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CES 2011 CES - Cameras 2

By Terry Currier
Prices listed are rounded up.

CES 2011 - Video of many exhibitors   Computers   Tablets   Storage   Cameras First Part (Canon, Casio, Kodak, Mustek) Second Part (Olympus, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, Vitar, Accessories)

PEN E-PL2Olympus E-PL2
The new powerfully simple PEN E-PL2, expands your creative potential with Live Guide II, new in-camera creative features, new auxiliary lenses, a new Close-Up Spotlight accessory (MAL-1) and the new Olympus PENPal™ Bluetooth accessory.

Outstanding Features:

At an affordable $600 with the new MSC ED m14-42mm f3.5/5.6 zoom lens (28mm-84mm equiv.), the 12.3 megapixel ergonomically-designed E-PL2 is perfect for everyone from beginners, who want to expand their creative horizons, to experienced photographers who desire high-quality results without the size and weight of a traditional DSLR.

This new kit lens has a smooth, silent and uses a quick inner focus mechanism to make it exceptionally fast and nearly silent when recording high-definition movie. The M.Zuiko Digital MICRO Four Thirds® lenses are designed to be more compact and portable, just like the E-PL2 itself.

If you’re looking for even more options, the MMF-2 Four Thirds™ System Lens Adapter makes the E-PL2 compatible with all Olympus Zuiko® Digital Specific lenses and other Four Thirds System lenses from Sigma, Panasonic and Leica. Olympus OM film-based lenses can be attached to the E-PL2 with the MF-2 OM Lens Adapter, and third-party adapters have been developed for lenses from most other manufacturers.

Live Guide takes the guesswork out of great photography and videography by previewing effects at the touch of a button. Want more vivid or muted color in your shot,  or a sharper or softer background? Simply select Live Guide and turn the wheel on the back of the camera to slide through numerous photographic and videographic effects. Make adjustments and watch the LCD as the effects are made live – before the image is captured.

Olympus has Image Stabilization built right into the body of the camera. This means that any lens (MICRO Four Thirds, Four Thirds and any third-party lens) attached to the E-PL2 will deliver blur-free images thanks to three modes of in-body Image Stabilization that automatically compensate for camera shake, including in low-light situations or when shooting without a tripod.

The E-PL2 features Face Detection with a new Eye Detection function called iDetect to make it easier to capture the spirit of your subject. This feature automatically makes a person’s eye the focus point of the image. It recognizes up to eight faces, tracking them within the image area, and automatically focusing and optimizing exposure for sharp portraits. In addition, the E-PL2 has a variety of automated technologies to free you up to focus on your subject instead of the camera settings.

The Live MOS image sensor is complemented by Olympus’ TruePic™ V Image Processor, which produces clear and colorful photos using all the pixel information for each image to provide the best digital images possible. The image processor offers a maximum ISO sensitivity of 6400, to reduce image noise in photos shot at higher ISO settings, enabling great results in low-light situations.

Available now with an estimated street price of $600.

The full-featured SP-610UZ is a lightweight, 22x wide-angle ultra-zoom camera with HD Video capability.

With an f2.8 (Wide) / f5.6 (Tele) wide-angle lens providing the equivalent of a 28-616mm focal length, users can get closer to the action with zoom performance comparable to that of a 500mm equivalent telephoto lens for Digital Single lens Reflex  (DSLR) cameras. The wide-angle lens makes it easy to take a picture of the entire stadium, while the powerful zoom lets you focus on your favorite player (22x Optical Zoom + 4x Digital Zoom.)

It can take 720p HD video, and with HDMI Control playback also is a breeze. With HDMI Control, you can use your HDTV’s remote to control playback functions and navigate the camera’s menus from the comfort of your couch. Comes with a large 3.0-inch LCD monitor.

Dual Image Stabilization combines two technologies – Mechanical Sensor-Shift Image Stabilization and Digital Image Stabilization – to provide one powerful anti-blur solution for capturing great images whether the photographer or the subject is moving. Olympus’ mechanical Sensor-Shift Image Stabilization keeps images sharp by adjusting the internal image sensor to compensate for camera movement, even in low-light conditions when shutter speeds are slower. Additionally, Digital Image Stabilization freezes the action with high ISO sensitivity and fast shutter speeds to prevent blurry images often caused by a moving subject. ISO’s include Auto, High Auto, 80, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200.

Wedding, team shots and family reunion photos have never been easier with Face Detection. It detects up to 16 faces within the frame and automatically focuses and optimizes exposure to capture sharp, brilliant portraits and group shots. Even more remarkable it comes equipped with Beauty Mode. Designed to touch up the appearance of your subject’s skin as the photo is captured, enhancements that typically would necessitate retouching in a graphics editing program.

AF Tracking technology locks focus on your fast-moving subject – everything from house cats to Siberian tigers – and continuously adjusts focus and brightness. This enables you to keep quick-moving and unpredictable subjects like kids and pets in focus for the perfect shot. There’s even two newly designed “Pet Modes” for animal lovers, offering the ability to recognize the faces of a variety of breeds of both cats and dogs.

Taking a moonlit stroll on the beach? Intelligent Auto Mode automatically identifies what you are shooting (i.e., Portrait, Night + Portrait, Landscape, Macro or Sports) and adjusts the camera’s settings to capture the best quality results. Amateurs can jump into this quick and hassle-free feature that does the thinking for them and produces incredible images.

