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Product reviews from our newsletter

Actiontec 802.11g wireless - Review of their wireless 802.11g PC card and Access Point 
Actiontec HomePlug Adapter - Review of their HomePlug Powerline kit uses the wiring in your house to connect
Actiontec MegaPlug - The new MegaPlug for connecting to your network over the electrical powerlines (no drilling into the walls) 85Mbps
ADS Instant Music - From ADS it helps you to record vinyl records or cassette tapes onto your computer through the USB
ADS InstantHDTV PCI - PCI card from ADS that allows you to see and record HDTV broadcasted over the air 
ADS InstantVideoMPX - Device to help you easily import/capture your video from VHS tapes or video camera 
ADS SimpleTouch kit - not always easy for everyone to put in a second drive, but a USB or Firewire external hard drive is much easier
Altec Lansing 4121 speakers - Review of the Altec Lansing 4121 speakers - with bass & treble control
Altec Lansing 221 speakers - Review of the Altec Lansing 221 speakers - very reasonable cost, and great sound 
AVerMedia 1500 MCE - TV card for your computer allowing you to easily watch and record TV shows  
AVerMedia EZMaker - capture movies directly from a video camera, VCR or S-Video. Also copy DVDs
AVerMedia TV Studio - TV card with software to record shows, will work like a PVR
AVerMedia TVBox 9 - An external TV hook-up. Has a 13 channel preview and a transparency view
AverMedia UltraTV USB 300- Palm sized and weighing less than an pound external TV USB unit. Easy to use and it has a 16 channel preview
AVerVision300 - from AVerMedia a document camera which will project what is shown on camera to monitor or projector
AVerMedia Volar Max - The latest from AVerMedia a very portable HDTV module for receiving over the air HD signals or cable.
Axiom Speakers - High quality speakers for those PC users that truly want theater quality sound.
BlueAnt Q1 - A quality Bluetooth hands free device to use with your cellphone  
Cardo Scala 500 - Bluetooth  for cellphone - much safer then looking down to dial
Cellink BTST-9000A - Bluetooth wireless headphone setup to use with cellphone or listen to music from your PC
Cirago SATA Hard Drive Docking Station -  An easy to set up and use hard drive docking station
corefx -  A draw, paint, animate program specially aimed at younger users (kids love it)
Cricket Laptop Stand - Cricket Laptop stand review
Cyberlink DVD Suite 5.0 - CyberLink programs put together into one suite so you can backup your hard drive, burn and play movies, and music
Cyberlink DVD Suite 7.0 - CyberLink Suite just got better especially PowerDirector
Daniusoft Free Video Converter - Import many different video formats and convert to other formats - for FREE
Daniusoft Media Converter Ultimate - Does a rip of a movie disc and converts it into a wealth of different formats. It can also remove DRM from music you downloaded.
Digital Image Recovery - Program to recover erased images from digital cameras
Diskeeper 2010 Professional - Defrag your hard drive in a fraction of the time and with 2010 version you can prevent fragmentation 
DVD Copying -  review of DVD X Copy, Xpress and X Copy Platinum from 321 Studios
EasyRecovery Professional - From Ontrack it will recover files that were deleted from hard drive or digital camera
EasyRecovery Lite - recovers files that were deleted from hard drive or digital camera but cost less than Professional version
Encarta (Student Edition) - Great help for the students. Good dictionary and some fun games.
Executive Software Undelete 4.0 - Executive Software's Undelete will catch everything you delete - if installed first
File Recovery Review - Review of 9 different file recovery programs
File Recovery Review 2012 - Review of file recovery programs done this year (pdf file)
Free Is Not Enough - Comments and review of Spysweeper and Counterspy Anti-sypware programs
Good Sync - An easy to use synchronization/backup program, and there is even a free version.
Hauppauge PVR - from Hauppauge a Personal Video Recorder that will record the TV shows in HD onto your computer.
honestech Video Patrol 5.0 - Video surveillance which you can set it up for continuous, or motion triggered
IOGEAR KVM - Review of the MiniView SE GCS84B KVM
IOGEAR Mobile Digital Scribe - Review of the IOGEAR Mobile Digital Scribe (pen) with handwriting recognition software
IOGEAR RF Mouse - Radio Frequency mouse for doing presentations. Made by IOGEAR
Kidz Gear Headphones - Kidz Gear make both wireless and wired headphones made for kids
Kyocera SL300R - Review of the compact Kyocera SL300R digital camera
Logitech m288 - Pump up the volume with this portable speaker from Logitech using NXT technology
LucidLink - A easy way to help secure your wireless network. Home version is free from InterLink
mediaRECOVER - Recover those deleted pictures or data from removable media (cameras or flash drives).
Movavi Suite 3.0 - A very good video editing, converting, and enhancing program. It will also burn and copy CD/DVDs.
Namo Webeditor 5.0 - Editor for creating web pages, very easy to use
Newpoint UPS - Review of Newpoint UPS 1150VA model - computer users to prepare for problems ahead of time
NTI 4 Backup Now! Suite - Review of NTI 4 Backup Now! 4 Deluxe Suite from Newtech Infosystems
Norcent DCS 760 - Review of the Norcent DCS-760 - 7MP Digital Camera
Nostromo n45 Gamepad - Gamepad with extra features from Belkin
NovaPDF - NovaPDF is used for creating PDF files
Paragon Drive Copy 11 Professional - Review of their do all utility program that will clone or recovery hard drives, use it for easy migration to a larger hard drive -
PC Annoyances - Review of the PC Annoyances book by Steve Bass
PC Mover Essentials - Use PCMover to upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7 without having to reinstall everything
Pinnacle PCTV HD PCI Card - Pinnacle's HD card which going into your PCI slot 
Pixifun Key Ring Kit - Review of the Pixifun Key Ring Kit. Fun and easy to do, even more it's low cost.
Planon DocuPen - The Plannon DocuPen is a portable scanner that you can take and scan anywhere even without a computer
Plextor ConvertX PVR - Their Personal Video Recorder external model makes watching and recording TV on the computer easy
Plextor PX-716UF - The Plextor PX-716UF is a top of the line Dual layer DVD external drive. Connection by USB or Firewire
PlumChoice - Overview of PlumChoice company which will help you fix problems with your computer
PowerDirector 7- PowerDirector 7 from CyberLink made even better with new tools such as Picture in Picture
PowerDVD 8 - CyberLink's DVD viewing program. Updated to watch Blu-ray and help you create a movie database
PowerProducer - From CyberLink easy editing of video. Lets you import from VCR or digital video camera
PowerCinema - From CyberLink for viewing movies, video, view pictures, listen to music
Radian SkyTone Phone - A phone to use with Skype the Internet calling program. Very easy to setup and use
Random House Dictionary - An Unabridged Dictionary published electronically by WordGenius
Rebit SaveMe Backup - Continuous full backup software from Rebit
RegistryBooster2 - Review of the Uniblue RegistryBooster 2 program that will help you get rid of orphan links
SageTV - A software program which makes it easy for you to see what is on TV and record it with the TV card in your computer
Shadow - Shadow 2.0 from NTI a backup/mirroring program.
Smart Restart - A program that freezes changes make to your computer. Make to protect you from hackers.
SuperTooth Buddy - a hands free Bluetooth speakerphone (bar) for your car
System Mechanic 9.0 - From iolo technologies System Mechanic is a set of utilities that will make your computing easier and safer.
The 50 Biggest Mistakes Computer Users Make - From Kim Komando a review of her CD
Ulead MovieFactory 4 Disc Creator - Review of their video editing program, the suite includes a disc creating/copying program
Targus Chill Hub - A cooling pad for your laptop/notebook that has an integrated USB hub
VideoReDo - Helps to take our commericals from your recorded TV shows make on the computer
VIPRE - (low memory usage) Antivirus and Anti-malware from Sunbelt
Vox Proxy 2 - A plug in for PowerPoint that helps make presentations more interesting
Vox Proxy 3 - 3 adds some new things to make it better, especially the CD prep
Wi-Fi defense - Helps secure your wireless network. Which by the way everyone should do
WinDVD 7 - Review of InterVideo's WinDVD 7.0 DVD viewer, with some really cool features
WinTask 2000 - Helps you have better control of where you computer memory is allotted
WinTask 4 Professional - Latest version with even more controls
WindowBlinds 3.1- Change the appearance of your computer desktop and windows

