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Pixifun Photo Key Ring Kit

By Terry Currier Pixifun Photo Key Chain Kit menu

I m actually dont have much free time right now. Our daughter is getting married this Saturday and she has given me a number of assignments. Of course I realize the most important one is stay out of the line of fire. She gets crabbier as it gets closer. I was sent this Pixifun Kit and honestly set it to the side while other things got done. My daughters Matron of Honor just got married herself. I had some pictures and wanted to do something for her. I remember this kit, and thought what the heck. I made up a Pixifun Photo Key Chain Kit - setup for printing photo key chain for her. She really liked it a lot, asking did you really do it? Turns out it is something nice to get (low cost), and easy to do.

How easy you ask? Well I did it without even reading the manual (okay I misplaced it and found it after I did the job.) After installing the program I brought it up told it which way to print Portrait, or Landscape. The only knock I would have on it (and this is a small one), was on the Toolbar they should have puta selection for Image. Image being for import or paste. Instead you go under File and Import. After selecting which picture it puts it into a box showing you its size (in millimeters?). In this box you can set the DPI to 150, 200, or 300. You can also rotate the picture. You then click import, and drag the picture to fit within the box.

They also give you drawing tools and allow you to add text if you want. The picture size is about 1.5 inch to fit into the acrylic key holder. ThePixifun Photo Key Chain Kit toolbar cost is $13 for which you get:   Software CD, 6 acrylic key rings, 18 photo inlays, 2 printer test sheets and alignment page. Good value for the money. They also make Photo ID kits, Photo Magnet kit, CD Label kits, and Photo Album Kits.

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