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PC Annoyances
Book Review – Author Steve Bass

By Terry Currier

This is a collection of problems (annoyances) that many people have with their computer and computer programs. Steve states an annoyance, andPC Annoyances Book Cover then tells you how to fix it. He separates the annoyances into seven chapters based on Email, Windows, Internet, Microsoft Office, Windows Explore, Music Video and CDs, and Hardware.

Chapter 1: Email

For Email his annoyance is the person who replies to an email and includes all of the text from the previous message. I want to personally thank Steve for including that, I really hate seeing the forwarding done through 10 different email addresses. For “Outlook 2000 and 2002,  click on Tools, Options and under Preferences tab, select E-mail Options. Click on the drop-down list under “When replying to a message” and choose “Do not include original message.”” Please! He also lets you know of programs to help control spam getting into your email box.

Chapter 2: Windows

Something we all need to know about is when Windows requires you to activate before you log on. It looks at the file Wpa.dbl which logs your changes of components. Another great tip is adding Service Packs to your Windows CD.

Chapter 3: Internet

This chapter has good tips on the use of the Google search engine.

Chapter 4: Microsoft Office

If you use certain documents over and over again go to page 84. This tip is one of the best for creating a work menu in Word that stores the documents you use the most. Its like having a favorites menu.

Chapter 5: Windows Explorer

Yeah, I use it when I have to. There are better ones. He (and I both) like PowerDesk from V Communications. The ease of use in changing the sort alone is worth the price. You can download a free version from the above web link.

Chapter 6: Music, Video, and CDs

Hey, did you ever have a set of songs you were listening to where one is real loud, but the next is soft. Steve tells you there is a way to fix the problem by normalizing the volume as you play the music. Look under View, Enhancements, Cross-fading Auto Volume Leveling.

Chapter 7: Hardware

There are tips on trying to quiet down your computer, to transferring phone numbers from Outlook to your digital phone.

Steve gives good information and with humor. He list a lot of different software to enhance your computer experience. The book is the type you can use as a reference to check on why something is not working right. Well worth the money.

PC Annoyances $19.95 at

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