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Saving The Economy

By Terry Currier

Well Iíve done my bit for saving the American economy.  I went to the after Thanksgiving sales. Yeah I got up early and stood in the long line to get what I wanted. Well okay I got up at 4:40 a.m. for the 6:00 a.m. open. I was second in line at the office supply store. Iíve done the Best Buy sales. Getting there hours ahead of time so I can stand in line for an hour to get one third of the things I wanted. I fast came to the realization it was not for me.

At the office supply store (other stores had the same thing) they had an emachines 2.66Ghz computer with an 80Gb drive and 256Mb of RAM. It was bundled with a 17 inch monitor and Lexmark printer. I did not need the monitor or printer but, I did want that computer. My secondary computer which I review software on was crashing more and more. For the price if the motherboard, CPU, and RAM to replace it, I got a new computer and an extra monitor and printer.   Before they opened the doors I had a chance to talk to the manager and pointed out their HP notebook was on sale at two other stores for $100 less. He said it was a different model number, but he would match the price. I am really am feeling good and bad about this. I need the desktop, and kinda need the notebook. It is a 1.3 Celeron M not a barn burner but still good. What the heck I buy both. At last I will be able link to my network without a PC card.

From there I drove to one of the computer stores for their sales. They had a Mad Dog 16x double layer format DVD drive for $60. Just getting a DVD burner could have cost me more. I figured they would be all gone, but it turns out they were locked up and people were standing around trying to get one. I went around to find someone to open the case and got one of the last units. I also brought more memory for the new desktop. While there I also picked up a good Logitech keyboard for $10 after rebate, Nero for $20, and a SD memory card.

After all that I came home unloaded and went to a third store and got some DVDs for a good price. Actually I was going to see if they still had some hard drives for a great price.

If you see someone standing on the corner with a sign saying ďwill work to pay my credit card billĒ that will be me. If you are feeling bad for my non-computer using wife, the deal is she gets to spend the same amount I did (after the rebates, Iím not stupid). So you see I really am supporting the economy.

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