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CES 2012 CES - Video

By Terry Currier

Here is video I took of different booths. Some of them were not on the convention floor, but at ShowStoppers a media event
Note - times listed is the length of the video. You can also right click and choose to download the file. On some I muted the background sound (not needed.)

Biscotti - Make video calls through your TV. Put the bar on top of the TV, includes microphone and camera (1 minute 14 seconds)  
Butterfly - A micro-projector (26 seconds)
Canon - cameras, great lens, and projectors (4 minutes 54 Seconds)
Cideko - Cool car like driving wheel to play iPad games  (46 Seconds)
Crosley - Turntables, and juke boxes   (1 minute 53 Seconds)
eFun - Android based tablet with 4GB of memory and a digitized note taker  (2 minutes 47 seconds)  shown at ShowStoppers
emWave - Checks heart rate showing your emotional state teaching you how to reset your response to stress (1 minute 49 Seconds) shown at ShowStoppers
Kingston - Showing a new Wi-Fi solid state external drive (1 minute 57 seconds) shown at ShowStoppers
HP -  See work station and business tablets (59 seconds) shown at ShowStoppers
iHealth - Allows user to take and log blood pressure on iPhone or iPad   (1 minute 32 seconds)
ion - Turntables (connect via USB), check out the really cool guitar for $99 (2 minutes 2 seconds)
Intel - latest notebooks, netbooks, and tablets (interesting future of painting part) (5 minutes 57 seconds)
Lenovo - Thinkpad notebooks impressive in thickness - listen for the estimated price for their upcoming tablet  (4 minutes 14 seconds) shown at ShowStoppers
Logitech - New wireless mouse and webcam with great quality (1 minute 31 seconds) shown at ShowStoppers
Microsoft - Video of a HTC phone with Windows 8 like interface (58 seconds)
Microvision - Pico projector (32 seconds) shown at ShowStoppers
Nikon - Cameras on display (1 minute)
Powertech - Plug into one outlet and you get two and USB ports (33 seconds)
Panasonic - TVs, cameras, tablet computers (2 minutes 2 seconds)
Samsung - Huge booth, computers, tab tablets, phones, and TVs  (3 minutes 53 seconds)
SecuriRouter - Secure easy to set up router  (2 minutes 58 seconds)
Sony - large screen TVs, cameras, camcorders, tablets (under glass)  (2 minutes)
Speakers - A collection of some speakers shown at CES - Abin, Wowee, violet, Behring, X-mini (1 minute 48 seconds)
The Neat Scanner - Very fast scanner (25 pages per minute) which records the information allowing the user to quickly find data (4 minutes 57 seconds) shown at ShowStoppers
Steadicam - When you want a device to hold your camera steady look to them (34 seconds)
Toshiba - SSDs, notebooks, and 3D notebooks computers  (3 minutes 25 seconds)
Victorinox - Always fun to see the pocket knifes with USB storage  (29 seconds)
Viewsonic - booth showing tablets, monitors (including 3D)  (3 minutes 56 seconds)
Vidyo - HD Video conferencing with great quality (1 minute 18 seconds) shown at ShowStoppers
Xi3 - modular computer about 8 inches across video, USB, ports and all (55 seconds)


iPad Tablet
Cruze - Good protective cover for iPad with keyboard and battery with 130 hours of continuous life (1 minute 32 seconds)
Lethal Protection - Looks like a metal spider with arms that hold the iPad and you can fit on your had to carry it  (28 seconds)
- Good protective cover with magnetic keyboard, allows you to set it at different angles  (3 minutes 24 seconds)
Tablet Pets - Stuffed animals you can use to hold your iPad to watch/use and they have pouches to carry the iPad whenever you want to go somewhere (2 minutes 4 seconds)
Zagg - Clever stand that can be used for any tablet, the stand can also double as a carrier for the keyboards they sell (1 minute 14 seconds) shown at ShowStoppers
Zerochroma - Case for the iPad to help protect it  (24 seconds) shown at ShowStoppers


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