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Reviewed by Terry Currier corefx full menu

corefx is a draw, paint, animate program specially aimed at younger users. It has a simple and intuitive interface. They give the user a number of different drawingtools. These include pencil, chalk, paint bush, spray can, stamps, and more. The stamps browser has 22 different characters that can be added into the pictures. Select a stamp then left click to place that onto the screen. You can also hold down the left click and then draw with it on your screen, this creates a series of different characters with the same theme.

Corefx allows you to work with images from a wide variety of imported sources digital photographs, image scans, web graphics, and many others. Any image that is produced with corefx can be saved for the use on the web (including animation), used in desktop publishing, presentation or word processing software. It will work with png, jpg, bmp, gif, and other formats, not tiff though.

The interface/screen design can be customized and set up different levels for Default, Mini, Full, Basic, Junior, and Advanced. The user can relocate each toolbar and tool window within the screen; delete it or create a new one.

In using it I was impressed with all the things it can do. With all the tools the user can do or draw just about anything. In fact I was worried that it might be too much, since it is aimed at a young user. I loaded it onto my laptop computer and took it over to my neighbor and asked his daughter who is 8 years old to try it. I explained it briefly and then stood back and watched if she could figure out how to use it and would like it. So, did she like it? Let me put it this way she did not move from using the program until my laptop battery started to go. For over 90 minutes she drew different items, added stamps, changed drawing tools, erase the screen, and start on new drawings.corefx stamps

corefx drawing tools

corefx arcylic (paintbrush)corefx chalkcorefx charcoalcorefx color tubescorefx cromarcorefx crayoncorefx feltbrushcorefx felttipcorefx pencilcorefx oil pastelcorefx cromarcorefx spraycancorefx watercolor

A free 3 day trial version is available to download (printing and saving disabled).

Minimum requirements

Corefx - Three Level is aimed at ages 5 and up get it at or call (800) 270-4643

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P.O. Box 9804, Newport Beach, CA. 92658
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