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By Terry Currier

KVM Stands for Keyboard, Video, Mouse. I have one computer I use for main computing, and another for my testing of reviewing products. Right now I even have a third with my old computer that was crashing is working fine now. So to conserve space I dug out a KVM switch I brought at the ACP Computer Swap meet. I actually brought it a couple of years and had not used it yet. I paid about $60 for it knowing I was getting a better price than one of the known brands (at least I thought so at the time.) In setting it up I had to also purchase PS2 extension cables which cost about $20. I also needed video cable extensions or gender changers to hook up, costing another $15. The switch was for two computers, and wouldn’t you know it, I could not use it to control even one. There was always something not working on it.

Old KMV Switch


MiniView SE GCS84B (picture is turned normally it is standing up)    

I looked into a number of units and liked the IOGEAR line. I settled on the MiniView™ SE GCS84B which will work with four computers. Setup was easy. In fact easier than with the other unit. IOGEAR supplies color coded cables joined together to make it easy to know which cable went to what unit.

The four computer connections are on the back side and the front has the connects for the keyboard and mouse in use. To switch between computers there are push-button selection switches, or I can use Hot Key combinations from the keyboard. There is no need for power adapter since it draws needed power from the computers.


Total cost for the old unit was $95, the MiniView™ SE GCS84B is $96-$140 at had it for $131, or $109 at Unfortunately there were none in their online store but you should check for other bargains.


From our March 2006 newsletter

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