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CES 2010 CES - Medical

By Terry Currier

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When this year’s CES started I saw that it would be minus the Sands Convention Hall. I started thinking maybe I could get done a day early. Yes, CEA which runs the show said there were more exhibitors, but I figured they would not be as interesting or just companies looking for other companies to sell their products. Yes, there was many of them, but overall I was happy with CES and found it to be as interesting and well organized as previous ones.

One odd booth was Samsung. As always they had a huge area and had interesting things to see. They had a really cool display set up at their entrance. Yet they had their cameras under plastic boxes where as others would let you fiddle with them to see what you really liked about a camera. With their TVs on display it was like they were top secrete and the CIA was protecting them. Whenever I tried to take a picture someone would come up and say “no pictures.” You know if you spend the piles of money it takes to rent and show them at CES you want publicity. They must have thought we could download their technology from a picture. I’d be willing to bet I could get a lot more information from the press releases they put out on their own. Though not as many health vendors as there was last year (see I still found it very interesting to seek them out to find out what each did.

Helps seniors use rigorous cognitive exercise to prevent or slow the development of dementia. Playing the stimulating and enjoyable brain games is simple, easy and intuitive for seniors on Dakim's touch screen computer, even if they've never used a computer before. There is no need for a mouse or keyboard, just plug it in, provide an Internet connection, turn it on, and you're ready to use the Dakim BrainFitness System.

Everything you see on the System has been vetted by seniors - from its easy-to-use touch screen and intuitive interface to its simple set-up and ease of maintenance - makes it ideal for use by seniors, whether at home or in professional care settings.
EasyHealthMD.COM is an online medical plan provider. They provide medical plans for members that are inclusive of unlimited and real-time teleconsultation services as well as access to online health tools and prescription benefits. They also offer members a chance to get exclusive EasyHealthMD.COM products such as the Medical Kit and the Kiosk TeleHealth System in addition to their medical plans.

The teleconsultation services are undertaken by a network of board-certified and US-licensed doctors along with a support staff. The doctors have knowledge and training in the following areas:

Generally, their services have maximum benefit for members who are:

Minors can also undergo consultation, but it is best supervised by an adult.

Elder 411 uses Doctor Marion's 35+ years of experience as a geriatric care manager and makes it accessible when and where you need it most. Over 500 pieces of expert advice are organized into 11 eldercare topics providing you with proven solutions to care giving problems as you encounter them. If you are one of the more than 40 million family caregivers in the U.S. helping take care of an elderly relative, you will benefit from Doctor Marion's insightful and tested solutions which help you face daily challenges with an expert at your side. This is a app for the iPhone.

Intel Health phs6000
With the Intel Health Care Management Suite, healthcare professionals can review their patients’ progress and data quickly and simply. Healthcare professionals can:

The Intel Health Care Management Suite allows healthcare professionals to arrange and conduct two-way video calls with their patients, allowing both patient and care manager to see and hear each other.

The Intel Health Care Management Suite provides a summary page that sorts each patient based on whether a reported vital signs measurement is outside an acceptable range or not, and whether or not data has been reported by the patient.

The Intel Health Care Management Suite provides busy healthcare professionals with a way to personalize care protocols for each of their patients. Patients use the Intel Health Guide PHS6000, which works with the Intel Health Care Management Suite and allows each patient to participate in a health session personalized by the healthcare professional.

In addition to setting up health sessions, healthcare professionals have the freedom and flexibility to:

See video of the Intel PHS6000

Jedi Mind Jedi
Mind-controlled technologies are now a modern-day reality. And, as they gain acceptance, thought-controlled devices have tremendous potential to revolutionize the gaming and electronics industries by tapping into the power of the human brain to command control over PCs, gaming consoles, medical devices, military equipment and even household appliances.

Jedi Mind, Inc. is pioneering the development of revolutionary new software applications that allow human beings to use the power of brain waves to interact with a computer or any other mechanical device.

