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Executive Software Undelete 4.0

By Terry Currier


It puts up a safety net catching all deletions so you never really lose anything.


It puts up a safety net catching all deletions so you never really lose anything.

This is not for those that have deleted a file and now just realized they need it back. The reality is you should have some undelete program installed before you need it, or it may be to late.

Undelete Exclude screen Reminder, a deleted file is not truly gone. When you delete a file you are telling the operating system it can now use the space the file was taking up. But the file is still there until overwritten. Therefore your best chance to recover a file accidentally or otherwise deleted is to try and get it back as soon as possible. Thus, it also helps to have such a program already installed ahead of such an event, since installing the recovery program afterward could overwrite the needed file.

The pro part, when you install Undelete it takes over the Recycle Bin operations of Windows. When you delete a file it goes to the Undelete Recovery Bin. Undelete creates the same folder structure as your hard drive (upon a deletion.) So a deleted file from the C:\download folder will go into the C:\download folder within the UndeleteUndelete search menu   Recovery Bin. If you find you actually needed that file later, it is there. Even better, if you cant remember the nameof the file there is a search capability. With it you can also use wild cards to search for *.jpg files for example. The program really catches everything. Whether that being a simple delete, or even if you do a shift delete. Without Undelete, a shift delete normally bypasses the Recycle Bin and is not recoverable. The Undelete program will also save files that your replace (copy over). If you move a file Undelete will save a copy of it also (in the same folder within the Undelete Recovery Bin.) Undelete will also save files deleted over a network. For network applications, Undelete allows users to safely recover their own deleted files from file servers. Undelete drive setup

The con part is it really catches everything. By default it will not save the files from the temp folder. Anything else however is saved. When I did the Windows SP2 update it saved all those files. I was wondering why my anti-virus program was taking so long to finish it was having to check all those extra files. By default it will hold those files forever until you go in and deleted them from the Undelete Recovery Bin. I did find under the tools section I could tell it to only save them for a set number of days. I do wish it would ask you to set it rather than me having to find it.

A safety net for deleted files and peace of mind. Cost is $30 . Comes with 90 days of free technical support. Executive Software offers a 30-Day money back guarantee. Compatible with Windows XP, 2000 and NT


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