Whether you are globetrotting or attending a sporting event, the SP-610UZ offers a 14-megapixel sensor, Olympus developed its exclusive TruePic III+ Image Processor for the demanding performance of DSLRs and has migrated the technology to the S-series cameras. TruePic III+ also captures crisp, clear photos at high ISO settings, which are traditionally associated with increasing noise or producing grainy photos.

All Olympus digital compact cameras now offer the new OLYMPUS photo organizing and editing software. It includes photography workflow, browsing, editing and unique photo organizing functions. You can organize photos by person with automatic face-recognition technology, by place with a map-tagging function, or by event. All information will be tagged in each photo’s data. You can then easily upload images to the integrated online service, on the net, to share and backup photos, as well as order prints and photo merchandise. The name stands for image bridge, because the software is designed to create a bridge to help you get images from your camera to services where you can do more with your photos. Comes with 30 shooting modes.

The SP-610UZ will be available in February 2011 Estimated Street Price: $230 (U.S.)

The first in a new line of pocket-friendly, creativity-enabling, and budget-conscious cameras aimed at photographers of all ages and experience levels. The value begins with an impressive feature set that includes: 14 MP, 5x wide-angle optical zoom lens, 720p HD video capture, and a large 3.0-inch LCD to capture and review your images. Add pocketable portability, Digital Image Stabilization, AF Tracking, and the shot-enhancing Magic Art Filters. Top this combination off with an affordable price point ($140) and you have a multi-function camera in a slim body that far surpasses other models in its class.

The Magic Filters include:

Olympus  vg120Features Digital Image Stabilization (DIS) to capture crisp, clear pictures. By boosting the camera’s ISO sensitivity and shutter speed, DIS freezes the action and provides virtually blur-free images, even when you or your subject is moving.

The camera detects up to 16 faces within the frame and automatically focuses and optimizes exposure to capture sharp, brilliant portraits and group shots. AF Tracking technology locks on your fast-moving subject and continuously adjusts focus and brightness. This enables you to keep fast-moving, unpredictable subjects like small children and pets in focus for the perfect shot.

Lighting Fix can be used to adjust any underexposed areas and Red-Eye Fix can be used to reduce the effects of red-eye sometimes caused by a direct flash. Additional in-camera editing functions can be quickly accessed right in the camera by the touch of a button; features available include resizing and trimming. It has 25 shooting modes.

Available now with an estimated street rice: $140.

The XZ-1 comes with the super-bright iZUIKO lens. The X-factor that achieves this category-defying quality: A combination of three state-of-the-art features: the X-tremely large, super-sensitive CCD sensor, the X-tremely fast TruePic™ V image processor and the X-tremely bright, fast f1.8-2.5 iZUIKO digital lens.

The 3.0-inch OLED monitor shows off still images and High Definition (HD) movies in detailed 720p. The LCD displays 610,000 dots in vivid color, reproduces colors and shades more accurately with deeper black tones and consumes less power. The monitor also provides a wide-viewing angle ensuring that images can be composed from even the most obscure angles. A new graphic interface makes it easier to read text and find the settings you need on the fly, and Live Control enables intuitive operation allowing you to shoot photos while viewing the effects on the camera’s LCD.

The camera captures all the action in crisp 720p HD video at 30 frames-per-second. The easy-to-reach record button on the back of the camera body makes recording videos a breeze. If you’re about to snap a photo and you realize a video would capture the spirit of the scene even better, simply press the record button. Olympus xz-1Easily toggle back and forth between capturing stills and videos by using your index finger to press the shutter button or your thumb to press the record button.

The XZ-1 pairs a high sensitivity 10 megapixel CCD sensor with the TruePic™ V Image Processor to produce clear and colorful photos using all the pixel information from each image to provide the best digital images possible. It also lowers image noise in photos shot at higher ISO settings (ISO 100 to ISO 3200), enabling great results in low-light situations.

Shoot full manual, and also with a control ring around the front of the lens and the wheel controller on the back, it gives immediate access to the most important manual settings like ISO, aperture and shutter speed to make it easy to adjust the camera on the move. Three levels of exposure control using a neutral density (ND) filter distributes light offering greater flexibility to change the aperture and exposure time in different situations while allowing the photographer to take the best picture in any condition.

With a minimum aperture of f1.8 at wide-angle and a maximum aperture of f2.5 at telephoto, this lens boasts super-fast shutter speeds for sharp, low-light images. This aperture range also allows photographers to take portraits that highlight the subject by defocusing the background, a capability that is not normally possible in compact cameras.

Apart from the speed of the f1.8 lens, the camera’s low-light mode automatically adjusts the ISO sensitivity up to ISO 3200 to take sharp, full-resolution photos in dark places. The camera’s iAuto mode automatically detects low-light scenes and adjusts the ISO accordingly for the best image quality. The camera also features an AF illuminator to make it simple to focus in low-light locations. The XZ-1 also features a low-light mode for even quicker access to maximize low-light situations.

It also offers Dual Image Stabilization to further assure you’ll get the shot you want while holding the camera. Mechanical Sensor-Shift Image Stabilization compensates for camera movement in low-light conditions when shutter speeds are slower while Digital Image Stabilization freezes the action with high ISO sensitivity and fast shutter speeds that prevent blurry images often caused by a moving subject.

Available now with an estimate street price: $500.