Articles from Steve Bass of PC World

AOL Scam - Article on scam email where they try getting credit card information
Computing Factoids - Some computer tips
Computing Factoids2 - There are unrelated things I pick up in e-mail that are terrific 
Here is a tip for you - Computer clubs are a great place to learn
Internet Bargain - $152 for vitamins?
Internet shopping tips - How to shop on the Internet
Outrageous Help Desk Stories - Funny stories from the people you call for help
PC Annoyances - Some of the annoyances of Steve Bass from his book PC Annoyances
Recycle your old computer? - Is it worth the hassle?
Shoebox Taxes - Why my CPA hates to see me
Ten years ago - What it was like with computers 10 years ago
Ten years ago #2 - A look back in 1992 "The Ongoing Windows Dilemma"
Windows XP - As good as it gets?

Special articles

Be Prepared - Reminding computer users to prepare for failure
Build or Buy - A computer purchase saga
Clip Art - A listing of web sites that have free clip art
Computer Fraud - Tips on what to look for
Computing you can count on - by Bill Gates
External Storage - Experiences on adding on a external hard drive to a system - Part A
External Storage - Experiences on adding on a external hard drive to a system - Part B
Hold on to your web domain - Make sure your web domain doesn't get taken away from you 
Medical Websites - Here is a list of suggested sites to get health news and information
PC Networking - from Julie Jacobson of Home Networking News
Southwest Computer Conference Videos
Saving The Economy - How I saved the economy
Software Piracy - How software piracy affects the industry especially a small company
XP Tweaking - From Carl Siechert co-author of Microsoft Windows XP Inside Out
Yahoo email - Do you Yahoo? Well if you use their email here is how to make it better.

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The author has spent more than 15 years in the optical storage, software and video industry, indulging in among other things marketing activities in promoting MO, CD, DVD technology and its applications.

DVD Rot - Is it real? How to care for the disc you have to make them last 
DVD Video - Disc future belongs to use in video
Double Layer Recording - Understanding how it works for the new DVD-DL 8.5GB disc


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