SanDisk Cruzer drive will be available in capacities of 4GB-32GB with MSRPs ranging between $25 and $100. The SanDisk Ultra Backup drive will be available in capacities of 8GB-64GB with MSRPs ranging between $40 and $200. The SanDisk Extreme Contour USB flash drive is available in major retailers today.
Compatible with the Nintendo® Wii™ console the 2GB Rock Band® 2 SD™ Gaming Card makes it possible for gamers to take advantage of the over 300 additional songs that will be available for download. The card works in compatible digital cameras, allowing users to fill the card with images and then post their pictures on the Wii’s photography channel.
SanDisk and Sony have co-developed two expanded Memory Stick™ formats. Expanded format for “Memory Stick PRO” is capable of storing up to 2 terabytes (TB) of data, and “Memory Stick HG-Micro” offers a 60MB/s transfer rate, making it one of the fastest-smallest memory card formats announced to date.


Advanced Media (RITEK USA) Ridata Combo SSD
Expected to will be especially popular with users of the latest generation of notebooks that feature an eSATA and USB combination port is the Ridata eSATA SSD flash. No external power or battery is needed, as it is powered by either the eSATA or USB bus. As a result, there is very low power consumption.
Data transfer rates while using the eSATA connector of up to 79MB/s reading and up to 45MB/s writing are assured. When using the USB connector, a read data transfer rate of up to 24MB/s and write speed up to 12MB/s can be achieved. The unit is in full compliance with USB spec. 2.0.
The Ridata eSATA SSD flash drive supports multiple operating systems. No driver is needed in Windows ME®, Windows 2000®, Windows XP®, Windows VISTA®, Mac 9.x or later, Linux Kernel 2.4 or later. It also supports 1-port 1.5/3.0Gbps SATA I/II interface. It is shock resistant and noise-free, and offers long-time data retention. It may also be used as a bootable device while in Fix mode.
Available in 16GB and 32GB capacities, it measures 3.5”x1”x0.3” (lwd) and weighs 0.6 ounces.  See video of CES booth.

Kingston Kingston SDDNow E
With the SSDNow E Series and SSDNow M Series, they are shipping the first two products in its SSDNow line of solid-state drives (SSD). The SSDNow E Series is specifically designed for the enterprise server environment while the SSDNow M Series is built for the road warrior who demands ultimate performance from a notebook PC. Kingston is using Intel’s solid-state drives.
The drives have greater input and output operations per second (IOPS). For enterprises they can fewer SSDs compared to standard hard disk drives (HDD), which also leads to energy savings in a server environment. For the notebook user it allows for faster boot times and quicker application load times.
It uses a standard SATA hard disk drive interface but unlike an HDD, they are very rugged and can withstand shock and extreme environments as there are no moving parts. They come equipped with S.M.A.R.T (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) to monitor the integrity and reliability of the drives. The  drives are backed by a three-year warranty, 24/7 tech support and KingstonCare. Features and Specifications:

They unveiled its third-generation family of solid-state drives (SSDs), using multi-level cell (MLC) NAND flash memory technology. Designed as drop-in replacements for hard-disk drives (HDDs) in notebook PCs, each are available with a SATA-II interface. Available in capacities of 60, 120 and 240GB, the unit MSRPs are $149, $249 and $499, respectively. The G3 SSDs are more than five times faster than the fastest 7,200 RPM HDDs and more than twice as fast as SSDs shipping in 2008, clocking in at 40,000 vRPM and anticipated sequential performance of 200MB/s read and 140MB/s write.
SanDisk G3 SSD is significantly more reliable than a hard disk drive. It is 5 time more rugged, withstanding shock and vibrations, and its MTTF (mean time to failure) is 6 times better than HDDs. The G3 SSDs provide a Longterm Data Endurance (LDE) of 160 terabytes written (TBW) for the 240GB version, sufficient for over 100 years of typical user usage.

Toshiba Toshiba SSD
Expanding their line up of NAND-flash-based solid state drives (SSD) with the industry's first 2.5-inch 512-gigabyte (GB) SSD and a broad family of fast read/write SSDs based on 43 nanometer (nm) Multi-Level Cell NAND. The SSD family also includes capacities of 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB.
It utilizes an advanced MLC controller that achieves higher read/write speeds, parallel data transfers and wear leveling to optimize performance, reliability and endurance. The  maximum sequential read speed is 240MB per second (MBps) and maximum sequential write speed is 200MBps.
They did an interesting show of putting a SSD on a vibrator to show it would not affect performance.  See video of CES booth.


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