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CES 2011 CES - Video

By Terry Currier

CES 2011 - Video of many exhibitors   Computers   Tablets   Storage   Cameras First Part (Canon, Casio, Kodak, Mustek) Second Part (Olympus, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, Vitar, Accessories)

Here is video I took of different booths.
Note - times listed is the length of the video. These are in high resolution for those over 2 minutes long if you want a lower resolution so you can see it quicker, click on the word lower. You can also right click and choose to download the file.

Azpen Tablet - uses Windows 7  (21 seconds)
C3 - amazing 3D mapping program (23 seconds) shown at the Lunch at Piero's
Canon - printers and camera (1 minute)
Casio Press Conference - introducing their new camera the TRYX  (5 minutes 30 seconds) lower
Cydle Tablet - two sizes of tables using the Android operating system  (16 seconds)
eers - custom made earphones, you inject silicone into your ear (51 seconds)
Electronic Arts - games to help you keep in shape making fun exercise fun  (2 minutes 28 seconds) shown at ShowStoppers lower
Enspert Tablet - using the Android  operating system 8GB memory  (1 minute 13 seconds)
foneGEAR - showing PowerSlice a universal charger (1 minute 16 seconds)
Frame Wizard - a fun way to show your photos off with things happening in the digital display (27 seconds)
Gaming - some of the gaming chairs shown at CES  (58 seconds)
Grandmax - speaker set, portable (18 seconds)
Hauppage - check out the USB mobil TV including the antenna  (15 seconds)
Intel - latest notebooks, netbooks, and tablets (3 minutes 6 seconds) lower
iHome - accessories for the iPad, and iPhone (2 minutes 1 seconds) lower
iTwin - helps you easily stay connected with a second computer through the Internet (1 minute 49 seconds) shown at ShowStoppers
Jade Live Broadcaster - lets you broadcast to the web through your webcam (1 minute 38 seconds)
Lenovo - Thinkpad notebooks impressive in thickness  (2 minutes 53 seconds) lower
Lexmark - Genesis all-in-one, it can scan a picture or document in 3 (yes three) seconds (2 minutes 28 seconds) shown at ShowStoppers lower
LG - mobile TVs and phones, very thin OLED TVs, check out the 3D mapping demo (5 minutes 2 seconds) lower
Logitech - Revue with Google TV (2 minutes 12 seconds) shown at ShowStoppers lower
Magellan - GPS units, never get lost again   (2 minutes 24 seconds) lower
NEC - dual screen tablet (7 minutes) lower
Ocosmos - world’s tiniest PC and high performance tablet powered by Intel (1 minute 51 seconds) shown at ShowStoppers
Oregon Scientific - camera you can use underwater (1 minute 2 seconds)
Panasonic Booth - TVs, cameras, tablet computers (1 minute 34 seconds)
Panasonic Press Conference - what they have planned for the future including of course 3D TV and cameras (12 minutes 47 seconds) lower
Parrot - drone plane, very cool (1 minute)
Pure Acoustics - a portable sound bar to play your music from USB, SD card or iPhone, or cell phone (1 minute 2 seconds) shown at ShowStoppers
Samsung -
       Cameras         (5 minutes 23 seconds) lower
       Computers      (12 minutes 9 seconds) lower
       TV & Blu-ray (7 minutes 10 seconds) lower
Sharp - tablets named Galapagos, TVs and their sound bar (7 minutes 35 seconds) lower
Sony - large screen TVs, cameras, camcorders with a built-in projector, and e-readers (2 minutes 34 seconds) lower
Taser - security unit, could have used this when they gave me the hotel bill (31 seconds)
Tiffen - camera accessory to help you steady your hold (21 seconds)
Toshiba - SSDs, notebooks, and 3D notebooks computers  (5 minutes 33 seconds) lower
The Recom Group - wearable signage see them at (19 seconds)
Viewsonic - booth showing tablets, monitors (including 3D), a very cool pico projector  (4 minutes 47 seconds) lower
Xi3 - modular computer about 8 inches across video, USB, ports and all (29 seconds)

This was called the year of the tablets some estimates ranged up to 80 different ones. Here is a compilation of the video I took with tablets in them.
Tablets - lower (12 minutes 36 seconds)
Here you can see computers compilation
Computers  - lower (11 minutes 29 seconds)

cameras compilation
Cameras - lower (10 minutes 12 seconds)

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