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Nostromo n45

By Terry Currier

If you’re a gamer than you probably have tried joysticks, or gamepads. Belkin is now making gamepads. With gamepads you are more versatile in a game compared to using just the keyboard. Theirs are more than the simple directional and shooting buttons. The Nostromo is a comfortable fit easy to hold in the hands. With games such as aerial combat they are much easier and quicker to get use to. Belkin handily put buttons in the center for Enter/ESC/Mouse. That way you don’t have to release it to do other functions. On the top it has dual analog controllers, four trigger buttons, and a eight-way directional pad. The front has four more trigger buttons. What is great about the Nostromo is the buttons are programmable. In fact with a total of thirteen action buttons, you can have up to 70 programmable functions. With the Profile Editor you can easily program each button to do a specific function and save it for a specific game. Load it whenNostromo editor you need it and  you are ready to rock. It plugs into the USB port and works with Windows 98, 2000, ME, XP and Apple Mac OS 9 or later.  Cost direct from Belkin is $25.

You might also look at the Nostromo n50 SpeedPad for $35. Fitting on one hand it features ten keypad action buttons that can be programmed to offer a total of 56 functions. A programmable eight-way directional pad, and throttle wheel. It uses TouchSense™ technology from Immersion to transform digital information into physical sensations for  realistic responses during game play. Gamers can feel gun blasts, the contours of a racetrack or the impact of a car crash as the action happens.


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