TG-610 and TG-310Olympus TG610
The new TG-610 and TG-310 camera are Waterproof, Shockproof and Freezeproof models. The new Tough cameras are Waterproof (to 16 feet for the TG-610 and 10 feet for the TG-310), Shockproof (to 5 feet) and Freezeproof (to 14 degrees Fahrenheit) to deliver amazing images even when you take them to extremes. Beyond their durable exteriors, the TG-610 and TG-310  deliver superior image quality thanks to 14 megapixels, high-definition (HD) video, wide-angle optical zoom lenses (5x on the TG-610 and 3.6x on the TG-310) and dual image stabilization. The cameras come in a variety of colors to complement your own individual style.  

The TG-610 has a 5x wide-angle optical zoom (28-140mm equivalent in 35mm photography), and TG-310 has a 3.6x wide-angle optical zoom (28-102mm equivalent.)

Dual Image Stabilization combines two technologies – Mechanical Sensor-Shift Image Stabilization and Digital Image Stabilization – to provide one powerful anti-blur solution for capturing great images whether the photographer or the subject is moving. Olympus’ Mechanical Sensor-Shift Image Stabilization keeps images sharp by adjusting the internal image sensor to compensate for camera movement, even in low-light conditions when shutter speeds are slower. Additionally, Digital Image Stabilization freezes the action with high ISO sensitivity and fast shutter speeds to prevent blurry images often caused by a moving subject.

The cameras can detect up to 12 faces within the frame and automatically focuses and optimizes exposure to capture sharp, brilliant portraits and group shots. Even more remarkable, the TG-610 and TG-310 come equipped with Beauty Mode. Designed to touch up the appearance of your subject’s skin as the photo is captured, enhancements that typically would necessitate retouching in a graphics editing program.

With Intelligent Auto Mode it automatically identifies what you are shooting (i.e., Portrait, Night + Portrait, Landscape, Macro and Sports) and adjusts the camera’s settings to capture the best quality results. In-Camera Panorama mode makes it easy by capturing three images and stitching them together to create one amazing panoramic picture. Olympus’ enhanced TruePic III+ Image Processor produces crystal-clear photos using all the pixel information for each image to deliver superior picture quality with more accurate colors, true-to-life flesh tones and faster processing speeds.

Available in February 2011 TG-610 Estimated Street Price: $300 (U.S.) TG-310 Estimated Street Price: $200 (U.S.)

HMX-Q10Samsung HMX-Q10
Their latest model in its camcorder portfolio is    the HMX-Q10. With a BSI CMOS sensor making recording movies easier than ever before, and smart features such as it’s innovative Switch Grip technology via an LCD screen. The Switch Grip means that no matter how the camcorder is held, the G-magnetic sensor inside the HMX-Q10 recognizes the angle and turns the LCD display so it’s easy to see, and controls recording easily from any angle. Easy Operation means that users can control detailed processes, turning the camcorder on and off, or operate the playback function easily through the LCD screen. The prominently placed record button makes capturing video extremely simple, and straightforward.

Built around the needs of the consumer who wants to capture their movies without fuss or complication. Whether you are left- or right-handed, shooting in difficult positions or combining recording film with other activities, you can always maintain perfect control over your video.

The camcorder includes a brand new Easy Operation and Smart Access UI that makes using the camcorder easier to use than ever before. Featuring an intuitive and clearly visible record button it eliminates the need to have many separate buttons and keys to control the camcorder. Easy Operation via the 2.7” wide LCD screen allows the user to perform a variety of functions, including a pause function allowing you to stop and work out the best angle for your recording experience, the ability to turn the camcorder on and off, and playback mode so users can immediately review their footage.

It captures video in 1920x1080/60i full HD, and includes an OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) Duo system to compensate for hand-shaking better than ever before, creating a stable, clear video every time – even when walking or moving around. The HMX-Q10’s features also include a 5MP BSI CMOS sensor, which records with twice the sensitivity of normal CMOS sensors, dramatically reducing noise and distortion while also enhancing recording quality in low-light conditions, so great quality video can be captured in any situation.

It also features an upgraded version of Samsung’s Smart Auto scene recognition technology, which analyzes key elements of the composition of the footage such as brightness, motion, color and subject and then selects the most appropriate settings to produce the best results possible. It can also capture 4.9MP still photos.

Users can also choose to adopt more manual control. With Easy Manual Mode setting, users can access and calibrate the entire breadth of easy-to-use manual features (White Balance, Exposure Values, Backlighting, Self Timer, and C.Nite) through the intuitive interface. The new Art Film function also means that video can be captured in more creative ways, using special effects such as Time Lapse and Black & White, making video recording fun and easy. It will be available in February. Further specifications:

WB700Samsung wb700
The new WB700 features a 24mm ultra-wide Schneider KREUZNACH® lens to capture the perfect wide shot, as well as a 24X zoom function, made up of an 18X optical zoom and 1.3X Smart Zoom. Equipped with a 16 Megapixel (MP) CCD sensor, full manual control and the ability to record in 720p high definition video (H.264 format).

Users can capture high quality video footage, as well as still images. It also features Smart Filter 2.0 - artistic filters in modes such as ‘soft focus’, ‘half-tone dot’ and ‘cinema’ alongside traditional features such as ‘fish-eye’, ‘miniature’ and ‘sketch’, giving entertaining and professional finishes at the touch of a button.

