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By Lee Rhodes, Winners
in our June 2008 newsletter

NovaPDF from Softland Software Development Company is a PDF (Adobe Portable Document Format) generator with substantial abilities: PDF is the standard file format when you want a fixed layout document that can be read on any platform: PC, Apple, Linux, etc.

Most of us use Acrobat (Adobe) Reader to read PDF files; however, only a few of us generate PDF files--this is changing. For years Adobe Acrobat has been, and still is, the premier software for producing PDF files. Today, there are inexpensive, third-party programs available that do professional quality work. NovaPDF is one such program. Adobe Acrobat is a high end, somewhat expensive ($299.00), program that is used primarily by business and institutions. With NovaPDF you can easily create high quality PDF files in an affordable and reliable way from most Windows applications. NovaPDF installs a virtual printer driver in your printer files. Its easy-to-use interface helps you generate PDF files by simply selecting the “NovaPDF print” command from any application (you can convert your Word documents, Excel sheets, PowerPoint presentations, Graphic files, Genealogy records and more.).

I have been using the Print to PDF function in Corel Draw to generate PDF files for several years; some of you may use a plug-in with Microsoft Office or WordPerfect Office to accomplish the same thing. The newsletters and tutorials that I produce in Corel Draw contain both text and graphics and are easily read and printed in Adobe Reader. However there are limitations when using Corel’s embedded PDF Printer: size of document; complexity of document and fonts are three of the limitations.

I downloaded the Nova PDF (Professional Version) and within a few minutes I had produced PDF files from Microsoft Office documents, Corel Draw and WordPerfect and AutoCad (with minor changes in fonts.) files.

NovaPDF is available in 3 versions: Professional, Standard and Lite; any version can be downloaded and used free of charge; however, a short, unobtrusive, message suggesting that you register (purchase) the software, will be printed on the bottom of each file.


NovaPDF has lots of advanced features: PDF bookmarks, PDF links, shared network capabilities, PDF printing, public and private profiles, PDF watermark, PDF compression, PDF security and lots more: visit their website ( for a complete list of capabilities. The installation process takes only a few minutes. All you need to do is to follow the instructions of the “novaPDF Setup Wizard”.

If you do not have a PDF generating program, I suggest you give Nova PDF a try. Remember, it is a free and easy to use: just follow the instructions at download time, If you like the program, and want to stop printing the non-registered marker note (below) from the bottom of the files, you might consider registering the program: $39.95 for the Professional version; $29.95 for the standard and 19.95 for the Lite versions.


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