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System Mechanic 9.0

From iolo technologies
By Terry Currier

System Mechanic is a set of utilities that will make your computing easier and safer. Version 9 is now powered by a database of nearly 10,000 independent Tune-up Definitions, which instruct the product on how to diagnose and resolve newly discovered PC performance issues. Within three months I have had about six updates which only helps to make it better.  As long as you are a paid subscriber you get free updates. Unlike some companies, you even get free major updates.

The first thing it does (or rather wants you to do) is a complete scan of you system. It checks for any problems on your hard drive, registry, junk files (they call it clutter), and system memory. It presents to you problems that it found and ask you if you want them repaired. You can chose to have it automatically repair them, or present them to you for individual viewing and repair.

One of the best features of System Mechanic is the control it helps you get over your computer startup. With the analysis presented to you, you can choose to have System Mechanic make the adjustments (optimize), or use the Wizard. The Wizard will show you which programs it feels are not needed, and then you can choose to remove, or leave the program in startup. You can also along with other things, (such as defrag) have it automatically taken care of.

A good idea is to have System Mechanic create a boot disk for future emergencies. When you can not get onto the computer the iolo Drive Medic will help you recover from a corrupted PC.

EnergyBooster™  and memory defrag can be use to reclaim memory lost from an application which Windows did not close down and release all of its memory (which is most applications.) Tune-up Definitions are used to safely identify and temporarily turn off non-essential background programs. This can be most useful for gamers who want all resources devoted towards their games. I reclaimed anywhere from 10Mb to about 197Mb of memory, it just depends on what you have been using for the amount of recovered memory.

Their duplicate file search can be very useful to find pictures or documents that you may have saved in more than one place (and forgotten about.) But, be very careful with it. Windows itself will have some duplicates in the restore folder, and you don’t want to mess that up. Don’t you just love those applications that ask you what language you want to use, and then install 10 others as well. In truth many programs with do just that. I was shocked to find My CyberLink PowerDirector had really gone overboard. Every template had a individual .xml document in 22 different languages. Each template has needed information with the same file names for each (thus creating the duplicate file information.) So if I let System Mechanic just delete each of the duplicates PowerDirector would have had only one template it could use. I ended up deleting about 2,000 files of different languages.

The new Desktop Health Status Gadget for Windows 7 and Vista provides a real-time, at-a-glance report of your system health, security, and overall status, with a running feed of completed repairs and optimizations and quick access to commonly used System Mechanic tools.

It scans the Windows Registry looking for errors. It will do a registry backup, repair, clean, compact, and defragmentation. For those worried about privacy there is a Privacy Cleaner™ which employs military-grade Incinerator® shredding techniques. Newly supported programs include all major web browsers, online chat programs and web toolbars. The military-grade Incinerator® technology is now integrated into the Windows Recycle Bin, providing both standard file deletion, as well as a Department of Defense 5220-22M compliant file shredding technique for maximum security when the need to securely remove confidential data arises.

The defrag program works better than the Windows one, and is more complete. System Mechanic also has a very good uninstall program.


recovery screen for iolo Drive Medic


SM all in one tools


Defrag screen


Duplicate file findings




First scan of my computer


Some of the individual tools available


Set of Total Care tools


Program that load up at start-up


More tools


Tune-up recommends


Uninstall module


System Mechanic 9 is automatically available at no charge to all users of System Mechanic who have an active service plan, which provides constant access to Tune-up Definitions as well as product updates and upgrades. New or existing users without a service plan can purchase System Mechanic 9 directly from
System Mechanic 9 is $39.95
System Mechanic 9 Pro is $49.95

You can also check the web e-tailers, but be sure to look at the version. I saw one vendor selling version 6 for $5. Office Depot, Fry’s, OfficeMax and Staples also carry it.



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