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Paragon Drive Copy 11 Professional

By Terry Currier

Sort of a do all utility for anyone wanting to copy a hard drive. What I used it for was to clone my hard drive to an external drive connected via USB. I have a 1.5TB drive in my computer and right now I’m using about 450GB of that space. There are other programs that will clone the drive, but you have to have the same size drive to copy it to. The Paragon Drive Copy did great copying it to the 500GB dive with no problem.

I set it up to Migrate Hard Disk. I started it before going to bed and expected the process to still need sometime in the morning. But, it was done when I checked it in the morning. When I first backed up the drive with Rebit it took much longer. To be fair though Rebit creates a database and saves the files in a special way. Paragon Recovery

Using the Paragon Drive Copy is the ideal way to migrate to a larger drive, or to an SSD drive. Another use is as they call it migrate hard drive to container. It creates a image file of your drive making it so you can create a copy onto another computer. This is what many companies will do in setting up new computers so they all match.

One thing we should all have is a recovery disc. Their Recovery Media Builder can help you:

Paragon Drive Copy Key benefits:

Drive Copy 11′s interface is good and easy to understand. The help that comes with it is very good with illustrated instructions to help the user.

Paragon Drive Copy 11 Professional is available for $39.95 via download from

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