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Rebit SaveMe Backup

By Terry Currier

Rebit welcome screenWhen I first installed Rebit, it did not go very well. My antivirus program, VIPRE would block it saying one of the installation files was a known spyware program. Back and forth with their support, and an update came out which allowed me to finally do the installation.

To work with Rebit you need an external hard drive. I definitely know this because I first tried to work it too fast and have it save to an internal drive. At first it allowed me to backup to it then said there was an error. I finally realized what I did wrong and hooked up my external drive. It does say external on the box, but I do wish the program would have stopped me at the start.

After you install Rebit it displays a window saying welcome and the program is creating an initial copy your system. It tells you it can take several hours so it is a good idea to let it happen over night.

The only way you can find out the progress of the backup is to right click on the Rebit icon in the notification area. I did find it odd that Rebit does not install in the start menu. It just puts a icon on the desktop. In fact clicking on that does not bring up the program. No schedules, no wondering when you did the last backup. With their SmartSave™ Rebit does a continuous backup of your hard drive. Every time you change or add files SmartSave backs it up to the external drive.  If you brought up Windows Explorer and went to the drive you really would not recognized the data there. The only way to see that data (and recognize it) is to click on the Rebit SaveMe  icon which then reads the information and displays the file information making it look just like your drive.

Rebit Restore ScreenThis works well for recovering one or two files that you may have lost some how. Where you really will thank Rebit though is if your system crashes. You put in the Rebit install disc and reboot the computer. It loads a Linux boot program and will begin a Rebit SaveMe Recovery. It will restore the hard drive back to just before the crash. If your hard drive is toast then Rebit will do a Bare Metal Restore to a Point in Time.

Reight click on Rebit FrogIf you want, you can password protect the backup. With their SmartSave Personalization Technology, Rebit adjusts the amount of space used for backup to your needs. I did have a small irritation about it. The program of course backups up everything. I have a HD TV card in my computer which for each hour the files can get up to 10GB. I had saved several shows on the computer for me to watch later. So it saved 30GB of files I really did not want to keep saving. Add more shows and even the one TB drive will run out of space. What the program does is not delete anything, except for when space starts getting limited. Then the NeverFull feature will eventually remove older deleted files.

There are three versions of Rebit SaveMe, for $29.95 you can use it on one computer. For $39.95 you can have a fully automatic backup solution for up to six computers. If you have a NAS (Network Attached Storage) then for $39.95 you’re covered. I did the review on a computer with Windows 7 64-bit. I had Rebit back up my 200GB C drive to the external drive.

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