Also introduced was  the ability to remove zoom noise from video content. It uses an advanced noise reduction algorithm that actively cancels out the zoom noise, as the optical zoom slides backwards and forwards, giving you uninterrupted clear sound to complement your detailed High Definition movies. Estimated available in April for an MSPR of  $300. It has Dual OIS and DIS (Optical / Digital Image Stabilization), Full Manual Mode, Movie Recording button, and built in HDMI.

ST95 ST90 ST65
Samsung ST95The ST95 ($200), ST90 ($150) and ST65 ($130) are Samsung’s latest additions to its ultra-slim, stylish design range. With each device measuring 16.5mm (ST90) or 17mm (ST95 and ST65), the  compact design of each model has been specifically developed to improve the overall usability and function of the cameras. They feature a 26mm wide lens on the ST95 and ST90, and a 27mm wide lens on the ST65 plus a 5x optical zoom lens, to ensure users can capture every detail within the frame while delivering a deeper image  perspective. The camera range also boasts 16 megapixels for the ST95 and 14 megapixels for the ST90 and ST65, the intelligent Smart Auto system chooses from 16 different landscape and portrait modes (15 modes on the ST65) to automatically select the appropriate settings allowing you to capture the perfect image.

All three cameras include 720p HD Movie recording, and the ST95 also supports H.264 codec, providing up to 2-4 times longer recording capabilities compared to conventional models with MPEG-4 OR MJPEG. The ST95 also reaches new levels of interaction with the consumer, through newly developed Smart Touch 3.0 User Interface which works on the 3.0” wide multi-purpose LCD touch screen, so users can quickly access, manage and use key features like they would on a modern day Smart phone.

The ST cameras range also boasts Smart Filter and Smart Album functions. The Smart Filter delivers a high-performing artistic edge to both still shots and videos through the miniaturizing effect, compositional contrast with a Vignetting filter and the Fish-eye setting to provide a cool, unique and stylized finish. For all those photos of friends, birthday parties and celebrations with loved ones, the Smart Album automatically organizes photos by type, date and even by face recognition. Availability for all is February.

ST30Samsung ST30
With an ultra compact design (about the size of an average mobile phone) the ST30 you can carry it anywhere on you. Comes with Smart Auto focus, an internal battery charging system, a 28mm lens and 3x power optical zoom. The additional image stabilization provides real value to your camera experience, preventing even the tiniest shake, resulting in sharp images no matter what your environment. The 10.1-megapixel sensor provides sharp, crisp detail to make your images stand out from the crowd.

Perfect images are captured, with innovative face detection technology, Red-eye fix and even next generation technology that detects facial blinking. It also evens out skin tones, erases blemishes and removes dark circles, so you can control the quality of your appearance in any situation. Available in March for $100.

WB210 PL210Samsung WB210
The WB210 ($280) and PL210 ($200) – two high zoom, wide angle cameras which boast intuitive features that make it easier than ever to take great pictures on the go. The WB210 boasts a long 12x optical super zoom lens set in a slim-line 22.4mm body. The new camera also includes the option of a 21mm wide angle setting, through its super wide shot mode, to get deeper shots at close range – perfect for capturing landscape scenes or big groups of friends when on the move. 14 Megapixel photo quality, for crystal clear pictures, and a large 3.5” touch screen with Samsung’s new Smart Access UI system. The camera also delivers HD quality movie recording, as well as face detection to ensure you never miss your family and friends in your pictures.

If you’re looking for simplicity and great shots, the PL210 offers a comprehensive set of features to help capture better images, with ease. It features a 10x optical zoom with 27mm wide angle lens in a body measuring just 19.7mm to ensure portability, and a large 3.0 LCD screen. It also provides high image quality with its 14 Megapixel sensor and HD movie capabilities.

The WB210 and PL210 both incorporate powerful long zooms, for detailed pictures on the go. The WB210 features a 12x optical zoom, while the PL210 includes a 10x optical zoom. Additionally, the WB210’s optional 21mm wide angle lens, when set to super wide shot mode, provides users with the opportunity to capture great panoramic or distance shots.

Both cameras feature Smart Filter 2.0. The WB210 includes the innovative Smart-Access user interface, delivering easy access and control and the emotional satisfaction to smart-phone friendly users. The UI function also allows users to drag, click and control ‘app-style’ icons, easily flip through photos, and control camera’s features including aperture and shutter speed. Both will be available in February.

The ST700 represents the ultimate in dual screen innovation from Samsung. The new camera boasts a 1.8” front LCD screen, the largest ever incorporated into this style of camera, giving even more opportunities for portrait self-shooting, which has become the hallmark of the DualView camera. The front screen is complemented by a new 3.0” touch screen with Smart Access UI on the back of the camera. Comes with a 16.1 Megapixel (MP) image sensor and a 26mm 5x optical zoom lens.

The PL170 and PL120 gives a bright 1.5” front screen that allow you to perfectly frame your portrait, these two models also incorporate the Easy Self Shot feature from the ST700, which allows you to turn on only the front screen for added privacy.

DualView camerasSamsung ST700
Designed with self-portrait photography in mind. In addition to the innovative new Easy Self Shot feature, the ST700 ($280) also includes a new Children mode that allows you to create your own animations to keep kids happy and engaged when you want to capture those special family memories. All three models use 26mm lenses for a wider and deeper perspective that is ideal for portraits. The ST700 and PL170 ($200) have 16.1MP sensors for some of the sharpest images available, with the PL120 ($150) at 14.2MP. For the new ST700 model has the Smart Access user interface (UI), with a large, clear 3.0” wide touch LCD screen.

