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CES 2010 CES - Video

By Terry Currier

CES 2010 - Video of many exhibitors     Audio     Computer-to-TV     Medical     Networking     Printers     Projectors     Power  

Note: You can view the video from the website, but I recommend you right-click the ones you are interested in, save them to your computer. Then view them on your computer at your leisure. By the way where you see TVs listed all of the those exhibitors had 3D TVs.

Here is video I took of different booths

Album2 holds and displays pictures, plays music, video, and comes with WiFi
AMD AMD showing computers with their chips in them
Asus Interesting Eee netbooks, motherboards, monitors, gaming desktops
AMD AMD showing computers with their chips in them
Aven Mighty Scope One of several companies that had small but powerful microscopes
Beamz  a musical instrument like you haven't seen before
Brother computerized Sewing machines that can sew just about any designs
Canon scanners and great cameras
Cinco notebooks
Clickfree Backup an easy to use backup program for your data
Cool It Systems helps keep your computer cool
Cradia laptop coolers from Korea
Crosley turntables that are functional and cool to see
D-Link routers, USB 3 hubs, ebook reader, security locks for home, NAS, Boxee
DXG video cameras
EZ2Fly radio controlled Star Wars like plane
Gaming different gaming exhibitors
Gela Skins they make skins (decorative covers) for laptops, iPod, some phones
Goscam nanny type cameras for baby's rooms
Hard Candy Cases they make bubble like shells for mainly Mac laptops
Harmon Speakers and Pulse Pen  great looking speakers and the Pulse pen which lets you take notes and record at the same time
HP  mice, digital cameras, video cameras, their touch screen computer
International Supplies  goggles which will display a video on a screen in front of your eyes, like in a theater
Intel  full video of booth showing netbooks, ultra-thin notebooks, speedy chips, backup devices, and medical device (big 150Mb, 27 minutes)
       Intel - just notebooks
       Intel - just phones
       Intel - just medical device to help with communication between doctors and patients away from hospitals
IOGEAR USB display extender, KVM switches, SATA cards, USB charging hubs, digital pen, HDMI hubs
Iomega external hard drives, media servers, wireless TV signal transfer
JVC  cameras and TVs
Kodak  digital picture frames, printers (which save money), cameras
Laptop Cooling Ball nothing fancy, but well thought out simplicity to keep the laptop cool
Lexmark showing their printers (I liked the light on the printed copy)
LG TVs, projectors, monitors, portable disc players 
Liquid Image they became know for their cameras on diving or snorkeling mask, now they have one for skiers
Mini DV camera the small size of this camera caught my eye
Music Skins they make skins for laptops, iPod, some phones and now they have The Beatles, check out Madonna they put on a guitar
Ncomputing okay when you see a sign that says $70 for a PC you have to stop and look at it
Panasonic - TV's monitors, cameras, portable disc players (including Blu-ray)
Parrot Bluetooth wireless devices and speakers for iPod
Pleo interactive dinosaur toy
Pogoplug easily share photos music, or whatever
Printshop the old favorite is back and even more useful to help you do greeting cards or even newsletters
Que ebook reader same size as a sheet of paper, light, and easy to read
Rebit helps to have your computer continuously backed up
Roll Up Piano while not really new this is well done and fun to watch
Samsung interesting entrance to their area to see cell phones, computers, monitors, TV's, and cameras
Sharp their TVs
Shuttle Computer notebooks, and netbooks (which they don't sell to public)
Sony TVs, cameras, notebook computers, ebook readers, digital voice recorders
Storage Visions separate show before CES with lots of interesting product, my favorite was the ioSafe
tiwl put this in your kids cars to monitor how they drive (they'll hate you, but you'll help keep them safe)
Toshiba TVs, notebooks, transformer USB storage devices (cool)
USB 3 several vendors within the USB pavilion area
Verbatim flash drives, portable hard drives, camera and optical media
Via Computer  see small can a computer get
Victorinix Swiss army knives, and USB flash drives
Witech  wireless and USB monitors


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