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VideoReDo TVSuite

By Terry Currier
in our May 2008 newsletter

VideoReDo Ad DetectiveThis is for those of us with TV cards in their computers (or external units.) I often will record TV shows edit out the commercials and create a (re-writeable) DVD for my wife to watch shows she missed. I’ve done this a number of times over the years, and can whip through it fairly easily. VideoReDo will edit out the commercials for you automatically if your TV card records in MPEG, Windows MCE DVRMS, Transport Streams (.ts), Siemens M740AV .CRID files, or Topfield .rec files. When using TiVoToGo it will work with TiVo set toop box DVRs. It will also work on HD file formats. When you edit an HD video, TVSuite will automatically down convert it to Standard Definition so it can play on a DVD.

In testing it I recorded the same show on my two computers. I then edited one using CyberLink’s PowerDirector on one computer, and VideoReDo on the other. VideoReDo scans through the video files using AdDetective™ Commercial Detection. VideoReDo with commericals selected (in red)It finds

likely places where advertisements start and end. You can preview the work to make sure it is accurate. VideoReDo finished editing the same time I did using PowerDirector. The interesting part is burning the DVD. VideoReDo finish almost 30 minutes faster, and it was on the slower computer. VideoReDo also was perfect in editing the commercials.

However I will add that I used it on a sports event and it was terrible with it. So don’t just trust it blindly. The interface is good and easy to understand. I did not try it, but they say you can bring in unencrypted DVD video for re-authoring. Original chapter settings are retained from the imported DVD. You can download a 15-day trial version from their website. They also have helpful FAQs on the website.

Cost: $74.99

Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / Vista 64

Standard definition: Pentium P4, Celeron or AMD at 2.0GHz or faster.


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