All three models come equipped with a HD Movie recording feature, so you can capture great videos alongside your still images. The Smart 2.0 filters, such as ‘soft focus’, ‘half-tone dot’ and ‘cinema’ sit alongside more common features such as ‘fish-eye’, ‘miniature’ and ‘sketch’ in the three new models, giving entertaining and professional finishes at the touch of a button. You can also deploy the newly added Magic Frame feature to instantly create formatted postcards or posters to share with your friends and family. By simply pre-selecting the template available on the camera and then taking your picture, the photo will automatically appear on selected template for original photo display. In addition, the ST700 and PL170 feature an HDMI output feature which provides seamless connectivity to your TV, and also come in four great stylish colors. All three new models also include Samsung’s Smart Auto feature, which works for both still and video images. All have 5X 26mm Slim Optical Zoom Lens, Digital Image Stabilization, and will be available in March.

HMX-H300Samsung HMX-H300
The new HMX-H300 camcorder series features long battery life, a 3” touch screen LCD, and 30x optical zoom (300x digital zoom.) Designed to automatically   deliver stable video in crystal-clear HD, with a battery life of up to three hours, and built-in USB charging, the camcorder allows users to relax while filming. The Face Detection function makes sure that the faces of up to six people in the shot are kept in focus at all times so that clarity isn’t sacrificed in busy scenes such as parties or concerts. The upgraded Smart Auto feature automatically selects the right shooting mode depending on outside factors, such as brightness, subject and color. The camcorder also features the new and innovative Record Pause function, allowing users to briefly pause in recording, before resuming recording in the same file, linking the files together to save time when editing or sharing

Built with a 5 Megapixel 1/4” (1/6.3”, 1.75M Effective) BSI (Back Side Illuminated) CMOS sensor, which is twice as sensitive as a regular CMOS sensor. With the BSI CMOS sensor, noise and image distortion are reduced and video quality in low-light conditions, such as dimly-lit restaurants or nighttime scenes, is dramatically improved. Similarly, the HMX-H300 series also includes an advanced OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) Duo system to ensure steady and stable footage by compensating for minor hand and body movements, even when walking around.

The series also has a 3” Touch LCD screen, and lets the user capture 4.9MP still images without the need for a second camera. They will take HD video up to 1920 x 1080 60i or 1280 x 720 60p. Available in February with a starting price of $399

SMX-F50/F53/F54 camcordersSamsung SMX F50
Its SMX-F50 series camcorder is designed to capture with a compact, high performing, affordable and convenient design. Comes with an impressive 65x zoom lens, while incorporating additional high-end features including SD Memory and the first Smart Background Music (BGM) in a family camcorder.

The lightweight and compact design allows users to keep the camcorder with them at all times. It boasts 65x zoom technology (52x Optical Zoom, 1200x Digital Zoom), with additional pixel capability. I can do  continuous recording time of 6 hours 20 minutes (with 16GB memory or card) and the capability of producing H.264 high quality formatted videos. The camcorder also includes a USB port for charging on the go or connecting to a PC. Comes with the SD Memory card and built-in flash memory (at 8GB for the F53 and 16GB F54.)

Recording background sound and music can often prove difficult with conventional camcorders, as the music can drown out people’s voices when played back. The SMX-F50 series allows you to choose music to accompany your memories. When the music is edited into the video, the Smart BGM feature automatically lowers the music volume when speech is detected in the film, making sure everyone’s voice is heard. Samsung is the first company to offer the Smart BGM feature. The latest and newly introduced Record Pause technology allows users to briefly pause while recording and then resume filming from that exact moment.

Record up to 720 x 480 60i, 2.7” 230K LCD screen, Face Detection, takes still pictures at 1.9 MP. Available in February with prices starting at $199.

The world’s first “Double Full HD” 3D consumer camcorder. The camcorder employs an integrated dual lens system, which includes two of each key component—double Sony HDR-TD10Sony G Lenses, double “Exmor R” CMOS image sensors, and double BIONZ® image processors. The dual recording system allows 3D content to be recorded in 1920x1080 Full HD resolution. The content can be viewed with 3D active glasses on 3D-capable HDTVs or in Full HD 2D on non-3D displays. In addition, the 3D footage can be viewed in 3D without glasses on the camcorder’s 3.5-inch Xtra Fine LCD™ 3D touch screen. In addition to other innovative features, 10x optical zoom with Optical SteadyShot™ image stabilization with Active Mode and iAUTO are offered in 3D mode. Providing 64 GB of flash memory, the HDR-TD10 will be available in April for about $1,500.

Handycam camcorders with a built-in video projector offer the ultimate playback experience, even on the go. A compact, LED-based projector is built into the 3-inch flip-out LCD panel, maintaining the camcorder’s compact size and allowing video and images to be projected at up to 60 inches (diagonally; when projected 18 feet away) onto walls, ceilings or other flat surfaces.

Combined with powerful stereo speakers with Clear Phase™ and S-Master™ digital amplifiers, the integrated projector provides a whole new way to enjoy video playback without needing to plug into an HDTV. The HDR-PJ50V with a 220GB Hard Disk Drive will be available in April for about $1000, while the HDR-PJ30V with 32GB of flash memory and HDR-PJ10 with 16GB of flash memory will be available in March for about $950 and $700, respectively.