The premise is simple: the user wears a specially-designed Emotiv wireless headset that  detects electrical signals produced by the brain, similar to EEG (electroencephalography) technology used in the medical field to diagnose and research brain abnormalities. In the case of a PC, those signals are translated into on-screen movement, replacing a handheld mouse or joystick. The user thinks, “move right,” and the cursor moves right. The user thinks, “move down,” and the cursor follows this command.

In the medical and military defense arenas, the stakes are higher for mind-controlled technologies, and so are the benefits. With two new disabled accessibility/medical applications due out in first quarter, Jedi Mind has another dozen in the pipeline that could soon become a part of mainstream life in the near future.

MedApps System  www.medapps.comMedApps
MedApps is dedicated to developing remote health monitoring solutions that promote patient wellness and reduce healthcare costs by improving patient compliance.

The MedApps System links patients, healthcare professionals and electronic health records, and makes a practical telehealth solution available to a larger population than previously possible. It links patients, families and healthcare providers, using cellular M2M technology to remotely collect, store and report timely, accurate health information anywhere.

The HealthPal component provides care professionals, treating chronic disease patients, with valuable and timely biometric data. This ability can help to improve patient compliance and stabilize patient conditions, which in turn drives down related care costs.  HealthPAL is currently FDA-cleared for use with glucose meters, blood pressure monitors, scales and pulse oximeters. 

HealthCOM is MedApps' web-based application for healthcare professionals to remotely monitor and manage the data collected into the system. HealthCOM's monitoring and management tools allow clinicians to:

Oregon Scientific
The new T1 Zone Trainer watch with Hydration Index. Priced at $120, this heart rate monitor  features the world’s first hydration index as well as an exclusive Tap-On Lens Technology, so fitness enthusiasts no longer have to wrestle with buttons while exercising.

Wellcore unitUnveiled the Mobile Personal Emergency Response System (M-PERS) for seniors who want to stay safe and live more active, independent lives. Utilizing motion detection and advanced pattern recognition, it offers automatic fall detection, online monitoring, and text-to-speech messaging. Available via retail e-commerce sites and stores in March 2010.

When paired with a Wellcore-compatible cell phone, it allows 24/7 protection anywhere within the cell phone’s coverage range. When a fall is detected, the cell phone summons emergency responders to the exact location of the fall using the cell phone’s GPS, and caregivers are alerted.

It can distinguish falls from other types of motion. In the event help is needed, M-PERS automatically sends emergency services and alerts designated caregivers and family. Traditional Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) require users to push a button, do not indicate whether the device is being worn, and only work inside the home. The Wellcore product summons help with or without the push of a button, reminds the wearer to put it on, and works anywhere -- including outside of the home.

Zeo promises to help you get a better night’s sleep. Zeo

Step 1: Wear the Zeo Headband

You begin by wearing the Zeo Headband each night. The headband uses SoftWave™ sensor technology to accurately and safely measure your unique sleep patterns through the electrical signals naturally produced by the brain. As you pass through different levels of sleep – lighter to deeper and back again – the Zeo Headband tracks how you are sleeping.

Step 2: Review Your Sleep Data on the Bedside Display

The Zeo Bedside Display puts last night's sleep data at your fingertips and will store up to two weeks of data for easy viewing. When you wake up, it gives you a personal sleep score - your ZQ - and shows a graph of your Light, Deep and REM sleep over the course of the night. The bedside display will also present you with information about last night's sleep and how it compares to previous nights. The optional SmartWake™ alarm feature will look for a "natural awakening point" based on your sleep patterns to decrease the grogginess associated with waking from Deep sleep. When SmartWake is selected, Zeo will find a time to wake you within a half-hour of your set time, never later.

Step 3: Upload and View Your Sleep Data

You can easily upload all of your sleep information to the myZeo Personal Coaching website, and begin to spot trends in your sleep that you have never been able to see before.

Step 4: Start Your 7 Step Sleep Fitness Program

The 7 Step Sleep Fitness Program is a guided self-discovery process for your sleep. This personalized sleep coaching program asks you to set goals for your sleep and then provides you with customized strategies to help you to achieve these goals.


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