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ADS Instant VideoMPX

By Terry CurrierADS Instant VideoMPX device

The ADS Instant VideoMPX is an easy way to capture or convert video into your computer. ADS includes:

Installation was easy,  I was able to start converting VHS tapes in a short time. The included CD installs the drivers and software. After that connect the VideoMPX device to a 2.0 USB port and you are ready to start.

They give you the choices of saving the capture in MPEG-1, AVI, and WMV (Windows Media Format). I experimented recording with three of the formats for one minute which went like this:

They also include the ability to save in DivX format, but I could not get it to capture into DivX format. Well it said it did, but the one minute file DivX file wasVideoStudio 8 capture interface 112,978 KB. The DivX Home Theater size was 10,241 KB, the same as AVI. DivX and WMV video are high-resolution formats based on the MPEG-4 compression standard therefore it should have been much smaller. I discovered after editing a file it did better, saving a 15 minute secession in DivX format turned out a decent 49,626 KB size file.

ADS also includes a program for just viewing the importing the video with no audio. This makes it easy to verify the tape quality. The Ulead VideoStudio 8 SE helps to make it easy to capture the video. It displays the time of capture, the format used, and amount of space being used. After the capture you can edit the video cutting out scenes you donít want. You can also add in a Picture-in-Picture effect, but unfortunately it will only play in the center, and you can not adjust the size. With the audio controls I can fade in or out, lower or raise the volume. I can also add in a MP3 file if I so choose, or do a voice over (narration) if I wanted. In between scenes I can add effects (5 different), and titles (8 different styles along with choosing font, size, and color.)

After your project is fully edited you can create a video file, created a disc (VCD or DVD), create a video for putting on the Internet, or even just create a sound file from the video.

Test Computer: eMachine 2.66GHz, 768MB DDR-SDRAM, and Intel onboard graphic controller.

System Requirements

They do not mention hard drive space in the requirements so I will remind you videos take up a lot of space. Count on about 1GB for each hour of imported video (MPEG.)

Instant VideoMPX
$89 (800) 888-5244; (562) 926-1928

Note: since starting this review ADS has replaced the Instant VideoMPX with DVD Xpress. It utilizes the latest in video conversion and filtering technology to reduce noise on old VHS tapes to produce the highest quality video, DVD XPress also offers exclusive ďAudio-LockĒ technology to provide perfect lip synch all the way through the capture, edit and disk burning process.

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