HDR-CX700V Sony HDR-CX700V
A consumer camcorder with hallmark Handycam features—“Exmor R” CMOS image sensor, Wide Angle Sony G Lens, Optical SteadyShot™ image stabilization with Active Mode, Event Browse, Highlight Playback—and a wealth of new technologies borrowed from Sony’s professional products. The camera boasts film-like shooting with 60p/24p native recording, along with CinemaTone presets, as well as advanced features such as Expanded Focus, Zebra and Peaking settings and other manual controls. The newly developed 16:9 “Exmor R” CMOS sensor realizes a wider angle of view and higher megapixels for video and photos. With 96 GB of flash memory it will be available in March for about $1,300.

HD 3D pocket cameras
On the other end of the video spectrum, Sony’s affordable and fun Bloggie HD camera line welcomes three models that each brings distinct value to the category. The world’s first HD 3D pocket camera, the MHS-FS3 “Bloggie 3D” model boasts two lenses, two image sensors and two stereo speakers to capture incredible 3D or 2D video and photos.

Recorded content from the MHS-FS3 can be played back in 3D without glasses on the camera’s 2.4-inch LCD screen or on any 3D capable HDTV with glasses. sONY mhs-fs2

The simple HD camera lineup also offers a dual-screen option dubbed the Bloggie Duo camera (MHS-FS2). The slim camera features two vibrant LCD screens a 2.7-inch on the back and 2-inch on the front for new ways to capture yourself and others in full HD video or 5.1-megapixel photos. The Bloggie Duo camera has a built-in LED light and comes in four fashionable colors including violet, green, pink and white.

The MHS-FS1 sports an ultra compact, lightweight design with a large 2.7-inch LCD screen and comes in black and white.

The Bloggie (MHS-FS1) and Bloggie Duo (MHS-FS2) cameras, both with 4GB of internal memory, will be available in March for about $150 and $170, respectively. The Bloggie 3D camera (MHS-FS3) with 8GB of internal memory will be available in April for about $250.

For entry-level HD camcorder Sony gave options in both hard drive (HDR-XR160) and flash memory (HDR-CX160 and HDR-CX130) formats. The HDR-XR160 features a 160GB hard drive for up to 66 hours of HD video (LP mode), while the HDR-CX160 has 16GB of embedded flash memory for up to six hours of HD video (LP mode), and the HDR-CX130 allows for customizable capacity with the purchase of a memory card. These camcorders are packed with features including:Sony HDR-CX130

The HDR-XR160 will be available in April for about $600, while the HDR-CX160 and HDR-CX130 will be available in March for about $500 and $450, respectively. The HDR-CX130 will come in black, blue, and silver.

Cyber-shot Digital Still Cameras
Sony has designed five new innovative 16.2-megapixel Cyber-shot cameras (DSC-TX100V, DSC-TX10, DSC-HX7V, DSC-WX10 and DSC-WX9) that are the world’s first compact digital still cameras to include 3D Still Image mode for taking 3D images using only one lens and imager. They also have innovative Dual Rec (record) technology for taking still photos during video capture.Sony DSC-TX100V

The DSC-TX100V camera is the world’s first compact digital still camera to include full HD (1920 x 1080/60p) video capability for smooth playback while recording action shots such as sports.

It is also the first Cyber-shot with a 3.5-inch touch screen with OLED that provides deeper blacks and more vibrant color contrast while being thinner than most LCDs. Additionally, the camera is one of few digital still cameras to include a high speed linear autofocus feature that provides quick and more precise focusing similar to the speed of a DSLR camera. Also the camera is waterproof, shockproof, dustproof and freeze-proof compliant, offers HD movie and 3D photo capture, plus Intelligent Sweep Panorama, an “Exmor R” CMOS sensor that promises crisp clear photos even in low light and a 3-inch touch screen.

With Sony’s “Exmor R” Back illuminated CMOS sensor technology, these models provide excellent low-light performance, up to 10fps burst shooting and the Intelligent Sweep Panorama™ feature. These cameras with CMOS sensors will range from $220 to $380 and will be available in March.

Some of Sony’s most affordable full-featured point-and-shoot cameras to-date, Sony today also announced new models with CCD sensors in its W, H, and T-series Cyber-shot lines including models DSC-W510, DSC-W530, DSC-W560, DSC-W570, DSC-T110 and DSC-H70. Starting with the entry-level 16.1-megapixel DSC-T110 with a CCD sensor, the T-models feature a three-inch LCD with touch screen, Sweep Panorama mode and 720p HD movie capture. The Cyber-shot DSC-T110 camera will be available at about $230. The DSC-H70 will run about $230.

The all new W-series models feature Sweep Panorama mode plus a bevy of Sony innovations including SteadyShot® image stabilization that reduces blur, iAuto mode that automatically optimizes camera settings plus Face Detection and Smile Shutter™ technology, making it easy and affordable to get the best shot. The DSC-W530 and DSC-W570 will be available in February and the DSC-W510 and DSC-W560 will be available in March, ranging in price from about $110 to about $180.

The all new W-series models feature Sweep Panorama™ mode, plus a variety of Sony innovations. These include SteadyShot® image stabilization that reduces blur, iAuto mode that automatically optimizes camera settings plus Face Detection and Smile Shutter™ technology, making it easy and affordable to get the best shot.

