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CyberLink DVD Suite 5.0 Standard

By Terry Currier

A do all suite of products. It has 11 CyberLink programs put together into one suite so you can backup, burn, play movies, and music.

PowerDVD 7 (Express) is really the best way to watch a movie on your PC. I have been using it since version 4. Watching it on a PC gives the viewer greater control than just watching it play on a DVD player connected to a TV. The viewer has more speed options: Forward and reverse speeds are 1/2X, 1X, 2X, 3X, 4X, 8X, 16X, 32X. You can bookmark a scene to jump to it quickly. If you have several bookmarks pressing the F2 key takes you to the next bookmark, or use the right-click popup menu. With PowerDVD you can also capture (snapshot) what is showing on the screen. I use that feature to capture images of home movies and print them onto printable DVDs. Note: my version came with PowerDVD 6, the latest version now includes PowerDVD  7.

PowerBackup 2.5 lets you backup you data easily. I backed up 7.1GB to an external  USB hard drive in 26 minutes, including verifying. You can also backup to a Blu-ray Disc, or any DVD type. It lets you schedule automatic backups. You can do full, incremental, or differential backups. Filtering is available to include or exclude files (such as .doc files.) You can also password protect archives. When you do a backup it offers a Restore Tool that integrates the restoration application and your data, and saves the resulting file as an executable (.exe) file. So if the computer crashes you can restore your data on a computer that does not have the PowerBackup program installed.

PhotoNow! is a photo correction program which allows the user to resize, crop, remove red eye, and do some special effects on photos. It can also touch up color hue, brightness, and make a color picture monochrome.

MediaShow 3 helps you create photo slideshows. Fairly easy to do, manual or auto playback of the show. Within MediaShow you can fix photos and apply image effects with PhotoNow!. You can add background music, or record audio directly to narrate the slides. One nice feature – you can have it saved as a Screen Saver (.SCR), allowing you to save the file as a desktop screen saver. You can also save a slideshow as EXE file, allowing playback on any computer.

PowerDVD Copy lets you duplicate non-CSS encrypted DVDs. It will auto-shrink 8.5 GB of video to fit onto a standard 4.7 GB DVD. There is a preview window to view your chapters and select to copy all, or some.

Power2Go 5.5 is the disc burning module. Whether it be data, or music. Burn data onto Blu-ray Discs, HD DVDs, DVDs and CDs. You can rip CDs to create MP3, or WMA files, convert between file formats. I had a problem with this at first shutting the program down when I tried to get information about the album, but CyberLink had a patch for it and I had no troubles after that. Which leads us into -

LabelPrint 2 helps you create labels, covers and jewel-case inlays. It can import photo files for the labels, or even etch images directly onto LightScribe discs. Two things I really liked was the ability to import MP3 song titles and playlist information to put on the label. The second thing which was great for me was it worked with my Epson printer to print the label directly onto the CD.

CyberLink Backup Interface

CyberLink PhotoNow!

CyberLink MediaShow

CyberLink MediaShow options
Options - MediaShow

CyberLink Diskcopy module
DVD Copy

CyberLink Power2go Disc burning module
Power2go Disc burning

CyberLink Labelprint
Label print
CyberLink InstantBburn (drag & drop on to what you want to create) Instant burn CyberLink PowerProducer Editing Interface
CyberLink PowerDirector (5) Editing Interface

InstantBurn 5 gives the user the ability to use a CD, Blu-ray Disc, HD DVD or DVD like a super large floppy disc. Using drag and drop you can easily create an audio CD, Video DVD, or data disc. You can also copy files from one disc to another.

PowerProducer 4 allows you to record high-definition video content directly from a camcorder to disc. Bringing video into the program you can edit by cutting to a desired length, or splitting into chapters. Working with a video you can edit, cut, rearrange and merge to get exactly want you want. You can add photos to create a slideshow within the video, and add background music to a video clip. PowerProducer will do just about everything you need, but if you want to do more, click on the Advanced Editing button and it takes you to -

PowerDirector 5 (SEP version) is the big brother of PowerProducer. It can do everything PowerProducer does, but the editing is easier. It also has what they call Magic Fix to stabilize shaky videos and sharpen picture focus. Magic Style helps create movies with pre-designed templates automatically. It will put in effects, transitions, and create the movie using your timeline. Just pick a template, preview it, and apply the one you want.  Note:  the Standard version of CyberLink DVD Suite does not come with a full working version of PowerDirector. You have to purchase the Pro version to get it. I have full version of PowerDirector 5 which also has more features such as the ability to put in Picture-in-Picture.

CyberLink Utilities lets you create a image of a disc onto your hard drive and then burn it onto another disc.

This is a great selection of programs for a good price $49.95 for the Standard, but I highly recommend you opt for the Pro version for $89.95 which includes PowerDirector. The only down side is for the PowerDVD and PowerDirector they include lite versions (SEP), but these will do just about everything you could want to do. So, you really probably won’t need to upgrade.

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