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Webster's College Dictionary
Random House Webster's Unabridged Dictionary

From Random House

By Terry Currier

Published electronically by WordGenius, this is an Unabridged Dictionary. After you install it an icon appears on the screen. When you come upon a word you donít know the meaning of, highlight it (double-click) and drag it over to the icon. It also works for misspelled words. I would have preferred a hotkeyDictionary interface combination to bring it up, but the drag and drop worked well. If you only know how a word starts put in wildcard symbols. For example the word dictionary, put in dict* and it looks for any word that starts with dict Ė dicta to dictyosome. If I use ? when I donít know just one or two letters WordGenius looks up whatever could replace those letters, such as dic?ion?ry. Great for crossword puzzles.

The Random House Webster's Unabridged Dictionary comes with more than 315,000 entries. It also gives voice pronunciations over your speakers. If the user is visually impaired they can scale it to the size needed. It worked with Microsoft Office, and Internet Explorer. The unabridged dictionary sells for $49.95. They also have the Random House Webster's College Dictionary which has more than 87,000 word entries for $19.95.

You can purchase and download each from their website The Unabridged is a mere 14MB while the College version is 7MB.

Available in February 2006.

From our February 2006 newsletter

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