Sony also introduced a fresh, sleek addition to its world-class all-touch-screen T-series cameras (DSC-T110) that combine the must-have ultra slim design factor with all the cutting-edge features the in-crowd demands. Starting with the entry-level DSC-T110, the T-models feature a 3-inch LCD touch screen, Sweep Panorama mode and 720p HD movie capture. The DSC-T110 camera will be available in March for about $220.

Sony also introduced a new 10x optical zoom Cyber-shot camera (DSC-H70). With a 16-megapixel CCD sensor, it has the innovative Sweep Panorama™ feature, 720p HD movie recording, Optical SteadyShot™ and a 25mm wide lens. The DSC-H70 will be available in March for about $230.Toshiba CAMILEO S30

At only three-fourths of an inch thin and weighing only 4.2 ounces, the CAMILEO S30 is the size of a smartphone. Now features image stabilization in 1080p, 720p and 480p modes for smooth and clear videos, a touch screen designed for easier navigation and a 16X digital zoom for getting in on the action.

The camcorder's swiveling three-inch diagonal LCD display now features a touch screen, making navigation through menus easier than ever. In addition it doubles as an eight megapixel digital still camera for great pictures every time. The compact device also accommodates an SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card with up to 64GB capacity for an estimated 10 hours of recording at 1080p, or 24 hours at the lowest setting.

Consumers can also view videos and still photos directly on a computer or HDTV with the included HDMI® cable. Another key feature is the Internet Upload Button, which allows users to quickly and easily upload videos and photos to YouTube™, Facebook®, Twitter and Picasa®.

Immediately available at and at a variety of major consumer electronics and computer stores nationwide starting at $180 MSRP.

Vivtar Vivtar DVR790
The Vivitar DVR 780HD allows you to share in the excitement, with a 2.0" flip out LCD screen. Upload your photos and videos wirelessly with built in Wi-Fi capabilities. With HDMI output, you can watch your videos directly on your home theater. Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery and a 4x Digital Zoom make this DVR easy to use, even for the beginner. At an SRP of$200. The 5.1 megapixel camera is also HDMI compatible and SD card supported.

Vivitar also launched the DVR 790HD, a 5.1megapixel, 3D video camera. With the ability to shoot and view all the action in 3D, it has a2.7” preview screen and 4xzoom. The model is HDMI compatible and operates with the included lithium battery and is available at an SRP of $200.

Camera Accessories

The products flexible nature allows for Spiderpodium to position a camera, phone, or tablet at virtually any angle, in any position, in any location. Designed with today's portable handheld consumer electronics in mind, the 'take it everywhere, use it anywhere  Spiderpodium portable dock & podium is a universal, multi-purpose, gadget grip, holster, dock and display podium which is compatible with most all compact handheld devices including smartphones, portable phones, portable movie players, mp3 players, gaming systems, camcorders, e-readers and more.

Canon Canon WM V1
The new Canon WP-V3 Waterproof Case helps protect any of the 2011 VIXIA HF M-series Flash Memory camcorders in depths of water up to 130 feet, allowing users to capture exciting HD footage even underwater. The ultimate camcorder accessory for diving and snorkeling enthusiasts, this compact and lightweight housing seals the camcorder, allowing easy on-camera operation and control. Available in February for an estimated retail price of $600. Also new from Canon is the WM-V1 Wireless Microphone for recording accurate audio without cumbersome wires from up to 164 feet away, ideal for ceremonies, family events and recitals. Compatible with the new 2011 VIXIA HF G10, VIXIA HF M-series, and VIXIA HF R-series camcorders and will be available in May for an estimated retail price of $250.  

Kingston Digital
Released the SDHC UHS-I UltimateXX memory cards. Photographers will appreciate the ability to easily capture sequential shots that were once a challenge due to the speed limitations of memory. The UltimateXX also makes it easy to capture HD video. The performance of SDHC UHS-I memory card is optimized when paired with a UHS-I device, although the card is backwards compatibleKingston SDHC memory card with Class 4, 6 and 10 equipment.

The cards meets the SD Association standards for the UHS-I speed class with speeds up to 60MB/sec. read and 35MB/sec. write. At this performance level, the write speed of SDHC UHS-I memory cards is more than three times as fast as SDHC Class 10 cards. The UltimateXX product line will offer capacities of 8GB, 16GB and 32GB.  Kingston SDHC UHS-1 UltimateXX Features and Specifications:

Kodak Pulse Digital FrameThe next generation of the Pulse Digital Frame has its own email address now has an extra shot of social – allowing you to comment on the pictures you receive from friends and family the moment you receive them. A Quick Comment button on the touchscreen lets you communicate back to the picture sender directly from the frame. In addition it  connects to Facebook and Kodak Gallery albums so pictures are streamed to your frame automatically. You can also now create playlists to choose the pictures you want to see the most. Available in 7-inch (US $130 MSRP) and 10-inch (US $200 MSRP) sizes. It  also has a new built-in activity sensor that turns the frame on when you’re nearby and conserves power when you’re not.

Consumers are finding their way back to print – because innovative and customizable offerings like photo books and cards from Kodak Gallery and Kodak Picture Kiosk are so compelling. The latest innovation from Kodak Gallery, Photo Books with SMART FIT Technology, revolutionizes the photo book industry. This modern, cutting-edge technology allows you to organize, preserve and create a beautiful book of memories with speed and ease – and in a fun and creative way. Creating photos books from a Kodak Picture Kiosk offers instant gratification. Books are offered in a variety of sizes and prices to meet the needs of every consumer. (Dedicated website is

Kodak’s PYNK Smart Print System – an innovative and unique design tool found on the Kodak Picture Kiosk – redefines the frame category by automatically measuring, cropping, arranging and printing photos to fit your frame. The output is a Kodak  PYNK SmartPrint that falls right into place – no scissors or searching for that perfect sized picture. Making the sharing process simple and solving the inherent problems of so many photo products, Kodak’s Picture Kiosks can be found in over 100,000 retail stores worldwide.

