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Smart Restart
From Centurion Technologies

By Terry Currier
in our May 2008 newsletter

Smart Restart opening screenThis is not for the normal everyday user. When you first install Smart Restart it creates a photo image of the state of your hard drive. That image is frozen, therefore anything changed can be undone. It is quite simple to install and use. After the install an image is created, you will have to give it a password and then reboot. Every time you now bring up the computer either by a reboot or after a shutdown a box comes up and asks if you want to be protected or unprotected. If you change the way you want it to be you will have to enter the password and reboot to reset the program.

During the installation process, five folders and their contents for each user profile are moved to the Keep Zone. These folders are: My Documents (and sub-folders), Favorites, Desktop, History (from Internet Explorer), and Application Data. If a new user is created after Smart Restart is installed, the new user's folders will NOT be in the Keep Zone. You must uninstall and reinstall Smart Restart to put the new user's folders in the Keep Zone.Smart Restart Turned on

So if any virus, or malware attacks your system you will be protected. The attack is written to virtual memory and will be deleted, along with any damage it caused, on the next reboot. This works well, but there are short comings to it. Every time you want to install some new program or update you will have to tell Smart Restart to go into an unprotected mode, reboot, and reboot again if you want to go back to being protected. Also when I sent out an email and itís in the protected mode, I found there was no record of any new email received or sent out. Even though it should have been in the Keep Zone (Outlook is under the Application Data folder.)  

This is a great program for testing of new software which you may be unsure of. Smart Restart only works on NTFS systems (Windows XP and Vista.) You can purchase it for $49.99 at


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