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CyberLink PowerDVD 8

By Terry Currier
July 2008 issue

CyberLink PowerDVD Movie CollectionCyberLink has updated their PowerDVD to include the ability to watch Blu-ray Discs. They also added Pure Home Theater Audio which lets users get clear high-definition audio, 7.1-channel home-entertainment system even using a notebook. They did add more new features.

The first being Movie Collection, it lets users create a database of your movie collection, and then sync it online and share information with other PowerDVD users. With it you can include movie disc information, personal notes and reviews, give it a rating, and indicate DVD ownership. This is done by using the MoovieLive website, which is free. Users of the MoovieLive can share information about their DVDís (if they choose.)  They can also read the reviews of others, and post comments.

The other new feature they added is Movie Remix. This is an interesting feature from which users can capture video frames and created their own stories. You can added your own touch to it by adding other graphics and text. You can even do voice-overs, or add subtitles. There were some things I did which I could not do in their CyberLink PowerDirector video editor.I did find this fun, but would not expect to use it much. If you want you can upload and share your remixes to the MoovieLive website.

The Movie Collection feature is going to be up to the user. Whether you join the MoovieLive or not it CyberLink PowerDVD Movie Remix did not matter, PowerDVD still came up and asked me to rate the movie. Some may love being able to catalog their movies, I found it to be a nuisance. I wish there was a way to turn it off, but I could not find it.

Even with this nuisance I still feel that PowerDVD is the best way to watch a movie on your computer. Here are some of my favorite things to use: The ability to capture a video frame. TrueTheater stretches the screen filling it out so you donít have so much of the black border.

The Say-It-Again feature helps if an actor mumbles something, press the w key and it automatically repeats what was last said. If you missed something on the screen you can quickly step it back, or use the repeat feature. If your notebook is running low on battery power the See-It-All feature will calculate the remaining battery power versus the remaining movie length and adjust the movie playback speed accordingly.

I do not have Blu-ray so I could not test that part of the program.

CyberLink PowerDVD 8 Online Versions

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