Kodak also expanded there Webcam line with new $20 and $30 models that make video calling easy as well as affordable for both PCs and Macs. Features range from clear full-motion live images and still image capture at up to 1.3 megapixels to built-in parental controls, drag-and-drop image uploads to social networking and image sharing sites, and a mini-tripod included with the $30 model.

Designed to simplify video chatting over services such as SKYPE and YAHOO!, AOL and MSN Instant Messenger as well as Google Talk and iChat AV for Macs, the new Kodak  Webcams require no technical expertise to install, use or share captured images. They also offer the first affordable webcam solutions for Mac users, who until now have had few choices under $100. A built-in noise cancelling microphone eliminates the need for a separate microphone peripheral. Compatibility with WINDOWS 7/VISTA/XP and MAC OSX 10.5x and above

International Supplies 
The Camera Duck allows photographers and videographers to protect their cameras from all harsh weather conditions. Essentially a cover that users can install to fit around their camera. There is an opening on both ends so not only will it fit snugly around the lens, but it also leaves room at the back so users can continue shooting no matter what the conditions are like outside. The Camera Duck is made with waterproof rip stop nylon so it will protect your camera from rain, snow, sand, sun, salt spray, and any other environmental elements that can adversely affect your camera.

The Camera Duck is also uniquely designed to combat condensation and fogging on the lens, which is one of the most aggravating problems with shooting in cold or humid weather. Camera Ducks are available in a variety of different models. The Downpour Cordura Camera Duck is an outer shell that can be used over the standard Camera Duck and is ideal for heavy rain and cold down to about -10° F. There is also the Polar, which consists of three layers of protection: a nylon inner shell, which is the standard Camera Duck, a Thinsulate insulated cover and a Cordura outer shell. The Polar can be used in -30° F temperatures.

Varavon  (from International Supplies)Varavon
Low angle images and scenes are dramatic and beautiful, but capturing them is a different story. It can involve practically lying down on the ground, or kneeling or crouching in very uncomfortable positions. Te Pro Finder attaches to the camera and with the use of two built-in angled mirrors, allows users to simply look down into the viewfinder to see the shot. This provides shooters with much more freedom of movement and its much easier to use than having to attach an assortment of accessories, or having to bend over backwards to capture the right angle.

The Pro Finder features a 3x zoom so users can magnify their shots to make sure they are in focus, a Diopter for near and far-sighted shooters, and a loupe. The low angle viewfinder is ideal for capturing all types of camera angles. When it is not being used for low angle photo and video capture, the device can be used as a regular viewfinder or transformed into a hood so users can see their shots better during the day or in the presence of bright lights. Use of the Pro Finder also prevents condensation from building up on lenses. It works with the Canon 5D Mark II, 7D and Rebel T2i cameras. Price is $363. 

SDXC Cards designed to increase the experience in capturing, storing and sharing important moments, the SDXC (Secure Digital eXtend Capacity) cards from Maxell deliver speeds up to Maxell SD Card50MB/s, offering the speed and capacity that is necessary to support features that are available in today’s consumer electronic devices, mobile devices and industrial devices.

Featuring a class 10 speed and UHS-1 (Ultra High Speed) for the BUS interface, the card offers the latest in memory cards, along with much needed speed and performance. Available in 64GB today, with a future roadmap of up to 2TB. Specifications:

Olympus unveils new accessories to further expand what you can do with PEN cameras.  

SanDisk SanDisk CompactFlash Card
Announced the world’s fastest high-capacity CompactFlash® card. The SanDisk Extreme® Pro™ CompactFlash® card features 128 gigabytes (GB)1 of storage and up to 100 megabyte per second (MB/sec) write speeds. With its Power Core® controller and UDMA-7 interface, the card delivers the performance demanded by high-end DSLR cameras.

Ideally suited for imaging applications requiring Full HD 1920x1080 resolution, up to 50Mbps bit rate and 4:2:2 color sampling. The card’s unprecedented combination of speed and storage lets photographers capture more frames when shooting in continuous burst mode, and enables them to record high quality Full HD videos.

Enhancing its lineup of recordable media with the addition of SDHC Class 10 memory cards to increase transfer speeds. These new SDHC Class 10 cards have a 22-megabytes-per-second transfer rate. Compatible with all SDHC devices, SDHC Class 10 cards from Sony are recommended for use with features such as continuous shooting of stills, 3D capture and HD video. As an added bonus, users can shoot with ease knowing their photos and videos are protected thanks to downloadable file recovery software. The software is available with all Sony memory card products including the newly launched SDHC Class 10 cards. Users are able to recover their photos and videos that may have been accidentally damaged or deleted.

Like other Sony memory Cards, the new SDHC Class 10 cards offer a free download of x-Pict Story™ photo sharing software. Sold in capacities ranging from 8GB to 32GB, the SDHC CL10 series starts at $49.99. Sony SDHC Class 10 memory cards will be available at major electronics retailers and in early 2011.



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